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Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • Yamcha
    Mar 29, 11:24 AM
    no one uses windows phones....and for a good reason too...it sucks, it sucks, oh and it sucks....

    I disagree, Windows Phone 7 is pretty impressive, now I probably wouldn't get it over a iPhone, but Windows Phone 7 would probably be my next choice, I'm not so much of a fan of Android phones.. And anyway you have to admit that Microsoft's approach is very different, which is what I like.. The Live tiles idea is really good..

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  • BryanLyle
    May 3, 11:18 AM
    "Macworld has confirmation from Apple that the new iMacs will support Target Display Mode but only when the device they are connected to is also a Thunderbolt equipped Mac."

    Is that true?

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  • markcres
    Apr 20, 11:56 AM

    Steve Jobs has become that which he once reviled.
    Apple is the new fascism....

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 05:45 PM
    There's no point in having a hard drive, why would you even want it if you can stream in real time from your computer? And why make it a "mini" size box when it can just be something tiny enough to hold AV outputs?

    In order to receive the movie from the movie store it would stream to the "box".Having a HD would allow you to save the movie.


    Later in your room you could stream it from the "Box" to your computer :-)

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Sep 5, 12:28 AM
    I really doubt that Apple will put a TV tuner in this thing (if it's real). Think about it -

    Point 1 - If Apple puts a tuner in then they have to deal with the myriad of different types of TV.

    Point 2 - THEY SELL TV SHOWS!

    Does Steve want you to Tivo the new episode of "The Office" on your "MediaMac/Airport Express Video/Super iPod" or does he want you to come to the iTunes store and download it for $2? Apple, despite most of our (including my own) beliefs is a business and they have to think of the $$$ first.

    Why give something away when you can make money off it? That's still my theory as to why the mini didn't have a tuner from the start.

    Yeah there's very little point to add something to your product lines which will compete with your existing products/services unless you are going for full market control aka De Beers.

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  • munkery
    Apr 10, 04:17 PM
    What exactly do you mean? Do you mean changing the default app for opening a file type, using the Get Info window? Or do you mean some modification to the app itself? If the former, it works the same in L and SL. I haven't tried the latter yet.

    "Get Info" any of the softwares that came on your Mac by default, such as Safari, Mail, iTunes, etc. At the bottom of the "Get Info" screen, what users have write privileges to the app bundle?

    In Leopard, both system and admin have write privileges. So, malware could modify these app bundles as a vector to hide payloads with user level access in admin accounts. Privilege escalation would still be required for more serious exploitation, such as rootkit installation.

    In Snow Leopard, only system has write privileges. This represents a security improvement in SL. Apps installed via the Mac App Store also only have system with write privileges.

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  • Marx55
    Sep 14, 02:29 AM
    How to make it a best seller:

    Being a true smart phone, capable of booting Mac OS X mobile (to be released) and thus being used as a wireless computerless remote for Keynote and PowerPoint presentations made on Mac or Windows.

    Will sell millions on corporate, education and domestic markets.

    With a huge halo effect!!!

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  • Tonewheel
    Apr 20, 10:18 AM
    So how would I go about encrypting this backup file on my Mac?

    Plug in your iPhone, open iTunes, and in the SUMMARY window check the box related to backup encryption.

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  • DavPeanut
    Aug 28, 01:10 PM
    Though, I still think they're coming on the 18th of sept.

    That would be way behind everyone else, and also would prevent students from taking advantage of the free iPod Nano with a new computer. Also, if they want to catch the student market (like me) they need to update tomorrow, or at least on September 5. The shipments from asia are probably the best indicator of a release that we have seen to date. Apple would not leave "secret" massive shipments lying around unsold. There are over 150 Apple Stores worldwide, and there is no way there wont be some sort of security breach if hundreds of thousands of boxes are sitting around all around the world. I personally would probably find a way into the nearest Apple Store storage room to see what is in those boxes, though I proably wouldn't have to because an apple employee would blab first.

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  • Sydde
    Apr 11, 12:15 PM
    Which is why the US


    and Sweden


    What is this supposed to show? That US corporations are more profitable? Is that a good thing? For whom?

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  • KingCrimson
    Apr 30, 09:09 PM
    Yeah I forgot about the Kinect. Maybe MSFT is finally breaking out of that rut.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 12:45 AM
    I personally love how I get the bad rap, when the woman was the one going under the speed limit and attempted to breakcheck me first. She got what was coming to her. Had she just had some common courtesy and moved over, nothing would of happened. Instead she decided that she had to play traffic cop.

    You people are all laughable.


    and you doing 20 mph over the limit was a good idea?
    A rarely if ever a good idea.
    2 you lack the experience to even know how to drive that much over the limit.

