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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ronaldo's ex makes naughty movies! by Burrito

Hola Amigos!
Burrito see no good informations today about Major League Soccer, Barcelona or Miami FC so decided to look for Futbol related porn!

And what does Burrito find? Our amigo Ronaldo, the gordo, curly hairs one who half sex with Transvestite... remember him? Si? Well that vato have a hot mamacita for girlfriends who now does porn! Ay Virgen santisima!

Her name is ViVi Brunieri, aka Ronaldinha, an she star of porn movies.
Not much Burrito find on Vivi Brunieri except that we know that she is a former girlfriend of that pinche Ronaldo. She did pose for Playboy back in January 1998 with another former girlfriend of Ronaldo, Nádia Franca! Chingada madre!

Burrito no bore you no more with stupit writings, here is link, pero watch out! Not for minors this is XXX stuff. Burrito No responsible if you clicks!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Barcelona Miami trying to make a deal? Claure in Barcelona, announcement for today was rumoured

Miami Fans woke up this morning hoping to hear good news about the Miami Barcelona bid. Apparently meetings between MLS and Barcelona took place today and a source has indicated a deal was trying to be made. MLS really wants this bid to happen and are doing what they can to not lose it.
The Miami Herald reported that the announcement will not be made today and my friend Brant at the Orlando Sentinel goes on to say if we hear anything it will be bad news rather then good.
As I said my source tells me things have been are running as if this is a done deal for weeks now. Barcelona has even gone as far as contacting former player and coach Xabier Azkargorta to take the reigns of the Miami team, as a coach or Manager.
I'm sure more will develop as the day goes on. More to come...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barcelona Miami MLS bid still strong , but here are the possible scenarios...

Many sources have claimed Barcelona is unsure about plans to become involved in a Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion team in Miami.

Questions have come up on who will put the money for the team. It appears some claim Barcelona would split the 40 million fee but my source assures me Mr. Claure is putting the money and not Barcelona. Barcelona would put their name, experience and know how.

Why all this drama? Chief Executive Joan Oliver advised that they are moving ahead cautiously with the bid. Oliver addressed club members at a meeting last week, informing them that pursuing a joint interest in the latest MLS club was a very delicate matter at this time considering the current world financial situation. Despite this claim a few days back MLS Commissioner Garber was invited to Barcelona to discuss the bid and watch the game versus Espanol. We can only wonder and speculate but if there was any indication Barcelona Miami was out then that was the moment to do it.

As I wrote earlier there is internal strife within Barcelona. President Joan Laporta's term will be over in 2010 and it has been reported that the average Barcelona fan is weary of the MLS team because they are not very well informed about the details. Additionally Laporta has been a controversial leader and has been involved in many questionable decisions with and without the team.

As stated, none of this means the Barcelona/Claure bid is out the window. But lets discuss the worst case scenario, which would be the withdrawal of Barcelona. What would happen if this were the case? The bid would weaken no doubt, but Claure is said to be committed to this project and there have been discussions with Traffic Sports owners of the USL Miami FC who might become partners in some capacity with Barcelona and Claure should the previous two decide it convenient. There is after all a stadium ready for the team to start in 2010.

Should Barcelona drop out it would leave Claure and Traffic alone if they choose to continue, but still strong enough to contend for the expansion spot. Marcelo Claure is owner of Bolivian soccer power Bolivar and Traffic Sport besides owning Miami FC, has extensive knowledge of the sport having organized countless tournaments including the current CONCACAF 2010 world cup matches.

Having said all this, as of this moment the bid continues and the statement made by Olive might only be Barcelona's way of posturing for a better deal, considering the new revitalized Montreal bid would have many concessions such as not out right paying for the MLS entrance fee.

My source tells me there will be a meeting next week but he did not have details on what would be discussed.

More to follow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The new Womens Professional Soccer League in mini-skirts! With picture goodness!

I was never interested in women's soccer until now... The new Women's Professional Soccer League will have an interesting twist to boost ratings when their first season begins and I'm all about it!

The players will be given the option of wearing mini-skirts! Yes, Mini-skirts fellas!

Check it out:

Find more photos like this on Women's Professional Soccer

Miami FC sells 700 Season Tickets in 1 hour

Efforts to save USL side Miami FC has begun after a meeting yesterday announcing the teams possible demise led a group of supporters to shell out 700 season tickets in 1 hour.

