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Thursday, December 31, 2009

USL and NASL release statements over USSF decision

Both Leagues have released statements over the United States Soccer Federations decision to not sanction either as the 2nd division of U.S. Soccer.

NASL released a statement via the Miami FC site:
NASL respects the Federation's decision and its suggested course of action for obtaining sanctioning in 2010. NASL will continue during the next seven days to work in good faith towards an interim solution with United Soccer Leagues.
To read more go HERE

USL's statement was much longer:
In support of USSF’s efforts to find a resolution for the upcoming season at its Division II Men’s Professional League level, USL very recently agreed to one of the proposals made by USSF requiring USL-1 and the contemplated North American Soccer League (NASL) to come together for 2010. USL remains willing to proceed with this USSF-proposed scenario in order to enable the 2010 season over the course of the next several days.
Meanwhile, USL will continue to move ahead with its preparations for the 2010 USL-1 season in the appropriate membership category.
Read more HERE

According to the Democrat & Chronicle Rhino's owner Rob Clark said the following:
I think we’re forced into a compromise and I don’t think a compromise was necessary. This is not the American way. (The U.S. Soccer Federation) inhibiting people’s ability to do business. We will have second-division soccer in America in 2010. Unfortunately, the governing body of the sport isn’t doing its part to aid that. We’re going forward with our (NASL) meetings next week in Miami and we’ll try to do what’s best for soccer in North America.
A Source in Miami confirms a meeting will take place with all NASL members next week. We will keep you updated.

The good thing is that according to the statements released it seems both parties are willing to talk and that is a good thing, but its going to be difficult for both to agree and compromise.

My solution would be for NASL to buy USL-1 (or the whole of USL) from Nurock. Agree to keep the current management for one year and then re-brand etc, etc, etc next year. I think this is what the USSF should have done. But its difficult today to tell the difference between MLS and the USSF. Kartik Krishnayer has some interesting opinions on this subject over at the Kartik Report. While Captain Positive asks: Is USL worth saving?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

USSF doesn't approve any 2nd Division League! What a cop-out!

Yup, the United States Soccer Federation didn't approve any league as a U.S. 2nd Division league.
The Professional League Task Force, which determined that neither organization on its own was able to provide a viable and sustainable operation during the upcoming season. Both organizations were unable to meet U.S. Soccer’s requirement of a minimum of eight viable teams for 2010.

Read more over at Inside Minnesota Soccer

Yes folks I see it as the biggest cop-out in U.S. Soccer history! So basically both leagues need to come out with a compromise this year since the USSF thinks there is not enough time or teams on either side to make a viable league.

U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati said:
In the best interest of soccer in the United States, we decided to not sanction either league at this point. However, we did encourage both leagues to come together in the next week and attempt to develop another plan which would allow a single league to be approved on a provisional basis. We are committed to finding ways to improve the long-term viability of all leagues and teams and continue the growth of soccer in the United States

More at U.S. Soccer

If the USSF thinks both leagues didn't have enough time to make things work on their own in time for the 2010 season... What makes them think this will happen if both leagues unite? Come on! Even if they do come out with a compromise this will take time and both sides don't like each other. So the way I see it they are forcing teams back into USL or into a non-sanctioned league which to me is the better option.
I'm very disappointed with this half ass ruling! I don't see this as being beneficial for U.S. Soccer at all!

Other links:
The Kartik Report
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Democrat & Chronicle reports Rhino's owner Rob Clark saying:
I think we’re forced into a compromise and I don’t think a compromise was necessary. This is not the American way. (The U.s. Soccer Federation) inhibiting people’s ability to do business. We will have second-division soccer in America in 2010. Unfortunately, the governing body of the sport isn’t doing its part to aid that. We’re going forward with our (NASL) meetings next week in Miami and we’ll try to do what’s best for soccer in North America.
Source in Miami confirms meeting will take place. We will keep you updated.

Goal.com's Andrea Canales gives us an accurate take on the situation:
Instead of taking a chance on something new and different, the U.S. Soccer Federation is making sure the established order returns.
She continues and describes the USSF/MLS stand that ensures NASL will never become a direct competitor. Read more HERE

Now the Miami New Times says Miami FC might not play next year!
Not that anyone really pays attention, but Miami FC has been playing in the United Soccer League since the team's founding in 2006.
More HERE Hmmmm, I wonder where they got that info?

Check out the SPA Special Podcast with Kartik and Richard Farley . They speak about this whole Mess GO HERE

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

West Ham United F. C. fantasy kits

Full name: West Ham United Football Club
City: London
League: Premier League
Stadium: Boleyn Ground (Upton Park)
Fouded: 1895
Shirt sponsor: SBOBET.com
Kit manufacturer: umbro

Based on the same template as for Rangers, this is another remake.
The same changes as on the Rangers kit, details added and improved design for West Ham United. The colours are something between claret and burgundy in combination with a bit darker shade of sky blue.
A second version of the home kit with claret short and socks.
The away kit is an opposite version of the home one, white shirt, claret short and socks.An all white away kit used against Liverpool or other teams with all red or claret kits.
The third kit is sky blue and dark blue, with claret features all over. This kit is suitable for away game vs Manchester United.

