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Monday, May 31, 2010

Honduras World Cup 2010 fantasy kits

Name: Honduras
Federation: Federación Nacional Autónoma de Fútbol de Honduras
Confederation: CONCACAF (Central America)
Founded: 1951
Kit manufacturer: Joma

I am almost finish with the World Cup project. Honduras is the only team at this competition that will wear Joma kits. I tried to follow the Joma style made for Honduras in the past few years. The home kit is all white with blue panels on the upper part of the shirt and oblique band on the sides of the short. Also there are horizontal stitches on the shirt. The big H is on the left arm (instead of on the chest) to counterbalance the logo from the right arm. Also the five stars are on the back of the shirt.
The away kit is all blue. The difference between the two kits is the round crew neck (white instead of blue) and the bands on the shirt. Also the stitches are more visible on the away kit.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Miami MLS futbolito and Miami Ultras seek South Florida MLS team

Last week the Miami Ultras, South Florida Soccer supporters began their MLS Miami Bid campaign with the launch of the official website http://www.mlsmiamibid.com/ To enhance the launch they also attended MLS futbolito in order to further the awareness of the MLS Miami Bid in South Florida. The Ultras passed out fliers and asked folks to sign up for Miami MLS Season Ticket Dedications. A “season ticket dedication” is basically a pledge that if South Florida does get a Major League Soccer team, that they will buy season tickets. (It's only a promise) We need as many season ticket dedications as possible to enhance support for our case of getting an MLS team in the near future. By doing this we send out a message to investors that South Florida is a good market for Major League Soccer. We believe that in order for MLS to have a true foothold in this country that they need to be in South Florida.

MLS Futbolito is the official 4 vs 4 tournament of Major League Soccer. It consists of a fun soccer tournament that involves 13 communities across the country. The event took place this past Sunday May 23, 2010 at Kendall Soccer Park. For more information on future futbolito city stops go HERE

The Fans that attended futbolito were very supportive and over 150 season ticket dedications were pledged. But our efforts will continue. For more information on future events please follow Miami MLS Bid on Twitter or Facebook and visit the official site.

Miami Ultras own Uncle Ed was invited to play in the celebrity game that was on live TV that same Sunday on Univision's Republica Deportiva. Uncle Ed played with current UNAM Pumas player Francisco "Paco" Palencia, ex Mexico goalie Felix "El Gato" Fernandez , Republica Deportiva's Presidente Fernando Fiore and of course the lovely Senadoras among other.
Here are a few pictures of the game and event:
All Pictures by Miami Ultra Derek Reese
Here is a video in Spanish during MLS futbolito:
Stay tuned as selected pubs and bars throughout South Florida have come on board to support Miami MLS bid and will cooperate by posting MLS Miami posters and fliers that will help gain awareness in South Florida. These same bars and pubs will host World Cup matches that we will announce shortly. Stay tuned for more MLS Miami events!

Hungary (Magyarország) fantasy kits

Name: Hungary (Magyarország)
Federation: Hungarian Football Federation (Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség - MLSZ)
Confederation: UEFA (Europa)
Founded: 1901
Kit manufacturer: Adidas

The Hungarian and Romanian designs are made on the same base template, only few differences between them. The home kit has the traditional Hungarian colours: red shirt, white short and green socks. The classic three stripes are only on the socks, while on shirt and short the stripes are more distant.
The away kit is opposite to the home one, white shirt and socks, red short. The short can be used on the home kit as change variant.
The more often used version of the away kit is all white.

Romania fantasy kits

Name: Romania
Federation: Romanian Football Federation (Federaţia Română de Fotbal - FRF)
Confederation: UEFA (Europa)
Founded: 1909
Kit manufacturer: Adidas

This is the design for my home country Romania. I re-used the yellow and blue colours for the home kit, I disagree with the change of colour required by the main sponsor of the national team in red. Instead of all yellow kit made the short and the socks blue with yellow three stripes. The red colour is present on the shirt (the trims, numbers and name) and on the socks (on the turnovers). Also the shade of red is a bit darker than the usual.
The away kit is all red with yellow trims and stripes, name and numbers. The blue is present only on the Romanian crest.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spain wins 3-2 against Saudi Arabia in their first Pre-World Cup match...but they didn't look like the same Furia Roja.

