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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • vi2867
    Oct 12, 12:59 PM
    You have to link to the images, not the flickr page.

    And that's just the U2 special edition iPod.

    Got it...

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Mar 29, 01:38 PM
    I predict that in 2015, iOS handset users will still have the highest customer satisfaction and that Apple will be walking away with the lion's share of the smartphone industry's profits.

    Meaning there will be more grumpy non-iPhone users and more grumpy HTC/Nokia/Samsung/Motorola/LG shareholders.

    By 2015, the iPhone will be implanted in the back of our necks and interface directly with our brain. It will get battery power from our neural system.

    I got burned once, and only once with the best Windows Phone of the time, the HTC Rhodium. I hate that phone so much!
    All the people I know who got the WinMo7 phone told me it sucks!

    M$ is so far behind in this market, and the ITC seems to be smoking barely-legal substances to come up with such hallucinations. :eek:

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  • ictiosapiens
    Apr 25, 09:17 PM
    For 99% of the market, the integrated graphics are fine. The majority of consumers don't read tech sites and are happy with the performance. The typical pc buyer doesn't know what a benchmark is. In almost every Apple vs Winodws pc argument on this and every other Mac site, the Mac fans without fail say specs don't matter. If you're a gamer, you'll notice the performance hit. To the million plus people who will buy the next model it won't make any difference.

    And a large portion of that 99% of the market will find integrated graphics fine, until they venture to the Apple App Store, and find that their spanking new MBA have a video card not supported by 99% of the games on sale... In fact, integrated graphics are not only not supported, but are specifically singled out in most game's system requirements.

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  • boxandrew
    Sep 5, 01:26 PM
    My question is, will the movies have subtitles/captioning. As a hearing impaired user, that's the deal breaker for me. If they do have captioning, I can see myself purchasing a few movies once in a while (Though I'd still rather have DVDs most of the time). If not, no way.

    I've been wondering this ever since the TV shows started coming out. And it's not only a big problem for hearing impaired users... it also means that you can't watch foreign films in the original language.

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  • wallock
    Sep 14, 01:14 PM
    All I have to say is....

    Encore of the John Legend performance will have the crowd going NUTS :rolleyes:

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  • MaxBurn
    Dec 31, 08:52 AM
    Not really necessary, yet. Forums here will inform most of us when something really nasty gets out there if ever, listen to the users not a campain.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 19, 10:10 AM
    Minimum wage needs to be increased, national healthcare needs to be implemented and tax holes closed. This country would be in a lot better shape as far as it's lower classes go, imo.

    Min wage should be 10/ hour.. possibly 11 with the way this country is heading...

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  • fblack
    Sep 10, 12:25 PM
    I agree that the expandability of the 24inch imac is impressive, but until I see ease of upgradability as well Im all for a mid range. Its also about the CPU, the C2D's are nice, but their not really a match for their desktop counterparts, there are some of us that want the power of a desktop but dont have the budget for the xeon range...

    I'm right with you when you say "that some of us want the power of a desktop but dont have the budget for the xeon range." Also I dont like all in one solutions. However, the 24" might be apple's way of saying that's close enough. Plus looking at what Macworld had to say about the 2.16 C2D and the potential for the 24" 2.33 it sure does narrow the performance some what and this might be what apple is thinking.

    More significant, the 2.16GHz system narrowed the performance gap between iMac and Mac Pro product lines. With twice the number of processor cores, all running faster than the iMac, the Mac Pro had a definite advantage in this match up. But because not all applications and tasks take full advantage of the Mac multiprocessing capabilities, most results showed the Mac Pro between 20 and 30 percent faster than the 2.16GHz iMac. I expect that test results of the new 24-inch model�with its faster graphics and the optional 2.33GHz processor upgrade�could close this performance gap even further.


    I cant wait to see the benchmarks on the 24". :)

    But dont get me wrong I would still prefer a headless tower. :cool:

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 9, 03:30 PM
    I like to see some benchmarks against G4 machines and see if they make me pull the credit card out.