The following was taken from the teams site:

Miami FC held an emergency meeting last night at the Marriott Miami Airport Hotel to discuss the future of professional soccer in South Florida. Given the latest news that FC Barcelona was reevaluating its bid for an MLS expansion team that would be based in Miami, Traffic Sports, Miami FC’s ownership group, decided that immediate action must be taken in an effort to ensure that Miami FC plays in 2009 irrespective of the ultimate outcome of the MLS bid. Aaron Davidson, Vice President of Traffic Sports USA and President of Miami FC,discussed the state of professional soccer in South Florida and Traffic Sports USA’s overall desire to ensure the continuity of pro soccer in the area. However, he explained that due to a combination of disappointing support in the first three seasons and the Miami MLS bid, Traffic Sports has given the team a deadline of March 8th to demonstrate that South Florida truly cares about pro soccer.

Mr. Davidson stated that Traffic Sports was seeking both qualitative and quantitative proof of support including a target of 5,000 season tickets. The attendees immediately responded by committing to 700 tickets, letters of support and numerous promotional and sales initiatives.

“Due to the MLS bid and our ongoing discussions with Marcelo Claure and Barcelona (MLS applicants) regarding a possible partnership, Traffic/Miami FC have delayed many decisions regarding the 2009 USL-1 season. Accordingly, we must now ramp up faster than ever to secure the necessary ticket sales and sponsorship base to make the 2009 season a reality. With this in mind, we reached out to the local community to rally South Florida behind Miami FC and soccer at the professional level. We are confident that through this unprecedented community team effort we will: 1) unite South Florida around the world’s number one sport – soccer; 2) guarantee that Miami FC plays in 2009 positioning “our” team/market for growth during this fourth season and beyond; and 3) show the world that South Florida truly is a great place for professional soccer and soccer at all levels,” said Aaron Davidson.“Losing Miami as a soccer base will affect not only Miami, but Florida, and the south region for soccer. It is from Miami that we need to express that the loss of Miami FC will doom soccer in this area for a long time to come,” stated Steve McCrath, head coach of Barry University men’s soccer. “This may be the last chance to save professional soccer in South Florida. It’s nice to see that Miami FC is being proactive in keeping professional soccer in South Florida. I hope that these efforts will not be in vain. MLS coming back is a dream but it’s not a reality yet,” commented Munga Eketebi, FIU’s men’s soccer head coach.

“I strongly believe that if Miami FC leaves our town, we will be without any kind of professional soccer here for a very long time. Some of you may say, well, USL is not a premier soccer league, the MLS is better, but have you seen USL’s Montreal and Puerto Rico in CONCACAF Champions League? We do not have the MLS here and after reading the Miami Herald on Friday I am not too sure if we will see the MLS here anytime soon. So support what we have,” commented Marino Torrens, FYSA Regional A VP.”

“It is time to see if we love and cherish the sport, or if we only like it as a hobby. Turning our back on Miami FC may very well mean that in the future everyone including MLS will turn their back on us,” expressed Victor Pastora, Director of Player Development, Kendall Soccer Coalition.

“To remain a complete soccer community here in South Florida we need the leadership of a professional soccer franchise. Working together is the best way to have one,” said Tom Mulroy, President of Se Habla Fútbol and longtime organizer of Copa Latina.

Help keep professional soccer alive in South Florida and rally behind your Miami FC! Reserve your season tickets now for only $200 for adults ($100 deposit) and $100 for children and students ($50 deposit). To purchase tickets and for more information, go to
www.miamifc.com, call 305-728-2633 or e-mail tickets@miamifc.com.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Former Fusion player Ian Bishop helping South Florida Youth

Former Miami Fusion player Ian Bishop was one of the most solid players the team had in its final and most succesful season. Eight years have gone by and Bishop has settled in South Florida where he now has a Soccer Academy.

Jeff Rusnack of the Sun Sentinal writes: 'Eight years removed from his one almost perfect season at Lockhart Stadium, Bishop has started the Bishbosh Soccer Academy in Parkland, where he coaches under-12 and under-13 boys' teams on a weekly basis. Known as "Bishbosh" by fans at West Ham United, where he played nine seasons, Bishop has registered 33 players who also play for various youth teams in the tri-county area.'

'Bishop's staff of coaches includes ex-Fusion teammates Ivan McKinley and Pete Marino, and veteran youth directors Tony Stevens and Gary Walker. His U-13 team just won a tournament in Weston, beating the host 3-1 in the final. The focus now is on cobbling together a side for a nine-day trip (July 26-Aug. 3) to London to play four games in the Arsenal Cup Festival.'