David Villa, Spain's most prolific striker to date, scored the first goal on the occasion. He is now only 7 goals behind reaching the record for Spain's All-time top scorer, set by Raul.

Spain won today against Saudi Arabia 3-2, but the team's form left a lot to be desired. La Furia Roja played rather sloppy and conservative, contrary to their typical accurate, faster-paced attacking form.

The first half was mostly disappointing, as Saudi Arabia landed the first strike, scoring off a corner that had Casillas and the defenders beat. I have to say, Saudi Arabia deserved to score; Spain were playing like absolute crap. Sloppy plays, turn overs, too much waiting around to open up gaps in the defense...it was too tactical...only the tactical part was inaccurate anyways. Spain would eventually score, shortly after the 30 minute mark. Iniesta played a perfect cross into the 18, right to the head of star striker David Villa, who put it away without trouble into the top left. With that goal, he has moved even farther up the All-time top scorer list in Spain's history, only 7 goals away from reaching Raul's 1st place record of 44.

Half-time would come and both teams would head to the locker rooms. As play resumed, it was still practically the same game. A little after the 60 minute mark, Xabi Alonso would slot home a shot from outside the 18, one that caught the Saudi Arabian Goalkeeper totally off guard, going in the other direction. The Saudi Arabians would equalize in about the 74th, as they hung around outside the 18. The Spanish defense scrambled to take care of the threat, but failed, as Saudi Arabia got a shot off on the 18 yard line. It flew past a baffled Casillas who had started preparing for the shot, but realized it was too late as it deflected off a Saudi Arabian, and went into the opposite corner of goal. Del Bosque used some of his subs, as he put in Jesus Navas, Capdevila, Pedro, and Llorente. Capdevila was a breath of fresh air, as Arbeloa does not seem to live up to expectations as a wing defender. Also, the exit of Busquets was a pleasure. Those 2 do not deserve to be starting, and neither does Alonso in my opinion. Alonso is not an impressive defensive midfielder. Senna did the job for Spain very well in Euro 2008, and did it 10 times better. Alonso has powerful shots, but his midfield skills leave a lot to be desired. Arbeloa just doesn't cut it on the wing, Capdevila has more finesse with the ball, and is much more aggressive. Busquets is an average player who doesn't deserve a spot on the starting 11. The game still remained rather sloppy, but improved a little after the changing of some players. Pedro and Jesus Navas, who were sent into the game by Del Bosque, had some good efforts on the wings, but none ended in a goal. 90 minutes neared, and it seemed like the game wouldn't be won by any team. But, Llorente, who has an excellent goals per appearance record, proved that assumption wrong. In the 91st, the tall striker jumped up to meet the ball off a corner, and it went right into the net, giving Spain the last minute winner.

Overall, the way this game was played was not very typical of Spain. In fact, it is in direct contrast with how they usually play. However, it was only a friendly, and maybe they were just having a bad game (I'd rather they get that out of their system now). Especially before the World Cup, you don't want to go full out and risk an injury. And again, it is only a friendly, meaning it doesn't count for anything. Thankfully, no one was injured, and quite a few subs got the chance to play. But I will say one thing...if this is the kind of Spain that is going to South Africa, then we're in deep trouble. Let's hope La Furia Roja picks up the pace and shakes this rust off.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Jabal Almukaber fantasy kits

Full name: Jabal Almukaber
City: Jerusalem
League: West Bank Premier League
Stadium: Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium
Fouded: 1976
Shirt sponsor: -
Kit manufacturer: Puma

This kits are requested, I didn't find more information about the team and the design and the colours where requested this way. The home kit is green-red and white shirt with black trims, the short is black and the socks are white.
The away kit is orange and black with white trims.