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  • Vol7ron
    Apr 4, 12:35 PM
    this is crazy....we as a society have become too politically correct. Someone breaks into your house and gets injured, he can sue you for injuries....you trip and fall on a slippery surface in a mall or restaurant, you can sue, despite the clear sign that says, "caution, slippery surface", Or the famous one, suing because your cup of coffee was hot and you spilled it on yourself. My goodness....Here we have a robbery attempt. The robbers were armed. Now this private security guard see's what is happening, and steps in to stop them. What is he suppose to do, pretend to be like Obama and try to open up negotiations with them? "please robbers, stop what you are doing, it is against the law?" Meanwhile, the robbers are shooting at him...So what if a robber got shot in the head. It is one less criminal to deal with. And what is to say that he was aiming for his head? It might have just been a lucky shot. Will he have to live with that? Of course, but at the end of the day, he was just doing his job. It would be like joining the military not expecting to ever go to war or see combat...

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  • MacRumors
    Sep 14, 08:02 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Macworld has received an invitation to an Apple special event (http://www.macworld.com/news/2006/09/14/photokina/index.php) on September 25th, right before Photokina. Indications from the invitation are an Aperture-related announcement. An Aperture update had previously been rumored on page 2 (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/08/20060822235447.shtml).


    Digg This (http://www.digg.com/apple/Apple_To_Hold_Sept_24th_Special_Event_Photokina)

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  • ~Shard~
    Aug 31, 01:32 PM
    I agree that $14.99 is way too high for a downloadable movie.

    Agreed. When considering the fact that you presumably would not get the DVD extras, the quality would not be as good (based on compression/encoding) and you'd be watching it on a small screen, that does seem rather steep. It would be one thing if it was a high quality HD version or something, which you could also view on a normal TV as well, but that wouldn't be feasible either due to the resulting file sizes and longer download times required.

    It will be interesting indeed to see how Apple handles this service...

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  • MaxBurn
    Dec 31, 08:52 AM
    Not really necessary, yet. Forums here will inform most of us when something really nasty gets out there if ever, listen to the users not a campain.

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  • kettle
    Oct 27, 03:28 PM
    What seriously kills me about all this is that those sensationalist chimpanzees from GP rally against a computer company that presently has roughly 6% (or less) of the computer market....almost every throw away computer I've ever seen were Compaqs, HP's, Dells, Gateways/e-Machines, and a few other generic crap boxes from some nameless plastic factory stuffing windoze in a toaster. Seriously, Greenpeace goofballs should stop stargazing up their rectums and take a look at the largest contributors of hardware refuse. Macs as far as I know are not easily tossed out. apple computers have been primarily hand me downs unless some terrible accident happened rendering it useless. seriously, no one throws away a functioning mac, unless they decided lead paint makes for good breakfast cereal.

    How many of these sap-chugging numbskulls go after Dell for making computers that generally end up being sidewalk fodder? perhaps they should invest their energies into designing the green computer, since they seem to have so much gloriously skilled scientists at their disposal to expose the evil apple. Go team planet!

    yeah, Team Planet.

    If it really mattered the chain would be broken at the top of the pyramid, instead they just farm us for every last cent in our pockets.

    They quote facts as if they actually believe that people are 'that stupid', it becomes a stumbling block for their statistics. How many people give just 'yeah, whatever' answers to people collecting 'market research' because actually they are too busy to give an honest answer to an 'in reality' a very complex question.

    If you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers.

    Popular science 'the GREEN movement' seems to thrive on a consensus of simple answers to very complex questions.

    How much of our lives is now governed by a computer model that has trouble predicting tomorrows weather let alone the demise of the human race.

    Oh spare me the guilt and the need to confess for my consumer driven instincts, will you forgive me and all the other 'sinners' if we pay for a whole new layer of religion to 'lord it' over our daily doings?

    If you look on the fake apple site and look at the pictures, there are apple machines everywhere, how is that likely? About as likely as an apple turning up into some kids pram at a Mac Expo propaganda photo shoot.

    Please greenpeace, if you have something to say, tell me the facts straight, otherwise I'm too busy paying my taxes for a work shy troop of pseudo scientists to go around telling me how much further bureaucracy will be required to save the world. (please do not mistake this for stupidity) (oh and get a job, preferably one that doesn't recycle other people's tax into more paranoid and privacy invading bureaucratic waste.)

    I think the point that most people are trying to avoid is that at worse, there are too many people using too few resources and there's a whole lot of squawking 'chicken littles' who seem to think if we repent our sins that some how nature will not jump the artificial gap that has been built between us and our environment.