Ian Bishop was born on May 29, 1965 in Liverpool. He began his career at Everton. He played for a time with Crewe Alexandra, Carlisle United and Bournemouth before he signed for Manchester City in 1989. He went on to West Ham United playing 284 times between 1989 and 1998, scoring 16 goals and becoming something of a cult figure. In 1998, he returned to Manchester City. He transferred to Miami Fusion in March 2001 and played in Major League Soccer(23 apps 0 goals), before finishing his playing career with a stint at the New Orleans Shell Shockers in the USL. He now resides in Florida with his wife and children.

For more information go to:
or 561-876-2538

Miami FC to fold in two weeks if ticket sales remain low.

According to the Miami Herald : In the course of a week, Miami has gone from the prospect of juggling two professional soccer teams to confronting a future with none.
Scary to think that Miami could end up without any Professional Soccer once again... but the truth is Miami FC has received little support in the few years it has had in existence. Even efforts by Traffic Sports, Owners of the club, to bring in an aging Romario who entertained with his scoring ability and footwork was not enough to materialize larger numbers at the gate. The Herald reports Miami FC averaged about 2,000 fans per game in 2008. Clearly those numbers are too low to keep this team alive.
Supporters groups such as the Miami Ultras have done their part but the community needs to rally and support this team. Right now it is all we have. Should the Barcelona Miami bid fall , which I doubt, but should it fall, then losing this already established team would seal our fate for another decade, at least. Traffic Sports has given Miami FC two weeks to prove it can get season ticket sales up to an unrealistic 5,000. If not, ownership will pull the plug. This only weeks before the start of the season.

I urge all soccer fans in Miami to support this team by pledging for season tickets. please go to Miami FC or join the Miami Ultras.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Italian League to experiment with the Orange Card... Yes, the Orange Card!

Italian Soccer will test out the Orange Card in it's league according to 20minutos.es

This card will actually expel the player for a few minutes off the field giving the opposing team a momentary advantage. I guess it will kind of be like Hockey.

Pierluigi Collina, who some of you may remember a few years back as the bald ref who was considered the best in the world, and the International Football Association Board (IFAB), organization within FIFA that regulates the rules of this sport will study implementing this rule this coming February 28 in Manchester.

The idea was brought on by the Northern Ireland Federation who set out to find a solution for infractions where the red card would be too severe and the yellow too weak of a punishment.

The Italian League is also looking into the possibility of the double Referee. They seem willing to try anything.

If any League should be the testing ground for these experiments it should be Major League Soccer, I mean we used to have the shoot out for christ sakes!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Barcelona Miami in Danger? Sorry Haters, not true according to inside source...

According to some of my fellow Bloggers Barcaloco and one of my favorites MLSenespañol . The Miami Franchise is in danger. MLS en Español's source is SportsES who has an interview with the General Director of the club Mr Olive who states that due to these financial times there is a chance the project will not go forward.

Well, it was my understanding that Brightstar owner Marcelo Claure was the main investor who is going to fork out the $40 million big ones and not Barcelona.

So I did a little digging, a phone call and an anonymous source close to Mr. Brightstar confirmed that though Mr. Olive speaks for FC Barcelona he is not the one who has the last word. Everything is still on course folks, Marcelo Claure is the one putting the loot. Barcelona is putting the know how and years of experience and they are what makes the bid strong, but it is no secret that there is internal posturing within Barcelona, especially since La Porta's term ends in 2010. Rest assured my source tells me La Porta and Claure are the main characters in this drama and as far as Marcelo Claure is concerned he is not backing out.

More to come...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

FC Dallas Spanks FIU

Major League Soccer's FC Dallas spanked Florida International University (FIU) today 9-0. (Ouch!)

In FIU's defence they haven't practiced much. Still, Kenny Cooper scored all 4 of his goals in the 2nd half. The game was played at the Cricket Stadium in Sunrise, FL. I guess the Turf at FIU stadium was a no-no.
Goals were scored by Dax McCarty (Jeff Cunningham) at minute17 Peri Marosevic (Pablo Ricchetti) 24, Steve Purdy (Dax McCarty) 43, Kenny Cooper (Jamie Watson) 58, Kenny Cooper (Andre Rocha) 59, Jamie Watson (unassisted) 61, Kenny Cooper (Blake Wagner) 73, Kenny Cooper (Sean Bucknor) 83, Brek Shea (Jamie Watson) 88.

I think FIU will need to "GO" practice a little more. I dedicate this Tones on Tail's song called "Go" appropriately enough, to the FIU players. Incidentally there is a lot of spanking in this video. Check it out!

Maradona a Grandfather! Soccer star Sergio Aguero proud dad

Will the kid play Soccer?
MADRID, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Diego Maradona became a grandfather on Thursday amid expectations the new arrival may one day follow in the Argentina great's footsteps.
Maradona's daughter Gianina gave birth in Madrid to son Benjamin, whose father is Argentina striker Sergio Aguero.
The Atletico Madrid player has often been likened to World Cup winner Maradona, who now manages the national team.