Monday, December 28, 2009

What is Miami FC's NASL Plan?

By Robert Scorca
Even though I am a very big fan of Miami FC, I am often puzzled by the way they do business. When it comes to the way they are towards the fans and the Miami Ultras they have been great. They have always made me feel special and appreciated. I have not heard any complaints in this area.
When it comes to signing players it is a different story. I have heard more complaints about this than anything else. I am in agreement with this as Miami FC has a wait and let's see policy. Yes, there was a season when we did not know if we were going to field a team but what about the other seasons? With the break away and the formation of the NASL there is no excuse. The new league is what Miami FC has wanted so why has nothing been done? All the clubs are in the same boat with the formation of the new league, sponsors, etcetera, yet others have found time to re-sign or add to their roster.
I decided to look up two of the more successful clubs, the Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps to see how they do business. Some of these decisions were made before the breakaway but many have occurred after. I have used the team sites plus the team news for my information as I feel this would be the most reliable.

Montreal Impact
One thing I notice about the Impact is they prefer signing players for two years. I believe they do this so players can concentrate more with on field issues then worrying about next year. Here is the info I located about them. It includes the date when it was reported, player or coaches name, when their contract expires (without options) and duration of contract. All re-signed players do not have prior club listed. Reported dates are 2009 unless noted.
Dec.18, 2008, Matt Jordan 2010 two years
Jan.18, Patrick Leduc 2010 two years
Feb.18, Peter Byers 2010 two years
Feb. 27, Maynard Pierre-Rudolph 2010 two years
July 28, Hircham Aaboubou 2011 two years
Nov 13 Marc Dos Santos ( Head Coach) 2011 two years
Nov. 24 Gil Orriols Jansana (Assistant Coach) 2010 one year
Nov. 26 Rocco Placentino 2011 two years
Nov. 26 Adam Braz 2011 two years
Nov. 30 David Testo 2011 two years

Vancouver Whitecaps
Here is the info I located for the Whitecaps. It includes date reported, players name, year contract expires, duration of contract, and prior club (if not re-signed). All contracts expire 2010. I believe this is because the team will be moving up to the MLS in 2011.
Jan. 21 Ansu Toure 2010 two years (Miami FC)
Feb. 11 Wes Knight 2010 two years
Oct. 22 Martin Nash 2010
Nov 3 Takashi Hirano 2010
Nov. 3 Justin Moose 2010
Nov. 3 Nizar Khalfan 2010
Nov. 12 Chris Williams 2010 (Charleston Battery)
Nov 18 Ricardo Sanchez 2010 (Minnesota Thunder)
Nov . 30 Teitur Thordarson (Head Coach) 2010
Dec. 1 Jay Nolly 2010
Dec. 2 Zourab "Zee" Tsiskaridze 2010 (Miami FC)
Dec. 23 Jonathan "Jonny" Steele 2010 (Puerto Rico Islanders)
Dec. 23 Greg Janiciki 2010 (D.C. United)
Vancouver also held an off season training program for November 2nd thru December 4th.

Don't get me wrong, this piece is not meant to slam Miami FC. I bleed BLUE, it is my team and Miami FC is very much a part of my life. I, along with all the Miami Ultras want this team to succeed but wonder how they hope to do this by not pursuing available players or signing important pieces from prior years.

Rangers F. C. fantasy kits

Full name: Rangers Football Club
City: Glasgow
League: Scottish Premier League
Stadium: Ibrox Stadium
Fouded: 1873
Shirt sponsor: CARLING
Kit manufacturer: umbro

Another remake for the Rangers kit, redesigned and improved.
The basic design is the same as the old one, with little details added, the Scotish flag on the back, the name also. The colours are traditional for Rangers, blue shirt, white short and black socks.
An often used version of the home kit, especially in European games, has blue short and blue socks.
For the away kit I used the colour scheme of the real kit for this year, red shirt with blue short and socks.
The same for the third kit, wich is all white with red details.
A version of the third kit with blue short, suitable against Heart of Midlothian.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Soccer Cat Videos by Burrito

Hola Amigos!
Today Burrito Bring you Soccer cats. Ok, Burrito as most of you know is one mean dawg so he no like them pinches gatos too much. When Burrito see them he try to bite them, eat them, pee on them and even hump them sometimes... Burrito figures "ehhh, why not?"

But when it comes to futbol Burrito forgive them for being so estupids. Here are videos of some gatos playing Futbol!

Here video where they ask you to Neuter them gatos! Chop chop gatitos!

Here Stupid Cat watch Soccer game

Goalie Cat

Goalie Cat #2 (Lazy version)

And Finally! Gatos vs Perros! Vamos Doggies!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

USL-1 in Review, a look back at the history and today

UPDATE 12/24/09 2:22 AM :
A phone message from Robert Scorca indicated interesting happenings over at the USL website. It turns out they updated the USL Teams page and excluded the Tampa Bay Rowdies and FC New York. Furthermore, we still see The Cleveland City Stars and the Wilmington Hammerheads (under USL-2) even though these teams folded. Clearly, it is last years team line ups but what happened to the expansion teams? There is also no information concerning the Ft Lauderdale Shulz Academy PDL team... Things that make you go hmmmm.

