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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

real estate brochure cover

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  • Maxiseller
    Sep 14, 09:35 AM
    Yeh I think we all need to realize that this is a photo convention. Its almost certainly not going to hold a large interest for non-photographers or at least people who don't use photoshop or photo manipulation software.

    If you're hoping for a typical Keynote with loads of new products for consumers...well we'll have some moaning on our hands!

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  • FlyNolJ
    Sep 12, 05:16 PM
    Christ, a $50 dollar price cut is a year of innovation? WOW.

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  • Lixivial
    Aug 23, 04:40 PM
    In addition, the companies announced that Creative has joined Apple's "Made for iPod" program and will be announcing their own iPod accessory products later this year.


    ...Sim Wong Hoo throwing in the towel? NEVER!

    EDIT: Yeah, the $100 million is kinda shocking, too... :D

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  • Drew n macs
    Mar 23, 10:41 PM
    Dont forget you'll need an SSD too inside the iMac to achieve the Thunderbolt speeds!!

    And it must be a very good and expensive SSD, with more than 700MB/s.

    Thunderbolt not worth it right now because its TOO expensive. I'll wait 2 years, when SSDs are much MUCH more cheaper.

    thats what I have been saying. Wait till they see the price of the new TB drives people will choke... some will have moved on from 2011 model to 2012 models without even owning a Thunderbolt drive.

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  • StealthGhost
    Mar 23, 04:52 PM
    Unless an app is breaking the law, then they have no authority and should have no reason to concern themselves with apps.

    It's already been said, these checkpoints are posted in local papers, this is just an app that makes that information easier to access.

    I bet Apple pulls them. RIM already did. Companies far too often cave to the illogical or crazies rather than standing up for what is logical and right.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 19, 11:28 AM

    Samsung is a huge Conglomerate.

    In fact they built one of these.

    I'm well aware of that, but many here have no idea that Samsung is much bigger than Apple.

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  • iamrawr
    Apr 25, 02:38 PM
    dooo iittt!!! :D so excited to get my next mbp 3-5 years from now.

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  • Wonder Boy
    Aug 24, 09:06 AM
    I see Apple stock going up on this news. $100 Million is getting off easy. Could have been a LOT worse.

    I agree. 100 million doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Now that Creative will sell iPod gear, Apple will get it back. Plus everyone can put this behind them so they can release the damn videoPod.

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  • ngenerator
    Mar 29, 11:17 AM
    Seems likely :rolleyes:

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  • Misplaced Mage
    Sep 18, 05:58 PM
    There's no way to compare the two. Both IS-95 and GSM implement a variety of different codecs that are provided differently by different operators. In the area I live, Cingular (GSM) tries to force many phones to use something called AMR-HR, which has "acceptable" voice quality when you have good reception, and drops to barely incomprehensable with any deterioration in signal strength. T-Mobile (GSM) clearly doesn't, and I can talk and listen to someone with both of us sounding like we're on a landline with one bar of signal. On the same phone.

    Likewise, Verizon (IS-95) uses some awful bitrate codec for its network where I live (I believe they're heavily oversubscribed here) where pretty much everyone sounds like they're dying from some serious lung problem, and Sprint PCS (IS-95 too) doesn't and generally the call quality, at medium to good reception, seems pretty much ok. Sub-landline, but not seriously so.
    Verizon and Sprint have used EVRC (Enhanced Variable Rate Codec) for several years now. EVRC, in turn, replaced QCELP (a.k.a. Qualcomm PureVoice). Down the road we should see EVRC replaced by SMV (Selectable Mode Vocoder), 4GV (Qualcomm's Fourth Generation Vocoder), or VMR-WB.

    With the variety of voice codecs the operators use, you can't really make a fair judgement merely on the basis of network technology. Either the operator's cheap, or it isn't. IS-95 was chosen by many networks on the basis that it's spectrum efficient (ie it's cheap), but on the other hand Sprint PCS was always content with call drops when I used it to handle network overloading rather than seriously compromising on call quality. Cingular's move to GSM has caused problems in that it's using a significantly less spectrum efficient technology than the technology it replaced, so Cingular's had to, in many places, hopefully temporarily, use the crappy half-rate codecs to boost capacity until it can get more towers online.