    3 fact that she had to go out of your way quickly tells me you really screwed up. I know if I saw someone flying up on me I might flash my brake lights (not slow down but flash them) to get them to slow down and back off. Force them to see me and people see brake lights they tend to slow down. I have gotten people like you to smoke their tires before. Mind you I was in the left lane. Had a semi truck to my right and I was going threw a pass. They come flying up on me and get on my bumper. I press my brakes just hard enough to cause the lights to come on but my speed stays the same. They smoke their tires and give me some breathing room. Works every time to get people to back off.

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  • Dr Kevorkian94
    Mar 22, 02:40 PM
    Wife said Yes

    It would suck if

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  • davelanger
    Mar 30, 01:47 PM
    You'll find Microsoft's reason to sue Apple is here (http://phone.microsoftplatformready.com/Dashboard.aspx). Guess Microsoft is protecting itself from a legal butt kicking by being preemptive.

    wouldnt app hub (store) be ok since its not just appstore?

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  • Drew n macs
    Mar 22, 02:51 PM
    Quite a few people seem like they upgraded their MBP from 2010 MBP to 2011 mbp, Maybe just to have the latest product. Its possible that the imac will be released in 4-6 week time period and still no use for TB port...and finally when hard drives are released everyone will be outraged at the premium they will have to pay.

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  • glitch44
    Apr 30, 01:28 PM
    Why do they want OS X users to feel as if we were on an iPad!!!???
    If I wanted/needed one, I'd buy one. What the hell !!!???????:mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Decaf. Look into it.

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  • ValSalva
    Apr 30, 01:10 PM
    Wonder if the top of the line Core i7 Sandy Bridge iMac will be faster than many of the SP Mac Pro configurations.

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  • edifyingGerbil
    Apr 18, 01:27 PM
    i wonder if this all started because of the damned "green revolution" which increased crop yields dramatically using petroleum based fertilisers and of course caused the population to explode globally?

    it makes sense in a perverse way. job growth can't keep up with population growth...

    now, another awful thing is a lot of western societies have this strange sense of entitlement... that certain jobs are beneath them, so they all strive to be white collar professionals but that's completely unsustainable... this explains, in the UK at least, the gross number of students who go to university and have degrees but the poor employment prospects for graduates.

    so far so bad, right?

    add consumerism to the mix and it's little wonder that people are placated by taking out loans to buy things they can't afford normally. but to have these things the companies which produce them need a cheap source of labour, so they outsource, so areas which were traditionally big on manufacturing decay and shrink, the people moving to already congested mega cities.

    they should teach buddhism in primary schools, it might stem the consumerist tide.

    ugh, it's enough to drive anyone to suicide.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Apr 22, 01:31 PM
    I expect Apple to have FaceTime HD on the next Air.

    Sep 19, 08:56 PM
    I think this is a result of people testing out the service. You can't possibly quantify how successful this will be until it's been around long enough for the "newness" to wear off and for real-world usage to begin.

    125,000 downloads really isn't that big of a number. Especially considering the mass media coverage of the announcement and the vast number of people using iTunes.

    The jury is still way out.Ah, but you forget that Apple, so far, only has one of the three pieces in places. The software is there but the hardware and content (sorry 75 does not a 'store' make) is still in development. Once the "true video iPod" and iTV becomes available, I'm betting that you'll see a spike in movie sales.

    Sep 22, 04:39 AM
    You do realize DVD itself is heavily DRMed, although its CSS is easily cracked. Its Macrovision protection is flawed, and regional coding can be circumvented.

    If iTS movie DRM can be cracked, would it make it a better value for you? Why are we even comparing it to DVDs? If you wish to have the convenience of portable digital downloads, then it is a great service.

    !� V �!
    Apr 30, 06:14 PM
    I want to see Apple PUSH Thunderbolt into the logic board and all of the connections. Let's see Thunderbolt run SSD drives!!! If Apple and Intel don't push Thunderbolt into the light and really show how much better it is, and when I say "show" I mean build it and sell it to people, then it'll be a great idea that we'll all get around to years later than we should.

    I could care less at the moment about external storage. I'll care at some point but not until the speed in the computer is as fast as it should be.

    I recall FW400 having some success over SCSI. However FW800 was quite a disappointment. I was looking forward to it, until I realize only a handful of products are actually released. USB 2.0 is a success as it offers acceptable wide range performance. Would love eSata, however not holding my breath. ThunderBolt seems great, however with the lack of product announcements and pricing it is a wait and see if the masses will accept it or just go with other options NAS. :)

    Mar 29, 12:23 PM
    Exactly. Apple needs to implement both of those features. They are not dealbreakers, but the make the experience more complete.

    I use Hyperdock to enable the "window snap"... great app. And another app to allow files to be copy-pasted... can't remember the name of it though... available in Mac App Store.

    BetterTouchTool also has a snap function. I use it all the time.

    Sep 12, 03:22 PM
    The real question is when will the true video ipod be released? Christmas?

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