I had a discussion with Robert Scorca the other day about the history of USL-1. Robert, for those that don't know him, is South Florida's own Soccer guru. He has seen many South Florida Soccer teams come and go. Starting with the Miami Gatos, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the Miami Fusion and now Miami FC. Robert has Soccer paraphernalia that is older then I am! So when you talk to him he pretty much knows what he is talking about.

My questions to him were about what he thinks of this whole USL vs NASL mumbo jumbo? Was he for one side or the other? Robert preferred a solution that would allow the USL-1 and NASL to both coexist. As most of the NASL clubs are on the east coast he feels the USL could have a western league. Maybe both leagues could have an East-West Championship Game. This solution would cut down on travel expenses which has always been a concern of the USL. He feels this solution would be best for the sport.

He pointed out the many virtues of USL and it's long history but he also pointed out the failure in vision as they let MLS become the First Division of United States Soccer instead of taking the reigns of such a project which would have led to a real Soccer league with a definite pyramid much like that of leagues all over the world. He feels that although relegation and promotion is a great idea it would not work. If soccer was the number one sport in America then it might have a chance, but the additional cost can not be absorbed by clubs or leagues today. To be promoted (a reward) would cost teams a fortune. Teams who paid to become a MLS club would most likely fold before moving down to the second division.

Robert continued:
I went over the last 10 years of the USL-1. Ten years ago (2000) there were 25 teams and it was called the A-League. Now there are only 4 teams left. 36 teams came and went with Seattle moving up to the MLS. Seven more joined the NASL. The remaining 25 were not so lucky as they either folded or moved down to USL-2 or the PDL.
In 1998, the A-League consisted of 28 teams. By 2006, only 12 remained in the USL First Division. For the most part, the teams that left dropped down to lower classifications, such as the USL Second Division and Premier Development League. These teams generally dropped down to rid themselves of the high costs of travel and player payrolls.
Here is a list of former teams come and gone:
* Atlanta Silverbacks (1997-2008) (now in the NASL)
* Boston Bulldogs (1997-2000, as Worcester Wildfire in 1997-98)
* Calgary Mustangs (2002-04, as Calgary Storm in 2002-03)
* California Jaguars (1997-98)
* California Victory (2007)
* Carolina Dynamo (1997) (now in the PDL)
* Charleston Battery (1993-2009) (Now in the USL-2)
* Charlotte Eagles (2001-03) (Now in the USL-2)
* Cincinnati Riverhawks (1998-2003)
* Cleveland City Stars (2009)
* Connecticut Wolves (1997-2001)
* Edmonton Aviators (2004, as Edmonton F.C. at the end of the season)
* El Paso Patriots (1997-2003) (now in the PDL)
* Hershey Wildcats (1997-2001)
* Indiana Blast (1999-2003)
* Jacksonville Cyclones (1997-99, as Tampa Bay Cyclones in 1995-1996)
* Lehigh Valley Steam (1999)
* Long Island Rough Riders (1997-2001) (now in the PDL)
* Maryland Mania (1999)
* Milwaukee Rampage (1997-2002)
* Milwaukee Wave United (2003-04)
* MLS Project 40 (1998-2000)
* Nashville Metros (1997-2001, as Tennessee Rhythm in 1999-2000) (now in the PDL)
* New Orleans Storm (1997-99, as New Orleans Riverboat Gamblers in 1997)
* Orange County Waves (1997-2000, as Orange County Zodiac in 1997-99. Now play in the PDL as Orange County Blue Star)
* Orlando Sundogs (1997)
* Pittsburgh Riverhounds (1999-2003) (Now in the USL-2)
* Raleigh Express (1997-2000, as Raleigh Flyers in 1997-98)
* Richmond Kickers (1997-2005) (Now in the USL-2)
* Sacramento Geckos (1998-99, as Albuquerque Geckos in 1998)
* San Diego Flash (1997-2001, as Colorado Foxes in 1997)
* San Francisco Bay Seals (1998-2000, as Bay Area Seals in 2000)
* Seattle Sounders (1997-2008) (now in MLS as the Seattle Sounders FC)
* Staten Island Vipers (1998-99)
* Syracuse Salty Dogs (2003-04)
* Toronto Lynx (1997-2006) (now in the PDL)
* Virginia Beach Mariners (1998-2000, 2002-2006, as Hampton Roads Mariners 1998-2000, 2002)

Now only 4 teams remain in USL-1
Austin Aztex · F.C. New York · Portland Timbers · Puerto Rico Islanders

A little history... The old American Professional Soccer League (APSL) became the A-League in 1995. The A-League played in 1995 and 1996. After the 1996 season the Rochester Raging Rhinos, Vancouver 86ers, Montreal Impact, Colorado Foxes, Seattle Sounders, Atlanta Ruckus, and 2 expansion teams set to play that year ( Toronto Lynx and Hershey Wildcats) are absorbed by the United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues (USISL) after the A-League folds.
At this point the USISL Select League (Division3) from 1996 becomes the USISL A-League (Division 2) in 1997. The USISL A-League carries this name for 1997 and 1998. In 1999 the name is changed to the United Soccer League (USL) A-League (Division 2). In 2005 the league changes its name to the United Soccer League Division 1 (USA Division 2).

