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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years from Burrito to the Worlds!

Orale Miami and the Worlds!

Burrito here makin first blogs ever and wants to wishy all you Futbol lovers a Happy New Years!

Starting next years you pinches vatos get the 1st evers spanglish futbol blogs about MLS, Latin America and the Worlds, pero mostly about MLS and Latin Americas cause thats what Burrito no about the most!

Burrito want to tell all carnales in Miami, Broward, Palm Bitch and even my homies in Homestead to Support the New Miami Barcelona team by going to el website of the MiamiFCB and becomings fans and season ticket holders like Burrito who just like when the Fusion was heres was part of la Barra Brava de los Afusionados and now invites you peoples, amigos, enemys an especially all the hot mamacitas to join los Ultras so go here an see Miami Ultras.
Los chingados Ultras are now 300 peoples strong and growing so join us and Burrito give you quesadilla!!!



Friday, December 19, 2008

DC United's old Captain Marco "El Diablo"Etcheverry to coach Aucas in Ecuador

Marco Antonio "El Diablo" Etcheverry is the new coach of Sociedad Deportiva Aucas. He has promised to take the popular Ecuadorian club into the First Division next year.

Aucas is a football club from the city of Quito in northern Ecuador. The team is named after the Aucas tribe, who are also called Huaorani.
Despite the team's popularity, Aucas has never won an Ecuadorian championship. Known players who have played for Aucas include Argentinian and nationalized Ecuadorian and Ex Dallas forward Ariel Graziani, forward Nicolas Asencio, Ecuador international defender Giovanny Espinoza, and the Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita.

Etcheverry was presented as the new coach of Aucas by club president, Ramiro Montenegro.
El Diablo, known here in the States for his years with DC United also played for Barcelona and Emelec of Ecuador, between 1997 and 1999.

On November 12 2008, at a press conference in Quito, Ecuador, the President of S.D Aucas, Dr. Ramiro Montenegro announced a 25 year deal with North American firm, Sports LED Media, The deal will see Sports LED Media managing all rights of the team including players, sponsorships, television, and ticketing. Aucas also owns it's own stadium with a 22,000 capacity

For more on Aucas:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Greatest Miami Fusion fan of all time... to become Barca Miami / Miami FCB fan!

Throughout Sports history there are fans who have become an insignia or symbol of a team. The Lakers have Jack Nicholson, The Knicks have Spike Lee... The Miami Fusion had Burrito.

Very little is know about this mysterious and solitary soul. According to Burrito he was Born Mardoqueo de la Torre y Chancleta one cold night on the year of our lord July 4, 1980 in the city of Toluca, Mexico. A Toluca Fan since birth he came to this country by ways unknown and now resides in Homestead, Florida. I was able to get a hold of him by chance, while making a reservation at a restaurant in Homestead called El Toro. He worked there, we talked about Futbol and here is what happened: (I tried my best to capture Burritos accent. My nickname is Chichi btw...read on...)

Chichi (Uncle Ed): Just like many of us, your heart must have been broken when our team The Miami Fusion was taken from us.
Burrito: Pinches Putos nos chingaron! All Burrito have was that team ese. If it wasn't for the Mexican League and my mami back in Mexico I would have died vato.
C: Why the name Burrito?
B: Why the name Chichi ese?
C: ChiChi is a nickname.
B: In Mexico they call boobies chichis vato, you should change the name. Burrito call himself Burrito after favorite food and because when Burrito play Futbol people say Burrito looked like Ariel "Burrito" Ortega from Argentina.
C: Is it true you used to take the bus to Lockhart Stadium from Homestead? That's got to be like 50 miles at least.
B: Si, it was very far but when you love Futbol like Burrito love Futbol then you no think of it. Burrito take a walkman and some music by Vicente Fernandez and time go by fast. But now Burrito Have his own car.
C: Have you tried doing something about your accent and writing skills?
B: No
C: You should
B: .....(Silence)
C: Did I offend you?
B: Que? Burrito drop tortilla...
C: Oh... never mind.
On that note, It was nice talking to you. You should come back to Bigsoccer where you used to be a hit or I invite you to write on my blog
B: Burrito have too many enemies in Bigsoccer, people no like him there an give him Red Card! Beside, Burrito too Macho man for them, maybe when Miami FCB or Barca Miami whatever them chingados call themselves come then Burrito make return but this time not with the Afusionados, but with the Miami Ultras! Burrito take cow bell and hot mamacitas with him to game. Burrito also make quesadillas for all Ultras!

Burrito will be one of the contributors on this blog so stay tuned!!!
Portions taken from My Bigsoccer interview of Burrito 25 Jul 2003, 02:12 PM and updated http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62816&highlight=burrito

For more on Burrito see his profile and become his friend on myspace:

Grandfathers of Football! Who's the oldest active player? Find out...

