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Saturday, August 28, 2010


02.45 9/3/11Barcelonavs
02.45 9/3/11Shakhtarvs
As Roma
02.45 10/3/11Tottenham
02.45 10/3/11Schalkevs
02.45 16/3/11Man.United
02.45 16/3/11Bayern Munchenvs
Inter Milan
02.45 17/3/11Chelsea
02.45 17/3/11Real Madridvs

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Premier League 2010/2011
Chelsea Vs West Brom
Wigan A Vs ChelseaChelsea Vs Stoke City
Westham Vs Chelsea
Zilina Vs Chelsea
Chelsea Vs Blackpool
Chelsea Vs Newcastle
M.City Vs Chelsea
Chelsea Va Mersaille
Chelsea Vs Arsenal
Aston Villa Vs Chelsea
Spartak Vs Chelsea
Chelsea Vs Wolves
Blackburn Vs Chelsea
Chelsea Vs Spartak
Liverpool Vs Chelsea
Fulham Vs Chelsea
Chelsea Vs Sunderland
Birmingham Vs Chelsea
Chelsea Vs Zilina
Newcastle Vs Chelsea
Chelsea Vs Everton
Marsaille Vs Chelsea
Tottenham Vs Chelsea

Blue : Primier League
Red : Carling Cup
Green : Champion League

Chelsea (6) Vs West Brom (0)

C.F. Pachuca fantasy kits

Full name: Club de Fútbol Pachuca
City: Pachuca
League: La Primera División (Mexico)
Stadium: Estadio Hidalgo
Fouded: 1901
Shirt sponsor: Gamesa, Ado, Iusacell, Office Depot, Marti, Pepsi, Banorte
Kit manufacturer: Nike

Another request is for a tem from Mexico, Club de Fútbol Pachuca. The home kit is blue and white, shirt with stripes on the body and a white band on the shoulders and sleeves. The shorts and socks are white with blue features.
The away kit is orange and black, same template as the home one, the only difference is that the back of the shirt has no black stripes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Chelsea vs Stoke City

English Premier League

Sabtu, 28 Agst 2010 , 21:00 wib
Stoke City

EPL25 Apr 2010Chelsea 7 - Stoke City 0
EPL7 Mar 2010Chelsea 2 - Stoke City 0
EPL13 Sep 2009Stoke City 1 - Chelsea 2
EPL18 Jan 2009Chelsea 2 - Stoke City 1
EPL27 Sep 2008Stoke City 0 - Chelsea 2

Lima Pertandingan Terakhir

EPL21 Agu 2010Wigan Athletic 0 - Chelsea 6
EPL14 Agu 2010Chelsea 6 - West Bromwich 0
comm8 Agu 2010Chelsea 1 - Manchester United 3
4 Agu 2010Hamburg 2 - Chelsea 1
ujic1 Agu 2010Eintracht Frankfurt 2 - Chelsea 1

EPL21 Agu 2010Stoke City 1 - Tottenham 2
EPL14 Agu 2010Wolves 2 - Stoke City 1
EPL9 Mei 2010Manchester United 4 - Stoke City 0
6 Mei 2010Fulham 0 - Stoke City 1
EPL1 Mei 2010Stoke City 0 - Everton 0

Real Betis Seville fantasy kits

Full name: Real Betis Balompié S.A.D.
City: Seville
League: Segunda División
Stadium: Manuel Ruiz de Lopera
Fouded: 1907
Shirt sponsor: Andalucia (fantasy)
Kit manufacturer: Kappa (fantasy)

I know that Real Betis are no longer playing in Kappa kits for the second season, but in my oppinion the Kappa style suited very well this club for many years. Therefore I used the design made for Borussia Dortmund. Also the sponsor is not present on their shirts. The home kit is green and white striped shirt, white shorts and green and white socks.
The away kit is all green (two shades of green) same design as the home one.
The third kit has blue shirt with white sleeves and black round neck and trims. Also the shorts are black, and the socks are blue and white with black turnovers.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Borussia Dortmund fantasy kits

Full name: Ballspiel-Verein Borussia Dortmund
City: Dortmund
League: Bundesliga
Stadium: Signal Iduna Park
Fouded: 1909
Shirt sponsor: EVONIK
Kit manufacturer: Kappa

This is a design for a competition on DesignFootball.com. The second for me, this time in the new presentation. The design is asymmetric, one black sleev and one yellow as the shirt. On the short also are different colour panels.
The away kit is similar to the home one in gray and black colours.
The third kit is darker shade of red and white with black round neck and trims.

Season over for Miami FC? Time to work on the Strikers!

Things haven't gone well for Miami FC this season. A late start (As seems to be the norm for this club) was eclipsed by a few important signings such as former MLS players Christian Gomez, Abe Thompson, Chris Gbandi, Mike Randolph, just to name a few. The problem is that despite an interesting line up of players the Blues never seemed to find their groove. Perhaps it was the coaching? Maybe the late start of the preseason? What we do know is that Miami FC's current season is pretty much over. It's time to think about next season and get things ready NOW!

As most of us know Miami FC will become the Strikers next season and with that there is a responsibility to the legacy that is the Strikers name and it's history. A team that according to everyone's favorite soccer historian Robert Scorca, never failed to make the playoffs. With that in mind things need to be done right from the start.

Traffic Sports, Miami FC's owners will have to do their homework and not make mistakes as they have throughout their short history with Miami FC. Take this weekends game at Rochester, for more on the game go HERE. The Rhino's had a throw back game which saw the home team sport the old NASL Lancers KIT with Miami FC wearing a Strikers T-Shirt... because that's what it looked like, an ugly put together at the last moment, T-shirt. Just check out the picture taken from the Miami FC site.

Time to bring back the old Strikers look, not that T-shirt abomination we saw Saturday. Traffic also needs to bring out the Strikers brand during the few games that are left to get people ready to what is coming next season. Time to look at how they will advertise. They should go after a radio station, hell, go after a local TV station. In essence Traffic needs to go all out on this one. It's still going to be difficult to sell Division 2 soccer but there is still much passion and respect from those that remember NASL's Ft Lauderdale Strikers. Give us a good product from day one and people will be interested in this team.

Rumors have been going around that Traffic might be looking at taking the Strikers to MLS. It was even mentioned by Jeff Rusnack in the Sun Sentinel. If that is the case then it would be a good idea if Traffic announces those intentions. Why not? It would make many of those "Elitest Soccer snobs" who only support their teams from back home consider going to games to support a team that is bound for MLS. Look what it did for attendance at cities like Toronto who with the Lynx had low attendance, yet with Toronto FC things changed and look at attendance now. Same thing with the Sounders and MLS bound Portland.
With MLS's new 3 Designated player rule an MLS South Florida team could potentially be successful. If you think about it, what player would not want to come to Miami? A player like Ronaldinho alone could fill Lockhart. Give us 3 of that caliber and we might need a bigger stadium.

What it comes down to is that Traffic has the golden opportunity to make something happen with the new Strikers. Time to take the experiences learned with Miami FC and implement them to make this club a success. We can only hope that Traffic will learn from their mistakes and not give us another night with an ugly T-shirt and a hurried product.

***UPDATE 8/23/10 at 3:02 pm***

We learned that Miami FC had nothing to do with the Strikers jerseys worn in Rochester this weekend. It was, after all, a Rochester event organized by that organization.
So, for all those fans that screamed bloody murder, do not panic! Those were not the new jerseys.