Today there is some speculation that several USL-1/NASL clubs are waiting for the top-tier Major League Soccer to expand, in hopes that they will be given the opportunity to move up. For now we wait for the final word from the United States Soccer Federation to see if they approve the North American Soccer League. If approved this could be a blow to the United Soccer Leagues USL-1. But the fact that so many teams have come and gone is a sign that USL-1 does not have the right soccer model.

For more Soccer history check out Robert's History of South Florida Soccer at MiamiSoccerFan.com

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas! Crăciun Fericit ! Srečan Božić! Boldog Karácsonyt!

This is a design requested by my little daughter :) who still believes in Santa. There are four Santas, in four languages, Serbian and Hungarian from my nationality, Roumanian from my natal country and English because its the language in wich I write this blog. At first I prepared a lot of Santas in many languages, but there were too many, and then I limited to this four posted here. Do not judge the design to harsh, for me is very important the message for all my friends and visitors, so Merry Cristmas!

Srečan Božić!
Boldog Karácsonyt!
Crăciun Fericit!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Facts and figures of the group stage

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

FC Girondins de Bordeaux proved the most successful side during the group stage while Cristiano Ronaldo topped the scoring chart, as uefa.com looks over the key facts and figures from the UEFA Champions League so far.

Most points: 16 Bordeaux
The French champions' record of five wins and a draw has been matched 12 times before, most recently by eventual champions Manchester United FC in 2007/08. Four teams have finished with six wins out of six: Barcelona (2002/03), Spartak Moskva (1995/96), Paris Saint-Germain FC (1994/95) and Milan (1992/93), the only club in that quartet to reach the final in that season.

Fewest points: 0
Maccabi Haifa FC and Debreceni VSC
Haifa and Debrecen became the ninth and tenth teams to finish a UEFA Champions League group stage without a point. The other eight were: FC Dynamo Kyiv (2007/08), PFC Levski Sofia (2006/07), SK Rapid Wien (2005/06), RSC Anderlecht (2004/05), Bayer 04 Leverkusen (2002/03, second group stage), FC Spartak Moskva (2002/03), Fenerbahçe SK (2001/02), 1. FC Košice (1997/98).

Most goals conceded: 19 Debrecen
The Hungarian champions' tally was the joint-worst defensive record in the competition's history. Debrecen join Dynamo Kyiv (2007/08) and Ferencvárosi TC (1995/96) in holding such a dubious honour.

Fewest goals conceded: 2 FC Girondins de Bordeaux

Most goals scored: 15

Highest scorer: 6 Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid)

Most assists: 4 Luis Fabiano (Sevilla FC), Tomáš Necid (PFC CSKA Moskva) Juan Vargas (Fiorentina) Wendel (Bordeaux)

Caught offside most times:
14 Filippo Inzaghi (Milan)

Most fouled: 29 Diego (Juventus)

Most shots: 31 Diego Forlán (Club Atlético de Madrid)
Forlán had the most shots on target (16) and off target (15).

Most possession: 69 per cent Barcelona
The holders enjoyed 69 per cent of possession on average in their six group games, with eliminated Liverpool second on 59 per cent. Of the 16 teams which qualified for the knockout phase, Group E winners Fiorentina enjoyed the least possession with 46 per cent (though only Madrid scored more than their 14 goals and only Bordeaux collected more than their 15 points).

Winning streaks: 5 Fiorentina and Bordeaux
Neither side has dropped a point since Matchday 1.

Number crunching

Sinan Bolat became the first goalkeeper to score from open play in the UEFA Champions League group stage when he headed in R. Standard de Liège's dramatic added-time equaliser against AZ Alkmaar on Matchday 6 to earn his side a UEFA Europa League place. The night before, Hans-Jörg Butt scored his third UEFA Champions League goal from the penalty spot in FC Bayern München's 4-1 win over Juventus. It was the first time two goalkeepers had scored on one matchday in the competition.

2 Hat-tricks scored: Michael Owen (Manchester United FC v VfL Wolfsburg), Grafite (Wolfsburg v CSKA Moskva).

2.48 Average goals per game in the group stage. A total of 238 goals were struck in the 96 matches played, down from 2.57 last season.

3 Yellows cards awarded to Liverpool. The fewest in the group stage. The Reds did not have any players sent off.

4 Teams that came through the qualifying process and reached the first knockout round: Arsenal FC, Olympique Lyonnais, VfB Stuttgart and the only team remaining from the third qualifying round, Olympiacos FC.

4 Olympiacos scored the least number of goals of a side through to the last 16 (four) since Villarreal CF needed just three to top Group D in 2005/06.

5 Following Owen's hat-trick, Manchester United have now equalled Barcelona's record as the team to have scored the most hat-tricks in the UEFA Champions League with five.

7 Seven of the top eight seeds advanced with Liverpool, ranked third, the exception. The eight top-seeded sides were Barcelona, Chelsea FC, Liverpool, Manchester United, Milan, Arsenal, Sevilla and Bayern.