    You can't buck the market.

    and before someone points out undeniables like the value of making better products for our environment, I say great, lets start this new found efficiency and exercise it top down.

    I would gladly pay less tax for a more efficient government and spend the savings on more expensive products resulting from costs passed on to me by highly regulated manufacturers.

    I will however, grow tired of paying for this never ending environmental 'gravy train'.

    Perhaps, but the sooner man is extinguished from this planet the sooner the planet can recover to it's equilibrium.

    The truth kinda hurts.

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  • MattyMac
    Sep 4, 09:56 PM
    Read on and be wowed:


    I can't wait to see the invitations...let alone the new products.

    ...and the day before my birthday too:p

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  • supmango
    Mar 29, 01:33 PM
    This is laughable at best. I would not want to be the one who decided it was a good idea to make a prediction this far out. Far too many unknown factors will happen between now and then.

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  • iMacx
    Mar 22, 02:04 PM
    well, i guess its time to start thinking about selling my mid 2010 2.93 27" :rolleyes:

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  • cube
    May 3, 11:00 AM
    It should not have dual Thunderbolt. It should have 1 Thunderbolt (without DisplayPort if required) and 1 DisplayPort 1.2

    The discrete graphics chips in the new iMacs support up to 6 displays (including built-in), but this is crippled by Thunderbolt.

    The same happens with the discrete graphics of the MBPs, which could support up to 4 or 6 displays (including built-in).

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  • alust2013
    Apr 25, 12:50 AM
    I think the point is that traffic laws were made to prevent stuff like this in the first place. Had you been obeying the law, there would be no issue, other than maybe a slight annoyance for a couple minutes driving a little slow.

    If I'm reading this correctly, neither the woman nor you had a right to drive like that. Just because someone pulls something like a brake check, doesn't give you or anyone else the right to act dangerously. Aggressive driving is what gets people hurt or killed.

    Sep 19, 02:21 PM
    This is excellent news! Hopefully the other studios will stop being greedy little buggers and get on board with the iTS.

    I haven't bought a movie yet, mainly because there just isn't anything that I'm interested in the current selection that I don't already have on DVD. The other reason is that I'm more concerned with audio quality than video quality and I currently have no way of getting digital audio to my receiver, and I have no interest in watching a new movie in stereo.

    Those of you that have bought movies, do they have artifacts? If yes, is it bad? I'm more interested in those that have played the movie over their SD TV rather than on your computer monitor.

    I can't wait for the iTV! :D

    Mar 24, 04:29 AM
    I reckon Mac Pro will get Ivy Bridge Xeon...

    Maybe in 2013.

    Apr 11, 03:46 PM
    Yeah, plus medical bills don't bankrupt you personally. I'll take what you've got up there.

    No kidding right?

    My buddy and I went boarding 2 days ago and he dislocated his finger (looked bad as it was all bent funny)

    Anyways, took him to the clinic and was charged 1300 bucks to put it back into place and he doesnt have health insurance

    Heaven forbid one needs surgery or broke a leg or anything more than dislocating a finger....would need a few million stashed away

    Sep 5, 04:11 AM
    I've got a feeling that AI is right on the money here. Next Tuesday is going to be exciting, and I expect that it will go according to the script that AI has suggested.

    Apr 4, 12:20 PM
    I haven't read the article but it sounds like the guard was shot at.

    So for those saying the guard shouldn't have killed the crook? Should the guard just sit there and let the guy kill him? If some one must die, I vote the crook!!! Why shouldn't the guard defend himself?! If the crook didn't want to take that chance, he could at the very least not be shooting at the guard!!!!! Even better, don't rob a store.

    And shooting to wound really is not feasible in that situation. You shoot the guy who has a gun in the leg, he can still shoot you. The only place to stop him without killing him is to get both hands or both arms.... while being shot at, do you really want to try for such small targets (not to mention even the legs are not big targets. Big target = torso which can very well be a shot that kills)? Sorry, but the only way to defend yourself in that situation is shoot areas that quite possibly will kill the guy as it will have to be something that renders him unable to do anything.

    Shoot, if you shoot him anywhere there is always the possibility that he will die. Just cause it's not instantly lethal doesn't mean stuff doesn't happen. You just gave him a chance that some infection will come in, or more blood will come out before the paramedics an come and stop it, etc etc.

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