    I wouldn't use voice quality as a way to judge the technologies.
    Well said! People must understand that the codecs for digital phones in use today were originally designed to squeeze voice through a very narrow upstream pipe—typically 9.6kbps and under—resulting in different approaches to the problem of quality vs. bandwidth given the processing power available in phone chipsets at the time. Now that upstream data bandwidth and portable processing power are becoming less of a problem, we should start hearing improvements as newer codecs are adopted by the carriers in the phones they sell their customers. And I'm sure they'll trumpet the fact when they do. :D

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  • peeInMyPantz
    Sep 14, 07:02 AM
    Okay, check out this phone and then tell me what you would like to see on your iPhone.


    this is ugly. i hope iphone is nowhere near this

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  • AML707
    Jul 14, 11:41 AM
    Ok, has anyone even stopped to think what graphic they will use on the heatsink cover. You know like the current PMs have "G5". Are they going to leave it blank? Maybe C2:cool: :confused:

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 11, 09:01 AM
    ...and two PCI Extreme slots...

    PCI Express, not Extreme.

    Note that there's a multiplier as well - a PCIe x16 slot is twice as fast as a PCIe x8 slot, and 16 times faster than a PCIe x1 slot.


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  • JRoDDz
    Apr 4, 12:28 PM
    The robbers got iShot.

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  • iRobby
    Mar 23, 06:47 PM
    It's true what they say "Mac's just work."

    I've been told "Once you go Mac you don't go back!"

    Judging from my experience with my iPhone 3GS making me wanting to get an iMac 27" inch Quad Core I may agree.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 01:15 PM
    What do you mean, "you people"

    Image (http://oneguyrambling.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/600full-tropic-thunder-photo.jpg)

    Lol, I was referring to the Ill wait for the new one to come out people actually. Haha

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  • pink-pony115
    Aug 31, 05:35 PM
    I don't see the big deal

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  • iMeowbot
    Sep 14, 09:47 PM
    I see your points, but it would seem more natural to write on the screen (hand eye coordination) or to edit a photo, enlarge it, get rid of red eye, etc. If there was no adversed interaction with the stylus. Moving my hand while watching the cursor move far from the hand gets some getting used to. Using a stylus right on the screen would (in my mind) seem more natural. But you are the Pro, so I will defer to you.
    There's no need to defer, I'm sure this will all boil down to personal preferences :) All I know is that I was seriously annoyed by the Palm and Pocket PC interfaces, and a Cintiq I borrowed for a while was the same way. For now, a regular tablet seems to do the trick.

    I may feel differently about the interface some day when software is a little better about addressing lag (through better use of threading and so on). Faster hardware helps, but programs still like to wander off and do other things that leave the pointer ahead of the display. It's a little less unnerving if you can't quite see it happening :)

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  • Eduardo1971
    Sep 12, 02:45 PM
    As of now, If I rip my Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Album onto iTunes and put it in my iPOD, there are little gaps in between songs. If you listen to the album on CD, the tracks change, but there are no gaps, one song goes into the next.

    The same could be said for other music, classical music that is multiple movements, but THROUGH composed might have track changes, but lead from one section to the next.

    Kind of a small thing, but a good thing none the less.


    Will the new iPod's handle "gapless playback" automatically from song's in one iTunes library?

    Aug 28, 12:08 PM
    I dream of a new macbook pro enclosure...

    Oct 12, 08:24 PM
    Ultimately: who cares?
    Bono still sucks, U2 has always sucked, and, much as i like a) the color of the new iPod and b) fighting AIDS, Apple's weird extended relationship with Bono makes very little sense to me.

    P.S. Damn, Bono sucks.

    Bono has done more good to the world musicly and giving wise than most muscians.

    Mar 23, 04:56 PM
    There shouldn't even be checkpoints in the first place because they violate the 4th Amendment. Every person sitting in line at that checkpoint is accused of being drunk without reasonable doubt.

    The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause.

    Apr 22, 02:02 PM
    Woot Woot! Its a little sad though, about the SB IGP :(

    Buy a gaming laptop instead.

    SB was meant for machines like the Air.

    Sep 19, 02:23 PM
    Probably at the same time as the Merom MBP. :eek:

    I bought one, just to test. Wasn't bad, would buy more if they add a title I want.

    Hmm... your actions are supporting my thoughts... how many of those 125,000 downloads were simply to try it out - probably a lot of them. I'm more interested to see how many downloads have been sold after the first 90 days.

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