8 Nations represented in the first knockout round: England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Spain.

11 Manchester United and Barcelona have now won their groups on more occasions than any other side. Real Madrid moved level with Milan on ten after finishing ahead of the Rossoneri in Group C.

13 Madrid have reached the knockout phase for the 13th successive season, the longest run of any side. Arsenal, Chelsea and Lyon are through for the seventh successive campaigns, while Barcelona and FC Internazionale Milano are appearing for the sixth straight year.

45 Average minutes per goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in the group stage. Despite starting just three games, the Real Madrid player scored six times in the 270 minutes he was on the pitch.

51 More goals were scored in the final quarter of an hour (76th-90th minutes) than at any other point during the group stage. The next highest tranche was between minute 61 and 75, when 36 goals were scored.

66 Raúl González tops the all-time UEFA Champions League scoring chart (group stage to final only) with 66 goals after scoring twice in the group stage. He also holds the appearance record with 129 matches.

100 Dynamo Kyiv striker Andriy Shevchenko entered the prestigious 100 club against Barcelona on Matchday 6, racking up a century of appearances in the UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas will join the club with his next appearance.

©uefa.com 1998-2009. All rights reserved.

Pele and Garrincha, Gods of Brazilian Football

I ran across this BBC documentary about Pele and Garrincha put together in 2002. The film starts off in the 1950's, as Brazil lost in the Maracana versus Uruguay. It follows the careers and lives of Brazilian football stars Pele and Garrincha.
When they played on the same team, they never lost a game but by themselves their lives and careers took diffrent paths.

Pele and Garrincha are both footballing legends in Brazil. The film uses archive footage and details the story of these two men and explains how one became the World's Greatest Soccer player and the other died a broken alcoholic at the age of 49.

See the video below or HERE I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mexico World Cup 2010 fantasy kits (update)

I made a correction on the burgundy kit for Mexico. This colour combination was used some years ago, as I saw in some pictures.
Also the black kit for Mexico, as was requested from a lot of people.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Great Gol and Video by Burrito

Today Burrito bring you videos!

Here is a golazo scored by catracho Maynor Figueroa! In case you carnales didn't see this over the weekend check it out!

Now Burrito bring you video of guy with mucho ability!
WARNING: Kids do not try at home! This vato is a professional!

Greece World Cup 2010 fantasy kits

Name: Greece
Federation: Hellenic Football Federation
Confederation: UEFA (Europe)
Founded: 1926
Kit manufacturer: adidas

After a break, continuu with World Cup teams. The next one is Greece, whose design was inspired by Mr. Dynamite's suggestion. At first I wanted to do a design based on the greek flag, but the use of the greek key seemed to be better. The home kit is all white with the greek key feature on the stripes and as a watermark on the shirt.
As there are many national teams, whose flag ar three coloured, and plays in dark-white-dark combination, this second version will probabely often used by the greeks.
Used as the first kit in the past, the all blue kit is here the second choise (away kit). This one is opposite to the home kit.
A version of the away kit for games against Germany, England.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Interview with Zourab "Zee" Tsiskaridze‏

We recently found out that Zourab Tsiskaridze, better known to Miami FC fans as "Zee", was signed by the Vancouver Whitecaps. Here is a recap of his career. Taken from the Whitecaps site:
Zourab Tsiskaridze aka "Zee", 23, played with Miami FC Blues in 18 USL-1 matches. He is 6-ft, 185-pounds and a left-sided player who scored one goal and added one assist in 836 minutes of action. His only goal came during Miami's 3-2 defeat to the Whitecaps at Swangard Stadium on June 12, 2009.

Prior to joining the Blues, Zourab spent 18 months with the reserve and first team of FC Sète 34, who play in France’s third division.

In 2004, Tsiskaridze began his professional career in Brazil with the U-20 side of Associação Atlética Internacional - a club based in Limeira, São Paulo. He then played the first six months of 2005 with the U-20 side of Grêmio Recreativo Barueri, who are based in Barueri, São Paulo.

A native of Tbilisi, Georgia, Tsiskaridze first moved to Poland in 1990 before moving to the United States in the spring of 2001. It was in the U.S. that he quickly became a standout soccer player at McLean High School in McLean, Virginia.
Our good friend Robert Scorca asked "Zee" a few questions and here is his response :

Robert Scorca (RS): You came for an open tryout with Miami FC. How many players participated? How many signed on with Miami FC?

Zourab Tsiskaridze (Zee): There were 128 players trying out, 4 players were invited back to train with the team, I was the only one who signed.

RS: After the tryout was over did you feel good about your chances to make the team?

: Yes of course, I talked to (Coach) Zinho and he was very pleased with my performance and he liked me a lot, so I felt that I had a good chance of signing.

RS: What was it like during your first days here in Miami?

Zee : I was getting to know the city a little bit and it was chaotic in the beginning because I was looking for an apartment with Facundo Erpen and we were staying in Diego Serna's house for about 3 weeks until we found a place.