So I was kind of bored, twiddling my thumbs or chewing the fat as an old Army Sargent of mine used to say... and I remembered I had written about a couple of old fogies still playing football, so I said to myself; "Self, let's look up and see who in tarnations is the oldest player still active". So here we go... I was surprised to see so many older players still out there and doing what they do best, which is kicking a little ball and making tons of mullah for a living! What a great life they have and I envy every single one of them. Most of the Grandfathers of Football are actually Keepers. Who better to start this off then our very own Kasey Keller, soon to be a Seattle Sounder who at 39 seems to still be on top of the game. Another team USA veteran is Brad Friedel who will be 38 next May and he's still playing strong. To conclude with the USA, striker Brian McBride turned 36 in June. But thats nothing ladies and gents, nope, we are just getting started. Teddy Sheringham who now plays for Colchester United is 42 and plans to call it quits this year. AC Milan star Paolo Maldini turned the big 4-O this June and he claims to be ready to end it this year too, but a little birdy told me he might stick around another year just for s#@*! and giggles!Colombian Rene Higuita is 41 and he recently stated he wants to play till he turns 45. Other players getting up there in age are Juan Carlos Henao 37, Carlos Navarro Montoya who will soon turn 42. Ecuadorian keeper Jacinto Espinoza is 38, Peruvians Jorge Soto is 37, Roberto "Chorillano" Palacios is 36 and striker German Carty is 39 . Colombian Defender Ever Palacios is also 39. Paraguay's World Cup Veteran Jose Saturnino Cardozo is going to be 37 as well as his WC teammate Carlos Gamarra.MLS has a legion of old timers led by Canadian Pat Onstad 40 and Mexican veteran of a million battles, the original "Emperor" Claudio Suarez who will also turn 40. OK, and no one is better then Ezra! (get it?) St Vincents very own Ezra Hendrickson is 36 and will soon be followed by ex L.A. Galaxy Abel Xavier, Preston Burpo and Diego Gutierrez. Brazil's Romario de Souza Faria better known as... wait for it, "Romario" (Sometimes I just kill me!) is 42. He will retire with a game between Flamengo and Barcelona in Rio's Maracana stadium. His former Brazil teammate Cafu is 37 and Paulo Sergio Rosa aka "Viola" is 39.But the king of the old men of football is Brazil's oldest active player Pedro Ribeiro Lima who is 58! Lima currently plays for Desportiva Perilima and he recently said that he wants to keep playing until he is 60. He beat out previous record holder English winger Stanley Matthews, who represented Maltese outfit Hibernians until he reached 55, and the ageless Cameroonian Roger Milla , the oldest goalscorer in FIFA World Cup history, he was 42.
Taken from a blog I wrote on the Orlando Sentinel March 8, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Miami FCB / Barca Miami. Why are there so many haters? Does Miami deserve a team?

No matter where I go it seems every blog, news article or discussion board has a large group of haters just waiting to comment with something negative about a Major League Soccer team being awarded to Miami... and I wonder why? Did someone from Miami treat them bad? Maybe their vacation in Miami was that terrible? Perhaps it was an ex-girlfriend from Miami? Whatever the case I'm here to Finally confront these mere pathetic mortals with a little reality!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Folks, I'm sorry you live in Cold places, I'm sorry our women are beautiful, I'm sorry that one of the two new teams that will be part of Major League Soccer will be a team out of Miami. Sucks to be you but thats just the way the cookie crumbles!
Sure, go ahead and comment about how the last team in Miami failed (It was actually in Ft Lauderdale), go ahead and cry about how the fans didn't show up (In the last year of the Miami Fusion; attendance went up almost 50%), complain about the weather (I got nothing on that except it doesn't snow here and thats still great!). No Stadium to play in? FIU's brand new stadium is there, regulation Fifa size and everything! Why all the complaining? Jealous people my friends, because when it gets down to it.... Where do most people want to go? Let me see some hands...who wants to go to Canada? anyone for St Louis? Portland? Ok, ok, Miami anyone?
So why will it be different this time? Deep pockets! Miami Fusions last owner didn't have them and wasn't willing to stick it out so it wasn't the fans that failed the team, the fans were there. If the MLS could take it back I'm sure they would have kept Miami because of Location, location, location. Thats why they always wanted to come back.
The difference today is that Barcelona of Spain is one of the investors. The diffrence today is that Soccer in this town is being played more then ever! In every park, empty lot, back yard, kids, adults, animals, you name it! They are all playing the game. We have a large support group in the Miami Ultras Fan Club, (Go and join!) We have Soccer academys from Homestead to the Palm Beaches! Things are better organized.
When the news comes in January; I'll be very surprised if Miami doesn't get a team. Shocked is the word. At the end of the day Miami is where its going to be. Because if you ask any player in the world, where would you want to play if given a choice in the USA? It would be Miami.
If you haven't already Go to the Miami FCB website and check it out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Atletico de Madrid

Official Website : Atletico de Madrid

Club Atlético de Madrid is a Spanish football club based in Madrid who play in the Primera División of La Liga. Their home stadium is the Vicente Calderón Stadium, which currently holds up to 55,000 spectators. The club is one of the most successful in Spanish League history, having won both La Liga and the Copa del Rey on nine occasions, including a double in 1996. They also won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1962 and were European Cup runners-up and Intercontinental Cup winners in 1974.