What's that You Say? The Special One? Its gonna take a whole lot more than Mourinho to change Real Madrid's ways.

Can Mourinho aka the "Special One" help Real Madrid win something this year?

That's right, one of the bigger rumors during the La Liga off-season regarded a manager: "Is Mourinho going to become coach of Real Madrid?". Well, ladies and gentlemen, ask no more. It is official, as the "Special One" will be finding himself in the Bernabeu next season.

Although, lets face it, no coach has been able to last for more than one season. Can Mourinho be the first one to last more than a season in a while? Maybe. The real problem isn't the coach though. Under Pellegrini, Real Madrid got second place in La Liga, only a few points behind rivals Barcelona, but did leave the Copa Del Rey in an embarrassing defeat, and also exited the Champions League earlier than was expected. Still, even through all of that, I can't see any of it being Pellegrini's fault. Real Madrid has gone through a few coaches, and its always because of Real Madrid's shortcomings. However, I think its fair to say the club expects a lot from the team. They have very very high expectations, and God forbid they aren't met, its the coaches that hang for the sub par performances, not the players. Real Madrid purchased many players that just did not live up to expectations. Benzema, Xabi Alonso, and Kaka were all huge wastes of money. They had just as much success this season as they did last season without these players. Its time to buy some players who actually work with the team. Time to build up chemistry. Real Madrid thinks all its problems can be solved with overrated super stars, and new coaches.

Maybe Mourinho will make a difference, maybe not. In my opinion, he doesn't deserve half the credit he gets. He scribbles on a paper and points to his players and yells at them from the sideline. I still don't see what makes him so "special". Maybe Real will finally change their ways, but I don't think that'll happen. Barcelona is just continuously improving, and with the acquisition of Villa, Barca is becoming an even bigger force to be reckoned with. Good Luck Real...


Miami FC news, behind the scene video and more by Burrito

Hola amigos! Everyones favorite dawg Burrito here wit mucho info on the Blues loss against those pinches Aztex! What can Miami FC do to make this team bettererer?
Burrito's amigos at Miami Soccer Fan have an idea. El Presidente of the Miami Ultras Pieter Brown break it down like this:
This year Miami FC spent some time and money to put a better team on the field. We have a plethora of MLS and international talent on this team. Players like Christian Gomez, Abe Thompson, Chris Gbandi, Kyle Veris and Mike Randolph have all shown well in MLS, yet few have shown up for the Blues...
Pieters pretty much calls everyone and their mami out for not playing with huevos! From the coach to the water boy! (ok maybe not water boy but the players si!) Read more about it HERE

Miami FC now have a turd supporters group! First came the Miami Ultras, then the Southern Legion and now the South Florida "Football Fanaticos". This is how they describes themselves:
South Florida "Football Fanaticos" (SF3s) are a Football Supporters Association in West Palm Beach Florida. The SF3s are supporters of Miami FC Blues who play at Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. SF3s are also supporters of all soccer in South Florida along with the hopes of a future MLS team. Miami FC is part of the United States Soccer Federation Division 2 Pro-League (USSF D-2)in the North American Soccer League(NASL).
They set up a pretty cool blog you can read it whiles eating a rica quesadilla! Go HERE

In case you no no, Miami FC have something called Miami FC TV. Like many things Miami FC, sometimes people no hear about them cause Miami FC like to keeps things secrets or somethings. So Burrito here to tell all that it really, really exists and no longer secrets! Usually it half Miami FC's Annie interviewing players. Following is a behind the scenes look at a promo for the World Cup they do for Local TV 10

Picture by Robert Scorca
Want to know more about Burrito? Burrito is the only soccer blogging dawg in the known universe! Since 1998! Join Burrito's group on facebook "Burrito Loves Futbol" or he hit you on head with quesadilla! You can also join his twitter http://twitter.com/Burritofutbol
Be sure to check out the Burrito CAM pictures! (Pictures from a Chihuahua's view)
Vamos Miami FC!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miami FC singing the Blues after loss vs Austin Aztex

The end of their undefeated streak came at the hands of 1st place Austin Aztex last night at Lockhart Stadium. Miami FC fans were thinking positive as the game started but soon we saw how our defense started to fall apart thanks to Austin's fast forwards.