RS : What position did you play before joining Miami FC? I feel you were stuck as a defender with the injury to Facundo Erpen but did not feel comfortable there.

Zee : I played a left sided midfielder or a left sided forward all my life. At the beginning of my career I had played as left back also, but I learned the center back position in Miami thanks to Zinho. I'm glad I did because it made me a more versatile player even though I had trouble learning the position in the beginning.

RS : In your time here we saw your growth as a player. How much of this was because you were more comfortable when you were moved to an attacking roll?

Zee : I love creating, scoring goals or making assists, that's the way I always played. I adjusted to the system we played here in Miami and when I was moved back as an attacker I felt very comfortable.

RS : Do you have any superstitions before a game?

Zee : I like to talk to my dad the day before games, he gives me the best advise and he's my best fan and critic, without his support and advise I wouldn't be able to do what I love.

RS : Which player or coach do you feel was most helpful during your career?

Zee : Coach Greg Petrosian, is a great part of my becoming a complete player. He helped me develop my strength, power and speed. He was a strength and fitness coach in DC United for many years, He won 3 MLS championships with them and also was a Olympic gold medalist in long jump in the 80's. He still performs and he's a world champion in long jump in masters. I've been training with him for the past 6 years, he's a great teacher, great person and a great coach that influenced my professional career.

In my time in Miami I'm very thankful to Zinho for bringing me into the team and giving me the opportunity to perform. He gave me a lot of advise and I'll be always thankful and proud that I had him as a coach. My teammates were there for me too, I had a great relationship with everyone, I still talk to many of the guys, they helped me and I helped them in different situations, we had good chemistry.

RS : What are you going to miss most about your time here in Miami?

Zee: My teammates, the city and the beach, the great weather and of course you Robert:)

RS: Any idea what position Vancouver plans on playing you?

Zee : There are several positions that the coach wants me to learn and be ready to perform in if necessary, I'm waiting for the preseason to start to find out what my roles are.

RS: Any closing thoughts on your time here in Miami?

Zee : I think if Traffic invests more money into the team they'll be able to establish a core of players that will be there for a few seasons. Every team has that. Its a shame that so many good players came and went. The past few years the squad had changed every season making it difficult not only for the coach, but for the whole organization to be successful. I want to wish Miami FC the best of luck in NASL, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to play here last season.

The most important thing about last year is that I grew as a player and person. I'm very happy and glad to have meet so many great people in South Florida. If I had to say something that sums up the whole thing is that a soccer career is only for couple of years and it passes, but the friends you make along the way are forever. I want to thank ALL my friends including you Robert for the support now and for bringing happiness to my life.
Here is a video of Zee scoring on his new team!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Email Sunil Gulati to approve NASL! The Beautiful game at Art Basel Miami and more by Burrito

Burrito is tired of all this War of the Soccer Leagues between USL and NASL!

The latest comes from Burrito's compadre Kartik. It look like USL has sued teams for breach of contract!
Florida court documents filed on Tuesday indicate that the United Soccer Leagues have sued the Rochester Rhinos and two other clubs for breach of contract.

The Rhinos had allegedly committed contractually to play 2010 in USL’s First Division but instead opted to play in the yet to be sanctioned North American Soccer League. Also filed on Tuesday were lawsuits against prospective USL-1 clubs in Tampa Bay and (Crystal Palace) Baltimore who also have joined NASL after committing to the play 2010 in USL’s First Division.
Read more at the Kartik Report

Burrito believe USL is destroying the game with their arrogance. They never look to compromise, they no care about the game.
This is just a USL tactic to delay the creation of the NASL in hopes it will force the rest of the teams to join USL again! Pinches vatos!
It time for Soccer Fans to do something about it and write to Sunil Gulati to approve NASL for the sake of Futbol in the United States.

Email USSF Presidente Sunil Gulati at:

Tell him not to be a puppet of MLS and to do the right thing for the sport in America! Rejecting NASL would mean losing teams and fans! Do the right thing Approve NASL!

In other news Burrito attended Art Basel in Miami this past weekend and for you carnales who no liver here in South Florida, Art Basel is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. It is the sister event of Switzerland's Art Basel, the most prestigious art show in the world.

The Beautiful game was present in the art too as you can see in the pictures before Burrito was kicked out.

For more pictures and Art information go to Local Motion Miami. Stay tuned tomorrow for an Interview made by Burrito's amigos Robert Scorca and Uncle Ed to a player Miami FC fans will miss!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can Miami FC succeed in NASL?

With the creation of NASL things need to change for Miami FC. Fans don't want to hear any more excuses. If approved by the USSF then USL will be in the past and it's time for Traffic to take ownership of this baby!
I don't claim to be a Soccer expert, nor can I say I know how to run a soccer company such as Traffic or a Soccer Club like Miami FC. It's easy to sit outside and criticize, But I do run my own business and I know when things are being done half ass (Pardon the French).
Over at Miamisoccerfan.com Brian Corey wrote a piece called "Hopes and Fears for Miami Soccer Fans". In it Brian goes on to describe the ideal scenarios needed for the "Blues" to be successful in Southern Florida. Following I'll continue that discussion with a few points of my own. Here are a few things that I think need to be done:

-If they change the name it should be "Strikers" no city name needed. Focus on South Florida the region. People identify with the name and tradition. The rivalry with the Tampa Rowdies needs to be a focus. Time to organize the road trip! This one game needs to be a sellout in South Florida. I'm sure we can get a few hundred Rowdies fans down here.