During their history, the club have been known by a number of nicknames including los colchoneros or the mattress makers due to their first team stripes being the same colours as old-fashioned mattresses. During the 1970s they became known as los indios. This was allegedly due to the club signing several South American players after the restrictions on signing foreign players was lifted. However there are a number of counter theories which claim they were so named because their stadium is camped on the river bank or because los indios were the traditional enemy of los blancos —the whites. The latter nickname refers to the club's city rival Real Madrid.

Source : ...

Villareal C. F.

Official Website : Villareal

Villarreal Club de Fútbol, usually abbreviated to Villarreal, is a Spanish Primera División football club based in Villarreal, a small town in the province of Castellón. The team plays at the 25,000-seat Madrigal stadium.The club was founded in 1923 and played in regional leagues until the Spanish Civil War, during which Spanish football went into a hiatus. After the war, the club played in various regional leagues as well as the Third Division until the 1970/71 season, when Villarreal first played in the Segunda División for two consecutive seasons, at the end of which the club was relegated to the Third Division once again. After playing in the Segunda División B for a few seasons in the late 80s, Villarreal managed to solidify themselves as a Segunda División club starting with the 1992/93 season.On May 24, 1998, a date which the club's supporters still remember fondly, Villarreal sealed promotion to the Primera División for the 1998/99 season, which started with an intimidating match against giants Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabéu. After a difficult season, Villarreal were again relegated to the Segunda División for the 1999/2000 season, in which they finished third, again earning promotion to La Liga de las Estrellas, the Primera División, where they have remained up to the present day.

After finishing 7th a year later, Villarreal stayed near the bottom of the table for two seasons before defeating Dutch team SC Heerenveen in the final to win their first European title, the UEFA Intertoto Cup in the summer of 2003, thereby qualifying for the UEFA Cup tournament. In the 2003/04 season, Villarreal reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup, losing to neighbours and eventual champions Valencia CF. That summer, however, they won the Intertoto Cup again, qualifying for that coming season's UEFA Cup tournament, in which they would reach the quarter-finals. They bowed out in the quarter-finals to Dutch side AZ Alkmaar, losing 3-2 on aggregate. During the same 2004/05 season Villarreal finished in 3rd place in La Liga, earning the club their first direct qualification to a European tournament; the UEFA Champions League.

The 2005/06 season brought the club considerable European success and recognition, due to their consistent performances in the Champions League. In the qualifying round stage, Villarreal sensationally defeated English side Everton F.C. with a 4-2 aggregate score with two 2-1 victories. In the group stage, Villarreal were to be in the same group as Portuguese champions SL Benfica, French club Lille OSC, and English giants Manchester United F.C.. Remaining undefeated throughout the group stage, Villarreal were twice victorious (1-0 each against Benfica away and Lille at home) and earned four draws, including two scoreless draws with Manchester United. They topped their group and progressed to the knock-out stages along with SL Benfica. The club progressed to the quarter-finals in their Champions League debut by defeating the Scottish club Rangers F.C. 3-3 on the away goals rule (a 2-2 draw in Glasgow and a 1-1 draw at home gave the Spanish side one more away goal than their opponents).

El Submarino Amarillo drew Italian heavyweights Inter Milan in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The first leg was played at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on March 29, 2006. Playing at San Siro, Diego Forlán scored inside the first minute of the match, but Villarreal lost 2-1 as Inter took a lead to the return leg at Estadio El Madrigal on April 4. Villarreal, however, continued their unbeaten home record in the Champions League as they beat the Italian giants 1-0 in the second leg to qualify for the semi-finals on the away goals rule (the tie ended 2-2 on aggregate, but because of Diego Forlán's goal in Milan, Villarreal advanced). During that game, left-back Rodolfo 'El Vasco' Arruabarrena turned a back header from Riquelme's free kick past Inter's goalkeeper Francesco Toldo to score the decisive goal of the tie. In the semi-finals, Villarreal narrowly lost out to Arsenal F.C. on a 1-0 aggregate scoreline following Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann's save of Juan Román Riquelme's last-minute penalty, the penalty was won by Jose Mari's infamous dive. Villarreal signed Robert Pires from Arsenal in the summer following their Champions League semi-final defeat. He is playing for the team now after a long injury lay-off. The 2006-2007 season started very badly but Villarreal were able to qualify for the UEFA Cup after 8 consecutive wins. The Yellow Submarines were 13th after Round 30 of La Liga, but they climbed to finish 5th at the end of the season.

The club automatically qualified for the 2008/09 Champions League, due to them finishing second in La Liga the previous season. They drew Manchester United, for the second consecuitive campaign, Glasgow Celtic and Aalborg BK. They made good start by holding European champions Manchester United to a goalless draw at Old Trafford, a third 0-0 draw in a row against the English giants. A first win was sealed on 30th September by beating Gordon Strachan's Celtic 1-0 at El Madrigal, courtesy of a Marcos Senna freekick. On October 21 during a Champions League match against Aalborg they scored 6 goals to 3.

Source : ...