For a full report check out the South Florida "Football Fanaticos" Blog or head over to the Official Miami FC site

As usual here are the pictures from last night by Robert Scorca:

Hamburger SV fantasy kits

Full name: Hamburger Sport-Verein e. V.
City: Hamburg
League: Bundesliga
Stadium: HSH Nordbank Arena
Fouded: 1887
Shirt sponsor: Fly Emirates
Kit manufacturer: adidas

Long time since I made the first HSV sketch, but never was satisfied with the design. Now I made one that I think suit Hamburger SV. The template was used also to make the Al Ahly kits for the Mock-ups Competition (will post it soon). The home kit has the traditional colour scheme, white shirt with red stripes and trims, red short and blue socks with black and white turnovers. This last feature is present on all versions (for socks).
An all white version for the home kit, used for games vs teams wearing dark coloured kits.
HSV uses lots of colour combinations for the second choice kit, here I chosed two versions, one with red shirt, white short and socks, and the second red shirt and socks and black short.
This away version can be used vs teams wearing all white kits.
The third kit is blue and black with white stripes all over. Suitable for games vs teams wearing red and white shirt.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

F.C. Timisoara (Poli) fantasy kits

Full name: CS Fotbal Club Timişoara (Poli)
City: Timişoara
League: Liga I
Stadium: Dan Păltinişanu
Fouded: 2002 (1921)
Shirt sponsor: BkP
Kit manufacturer: lotto

This design was made for the team I support in my country and sent to the club. It was turned down because the club follows the Fiorentina style. My ideea was to make a kit different than any other in Roumania and give a classic look concerning the 90 years anniversary next year. The hoops are inspired by Celtic's kit, team that was defeated in Timisoara three decades ago (1980-81 Winners Cup) and eliminated from the competition. Also I left out the red colour (from Coca Cola and Lotto logos) because the Poli fans didn't love that colour on the kits (It's associated with colour of the rival teams Dinamo and Steaua).
The away kit is white-purple-purple with two horizontal bands on the front of the shirt. The short and socks can be changed in both variants (home and away) as it is necessary.The third kit is all black with purple bands on the front of the shirt, purple round crew neck and trims. The current third kit is yellow and black, but that colour combination is not agreed by the fans (to similar to F.C. Brasov kits).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Undefeated Miami FC vs First Place Austin Aztex. Fernando Clavijo on Sports Wrap

Unbeaten record versus the first place team. Blues vs Aztex will take place at Lockhart Stadium tonight Wednesday May 26, 2010 at 7:30 pm.

Sure, its during the week but soccer is about passion! Miami FC have given us a competitive team this year and a number of great Tailgates too. This tailgate is no exception! It kicks off at about 5:30 pm with live band A Beautiful Cage and you can sit back and listen to them while sipping a nice cold Holy Mackerel Beer! (For free!)
For a full preview of the game go HERE

SO what are you waiting for? Come out to Lockhart Stadium and support the Blues on their quest to remain undefeated! Vamos Miami!

In case you didn't see it. This past Sunday Miami FC Director of Soccer Fernando Clavijo came out on CBS 4 Sports Wrap. Hosted by Kim Bokamper and Jim Berry. Fernando spoke about the World Cup and Miami FC. Check out the video!

Malaysia fantasy kits

Name: Malaysia
Federation: Football Association of Malaysia
Confederation: AFC (Asia)
Founded: 1933
Kit manufacturer: Nike

This is a requested kit for Malaysia. The design is based on the Monterrey kit, in Malaysian colours, yellow and black. The shirt of the home kit is yellow with black stripes. The logo, name and numbers are white. The short is black with yellow upper part. The socks are yellow with a black waved line.
The away kit is blue-white-blue with dark red collar and trims on the shirt and dark red line on socks.