- Play at either Lockhart or FIU Stadium, anything else is a step in the wrong direction. Landshark is too big. Tropical Park is too amateur looking. Signs are needed outside of the stadiums and on the main roads. Let people know you exist!

- Market the team as a major league team! If they do a half ass job like they did last year they will never get more then a few hundred people. They need billboards, advertising, sponsors on the jersey. Look at those people and companies supporting the World Cup bid. Those are the same people that need to be involved with this team. Get Local Celebrities on-board!

-Bring quality players. There needs to be at least one player that will be the face of the team at events and TV. Last year that player could have been Diego Serna but they didn't even use him to attract the Colombians, nor the one time Miami Fusion faithful.

-More exposure on TV, they got on Spanish Network Univision's Republic Deportiva a few times and thats great! If you can't get away games on TV then get them on the Internet like USL did (But better quality). Go Viral, improve the website, (sorry but it sucks). Use fan Blogs and sites to get the word out.
- Study the calendar, take advantage of festivals, events, fairs. Place booths at these events and use the Ultras, volunteers, interns to get the word out. This team is owned by a Brazilian company. Where are the Brazilians? Offer a season ticket package and organize a yearly Soccer tournament during the off season where The German club goes against the Brazilian Club and so on! This year go after the Social Clubs!

- Miami FC Blues Jerseys, shirts, hats and scarfs are hard to get. I've had people contact me on this site looking for jerseys which are hard to find. Create a site where products are available. It's not hard nor expensive. Look at the banner to the right with Miami Ultras gear, there is an example of how to do it!

- We don't know what the budget will be this year for the team, we hope its something substantial since they need to come out with a bang taking advantage of the new league. But as much as they need to market, they also need facilities for the players. I've heard nightmare story's from players that I wont repeat. If you want the players to perform then you need to give them the tools to succeed.

Finally, it's no secret South Florida fans are fickle, stuck up and bandwagon jumpers. Call us Soccer snobs but we want quality football. Give us a winning team and we will get some butts in the stadium. Everyone wants MLS, I hate to compare but back in 2001 with the Miami Fusion we averaged over 11,000. It took 4 years to get there and unfortunately they pre-maturely pulled the plug right when people started to care for the team. Miami FC has already been around for 4 years but many people still don't know they exist! Its time to change that.

If you have any more ideas leave a comment or send suggestions to Miami FC

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Match facts: Marseille v Real Madrid

cristiano ronaldo real madrid

UEFA milestones
• None

UEFA Champions League statistics
• Brandão has committed 18 fouls to date, more than any other player in the group stage.

• Gabriel Heinze, Brandão and Stéphane Mbia are all within a booking of a ban.

Latest domestic information
• Saturday 5 December: OGC Nice 1-3 Olympique de Marseille (Coulibaly 33; Niang 19, Lucho 77, Koné 86)
Mandanda; Bonnart (Kaboré 83), Heinze, Diawara, Taiwo; Abriel, Lucho, Cheyrou, Cissé (Valbuena 67); Niang (Koné 86), Brandão.

• Mamadou Niang's opener against Nice was his first gosl in Ligue 1 since 4 October.

• Marseille had not won by more than a one-goal margin in the league since 17 October, when they beat AS Nancy-Lorraine 3-0.

• Substitute Bakari Koné scored OM's third – against his former side – just 28 seconds after coming on as a substitute.

• On 28 November, Marseille suffered their third Ligue 1 reverse this season, going down 1-0 at RC Lens. Eduardo hit the home side's winner in added time after OM goalkeeper Steve Mandanda had earlier saved a Yohan Demont penalty.

• The defeat was the first time Didier Deschamps's men had failed to score away from home this season since losing 3-0 to Madrid on Matchday 2, 30 September.

• Marseille have not won at Lens in the league since 2002/03.

• Fernando Morientes made his fourth start in all competitions since joining OM against Les Sang et Or, with all four of those matches ending in defeat.

• Mandanda has played all 1,260 minutes of Marseille's championship campaign this season, while Niang has featured in every game.

• The eleventh round of the Ligue 1 season was postponed to give the French national team added preparation time for their successful FIFA World Cup play-off against the Republic of Ireland. Marseille's meeting with FC Lorient will now take place on 16 December.

• Marseille are yet to lose a game when Brandão has scored, winning on eleven occasions and drawing twice.

Injury news
• Cyril Rool – out since 13 October (knee)
• Julien Rodriguez – out 15 April to 30 September and since 9 October (ankle)
• Stéphane Mbia – out since 20 November (ankle)

• Fabrice Abriel was voted Player of the Month for November by Marseille fans, following two consecutive awards for Niang.

• On 26 November, the French Football Federation ruled that Marseille must play one match behind closed doors due to crowd disturbances during their 2-1 loss to AS Monaco FC on 4 October.

