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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ipod touch 4th generation 64gb

ipod touch 4th generation 64gb. screen, Apple
  • screen, Apple

  • orangephoto
    Oct 12, 04:44 PM
    all political and humanitarian concerns aside.. I have been waiting for a red iPod since forever.

    Red is my fav color lol

    and the fact that it helps somebody is amazing. i dont care who it is. everyone deservs help. so everyone should stop complaining that men dont get it or whatever. shut up please


    and red. i mean omfg amazing.

    sorry if i sound stupid.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Aug 28, 12:30 PM
    Please give us an Intel iMac tomorrow...:D

    School starts on the 20th, I want that iMac!

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  • APPLE New iPod touch 64GB

  • longsilver
    Sep 2, 04:43 PM
    I'm sure there's actually a perfectly reasonable explanation, but it would be fun to indulge in groundless speculation and suggest that declining to bother to go to Paris to give this keynote is a riposte to the French and their recent legislative fiddling with DRM and iTMS.

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  • eye
    Mar 23, 05:27 PM
    If any of you had ever lost someone or had someone that you loved seriously injured by a drunk driver - you'd want this app pulled.

    0 good can come from drunk driving. I don't know anyone (intelligent person) who would say otherwise. Constitutional or not, who in the world would want to encourage a drunk person to get behind the wheel? ..which is exactly what these apps do. I'm sure that there's a percentage of drunk drivers who have ventured out on the roads only because they had the convenience of these apps - when otherwise, they would have gotten a ride or sobered up first.

    Ummm...nobody is saying drunk driving is good. Where are people getting this from?

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  • spinko
    Aug 28, 12:06 PM
    bring them on...

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  • aafuss1
    Sep 4, 07:09 PM
    Disney and Viacom movies could be the first movies offered.

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  • jafd
    Apr 25, 04:41 PM
    Haha. Silver. Collector's edition?

    Athlete's edition, I reckon, given a piece of silver weighs around 4 times more than a piece of aluminum of the same volume.

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  • rtdunham
    Aug 23, 08:29 PM
    They still can. Apple can turn around tomorrow and buy Creative for what it's worth and would have in essence paid itself the $100M. :D

    in a corporate acquisition, there's a purchase price, and at settlement the buyer pays the purchase price plus the value of assets such as cash, so the scenario you describe, while possible, is not likely the way it would unfold. imho.

    ipod touch 4th generation 64gb. apple ipod touch 4th
  • apple ipod touch 4th

  • wkhahn
    Sep 5, 10:16 PM
    I haven't read every post of this thread, so forgive me if its already been mentioned, but let's assume for a minute that the elusive Airport Express A/V is finally here. Do you think that it would just be a self contained white box with ports? I think it may be something more.

    What if they just took the guts of a current AE, and stuffed them inside the universal iPod dock? It would have to be a little bigger than current designs, but same dock connection. It could be shown with the new iPod, and then the "One more thing" would be its added funtionallity. The ipod could handle the menu/frontrow display. Considering the bandwidth ncessary for video streaming, you could sync your iPod without actually connecting to your computer. Market it as an iPod accessory to a built in audience of 50 or so million.

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  • Jimmieboy
    Sep 14, 01:21 AM
    I like the 8801, but I definitely think it's overpriced at $399. You could get a Sidekick 3 prepaid for that price.
    Sure is overpriced! Over in Australia it's around $1200. The one good thing I liked was the diamond coated dsiplay. It was scratch proof. Maybe apple should diamond coat their iphone! :p

    EDIT: Actually I just did a bit of research. I think my claim that they diamond coated their displays is false. No one take my word on it.

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  • vincebio
    Sep 14, 08:05 AM
    here we go again

    apple are on fire at the moment.....bring it on

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  • apple ipod touch 4th

  • ciTiger
    Apr 11, 07:52 AM
    Apple will fix it soon...

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  • Apple iPod touch 64GB (4th

  • OllyW
    Mar 29, 12:57 PM
    by 2015, wp7 doesn't exist.

    You're probably right, wp8 is scheduled for late 2012. :D

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  • zwida
    Sep 4, 08:44 PM
    An iPod update is way overdue. It's been almost a year since the last major iPod update.

    I think it's reasonable to say that an iPod update is due. It's hard to argue that an iPod update is "way overdue." Apple times this stuff deliberately, and even if we'd all like flashy new kit every three months, I think they've got the update cycle just about perfect.

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  • firewood
    Mar 29, 12:22 PM
    It's actually a trap for Nokia. Nokia gets a substantial portion of its market share from selling low priced phones. People who buy cheap phones don't have as much money to buy apps. App developers who want to make money will develop apps for people with money who buy the more expensive (higher profit margin) smartphones. Then customers who want a rich app environment won't buy the cheap phones because they won't have as many new cool apps. They'll buy iPhones. It's a viscous circle. Apple doesn't need market share to keep printing money (and investing it in R&D and marketing for new cool products).

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  • jwdsail
    Apr 14, 06:19 PM
    USB must DIE! Die die die!!! Kill it! Kill it dead! DEAD!!!!!

    Not that I'm bitter about slow as molasses in MN in January transfer speeds or anything...

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  • Apple Ipod Touch 8 GB / 32 GB

  • DJMastaWes
    Jul 20, 01:52 PM
    If they are holding back untill later this year after WWDC and such, taht leaves room for a new update. MacBook Pro or iMac maybe?

    ipod touch 4th generation 64gb. apple ipod touch 4th
  • apple ipod touch 4th

  • israelagm
    Mar 30, 01:24 PM
    XP shows them with the same names, but it's irrelevant to the discussion at hand. There is no "App Store" in the screenshot.

    Shows what with the same names?

    And I think it is relevant to the entire discussion. IF they have never used 'applications' in a 'general' or specific way on any type of their OSs then why pick a fight over Apple's use of AppStore, who have been using the term 'Applications' in their OSs and in their ecosystem and brand recognition lingo.

    And your right, you don't see an 'App Store' in this screenshot or on any Windows OS or mobile OS.

    EDIT: NVM! as noted by logandzwon "Anything ending in .exe will have the same description." Which makes my argument weak and mute.

    ipod touch 4th generation 64gb. Apple IPod Touch 64 GB 4th
  • Apple IPod Touch 64 GB 4th

  • mac-er
    Oct 12, 07:56 PM

    Is that Omarosa helping Oprah and Bono?

    Sep 16, 08:57 AM
    * Firmware of iPod nano just means nano's iTunes and iTunes for ROKR are likely built from the same codebase. Remember neither are based on the Portalplayer software, and Apple isn't going to reinvent the wheel. "iTunes Phone Driver" refers to the ROKR driver, and Apple's website specifically says that's what it's for. Uploading of pictures and other features in the latest iTunes Phone Driver may simply point to updates in iTunes for Phones, or even making the code more generic. All of these pieces of evidence have logical explanations that, on occasion, contradict the notion they're part of some roll-out of an iPhone. The only evidence we have for an iPhone is actually that people like Arn are convinced that their sources are reliable. Ok, I believe you Arn. But you'll forgive me for not believing the story makes any sense.

    I agree with you and what you said about the Firmware in my opinioin is just that, refering to the ROKR... in fact when I updated an old machine it actaully said that as the description in the software update.

    And if Apple does make a phone then great! Our market here in the US sucks for phones and phone services. I had a friend visit from China and she had this amazing motorola... all touch screen, did her email, web, everything on it.. when she charged something she got an auto email saying you just charged something, it was amazing.

    I think if anything needs to change here in the US to make phones any better it is our service plans, not adding in cameras and iTunes abilities... those are just gimmicks to make you think you have a better service. I think apple could make a better phone but it would be limited to what our US service plans can offer.

    Aug 31, 05:52 PM
    lol... September 12th is a Tuesday worldwide :p

    Ok..You got me..
    What I meant was Tuesday was Sept. 12th in Cupertino..NOT monday as the poster said.;)

    Machead III
    Sep 4, 04:03 AM
    Oh man, this just get's more and more confusing.

    Now The Register are claiming there'll be Merom's not only in the MacBook Pro, but in the MacBook too in September.


    I wish Apple'd tell us when we'll see them at least, on the 12th, but that's not going to happen :(

    Sep 12, 03:48 PM
    sorry about digressing but what da heck happened to education pricing for iPods?

    Mar 22, 08:14 PM
    Why? Thunderbolt is essentially an external PCI-E port.

    And a 4 Link one at that compared to the Expresscard slot which is only 1 link PCIe or a USB2 port.

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