• On 28 November, the Stade Vélodrome played host to a rugby match between France and New Zealand, which the visitors won 39-12.

Real Madrid

UEFA milestones
• None

UEFA Champions League statistics
• Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer in the competition with four goals.

• Thanks to their 12 efforts overall, Madrid are joint top scorers in the group stage after five outings along with ACF Fiorentina and Arsenal FC.

• The Spanish side have also won more corners than any other club: 46.

• Madrid have collected 14 yellow cards so far, the highest total in the group stage along with FC Internazionale Milano.

• Marcelo and Lassana Diarra's next yellow cards will incur a suspension.

Latest domestic information
• Saturday 5 December: Real Madrid CF 4-2 UD Almería
(Sergio Ramos 31, Higuaín 73, Benzema 82, Ronaldo 84; Soriano 58, Uche 62)
Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Albiol, Arbeloa; Granero, Xabi Alonso (Drenthe 88), Van der Vaart (Benzema 62), Marcelo (M. Diarra 84); Ronaldo, Higuaín.

• Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty before scoring Madrid's fourth against Almería but was sent off in the 88th minute and will now miss the trip to Valencia CF on 13 December.

• With Lassana Diarra suspended and Kaká carrying a groin injury, Manuel Pellegrini gave midfield starts to Esteban Granero and Rafael van der Vaart against Almería. Ronaldo partnered Gonzalo Higuaín in attack for the second Liga game in a row.

• Madrid have won ten of their eleven contests at home in all competitions this season, with their only defeat at the Santiago Bernabéu coming at the hands of AC Milan on Matchday 3.

• Madrid slipped from top spot in Spain when they were handed their second Liga defeat of the campaign, losing 1-0 away against eternal rivals FC Barcelona in 'El Clásico' on 29 November.

• Zlatan Ibrahimović's second-half strike was enough to seal the 159th championship meeting between the two teams and send Barça to the summit.

• It was only the second time in 12 Liga games that Los Merengues had failed to register this term. The capital club had previously been shut out by Real Sporting de Gijón in a 0-0 draw on 24 October.

• The loss nonetheless left Madrid with the same points tally (28) that they boasted at the same stage of their most recent title-winning season, 2007/08. They had 29 points after 13 fixtures that year, two fewer than their current tally.

• Pellegrini's side have conceded eleven goals from their first 13 league fixtures, nine fewer than they had shipped at the same stage last season.

Injury news
• Cristiano Ronaldo – out from 10 October to 25 November (ankle)
• Lassana Diarra – out from 18-25 November (thigh)
• Raúl Albiol – out from 25-29 November (knee)
• Guti – out since 20 November (thigh)
• Ruud van Nistelrooy – out since 20 November (thigh)
• Christoph Metzelder – out since 26 November (hamstring)
• Kaká – out since 1 December (groin)

• Kaká aggravated a persistent groin injury in the lead-up to the Almería match. "He has been playing through the pain," commented Madrid sporting director Miguel Pardeza.

• On 4 December, Raúl González celebrated the birth of his fifth child and first daughter, María González Redondo.

• On 2 December, Guti celebrated his 14th year as a senior Madrid player. The midfielder debuted for the club in a home encounter against Sevilla FC on the same day in 1995.

• Ronaldo finished as runner-up to Barcelona's Lionel Messi in the running for the 2009 Ballon d'Or award, the result of which was announced on 1 December.

©uefa.com 1998-2009. All rights reserved.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cristiano honored by AS

cristiano ronaldo real madrid
A large contingent of Madridistas attended the AS Sports Awards

Arancha Diaz / Translation by realmadrid.com

Florentino Perez, Jorge Valdano, Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Felipe Reyes, Jorge Garbajosa and Sergio Llull attended the AS Sports Awards ceremony on Thursday evening.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the center of attention of the third edition of the award ceremony as the recipient of the award. "It is an honor to be the first foreigner to win this award," said the Madridista, "but it couldn't have happened without team work."

"I do not feel any added pressure," for being the most expensive signing ever," added Ronaldo, "the President was correct in signing me and I will bring a lot of joy to Real Madrid and football fans during my time here."

Cristiano Ronaldo also discussed the World Cup draw and commented on the Spanish national team, who "I wouldn't like to have to play against any time soon but preferaby in the final."

Felipe Reyes, Jorge Garbajosa and Sergio Llull later took the stage to collect another award based on the success of the Spanish national team.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Newcastle United F. C. fantasy kits

Full name: Newcastle United Football Club
City: Newcastle
League: Football League Championship
Stadium: St James' Park
Fouded: 1892
Shirt sponsor: northern rock
Kit manufacturer: adidas

This is a re-make of an older kit, and post here the old version kits too.
Basicaly followed the old design with some improvements, the name on the back, more attention to details. The home kit is classic black and white stripes on shirt, black short and socks. A version of the home kit with white short and socks.
The away kit is all blue with white adidas stripes on the shoulders and on the back of the shirt, short and socks.Some will say that the third kit will clash with the away one, but I guess it's useful for games vs W.B.A. or other teams with stripes (blue/white or black/white).
The fourth kit was made only because the previous third kit was a bad one.