Here is the rest by Reuters

David Beckham vs Alex Rodriguez, I'm tired of both!

I don't know about you guys but I'm sick of both A-Rod and Becks. Too many stories, blogs and rants. Enough information every day for anyone in their right mind to lose it and go postal!
But since everyone is doing it... I figured, why not? Don't hate me.

The U.S. sports focus has been on Baseball star Alex Rodriguez and his Steroid use. But the rest of the world doesn't seem to care. The big news is David Beckham wanting to stay with AC Milan.
One of the most credible News sources... The Onion pokes fun at Soccer all the time, going as far as classifying it under "Women's Sports / Soccer".

Here is their latest gem:

Terrible Sports Editor Wants To Lead With Beckham, AC Milan Story
PHOENIX—Lousy Arizona Ledger weekly sports section editor Gene Crewdson "went with his [idiotic] gut" once again Thursday, deciding to ignore what may be the biggest steroid scandal yet and lead with David Beckham's decision to leave the U.S. and play for AC Milan. "'Beckham Bends It Back Overseas' is our story, boys," Crewdson said to his staff of writers, all of whom stared back at him, mouths agape, for nearly a minute. "Big-name celebrity doing controversial big-time things with a big color picture on the cover. Soccer's the sport of the future. This is obviously what we run with." When gently reminded of recent baseball news, Crewdson responded that nobody cares about steroids anymore, it's not baseball season, and in this economy you do not want to risk missing the big story.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tug of War Between Chelsea and Real Madrid over 6 year old

Madin Mohammed is said to be the new Zinedine Zidane after he attracted the attention of top level talent scouts with his soccer skills and you can see it in the video below.

The boy's family moved to France from Algeria when he was three, while the French soccer legend Zidane was born in France to Algerian parents.

The kids got some moves!


FIU midfielder Juan Guerra battles to stay with FC Dallas

MLS has reduced team rosters from 28 to 24 players this year and this has reduced FIU's own Juan Guerra's chances of landing a spot on a Major League Soccer team. Undrafted out of college, Guerra hooked up with FC Dallas and is in camp with the team in Sunrise this week. According to the Miami Herald

''It's a difficult situation,'' said FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman. "Juan is like a lot of players who fall into the trap of roster cutdowns.
"But he has good technical ability, athleticism and is skillful around the ball. If he doesn't hook on with us, he needs to get with a [lower-level] team, continue to develop and get noticed.''
For his part, Guerra is just happy to have a shot. He is continuing his studies at FIU and played for Soccer Locker at Copa Latina last weekend.

"Jackie Chan" Richardson to Toronto FC

So what is up with all the celebrity names going to MLS as of late? First "John Kennedy" to Seattle now it's "Jackie Chan"!

Guyanese international striker Gregory "Jackie Chan" Richardson is set to sign for Toronto FC and become the first Guyanese to play in Major League Soccer (MLS) as he wrapped up his one week training session with the team in Miami, Florida.
Twenty-six-year-old Richardson came to prominence last year during the CONCACAF club Championship with his Trinidad and Tobago Pro-League club Joe Public when he devastated MLS top club New England Revolution scoring four goals in his club win. He also single-handedly ripped apart several other top clubs in the tournament. Several international news agencies linked the striker with moves to New England Revolution and other top MLS clubs including Columbus Crew and San Jose Earthquakes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

John Kennedy to Seattle Sounders

Colombian Defender John Kennedy Hurtado, 24 has signed with Major League Soccer's new franchise Seattle Sounders according to Enlajugada.com .

Hurtado was on trial with AC Milan for 3 weeks with permission from his former team Deportivo Cali. Though he impressed he was not held on a team full of stars such as Maldini, Pato, Ronaldinho, Kaká and Beckham. While in Europe he was close to signing with Swiss side Grasshoppers but visa issues stood in the way.

Now Hurtado seems to be headed to Seattle to play along his former teammate Freddy Montero.

Monday, February 16, 2009

MLS Philadelphia has picked a name...

According to the Weekly Sports League and Franchise Report Major League Soccer's Philadelphia expansion franchise that is expected to start play in 2010 has ended its name-the-team contest and plans to announce the team's name next month.

The voting that began Jan. 19 at http://www.philly.com/ and at http://www.mlsphilly2010.com/ ended Feb 6.

Nicknames to choose from included:
* SC Philadelphia - SC could stand for Soccer Club or Sport Club as some other teams have used but I'd rather they call it FC for Football Club.
* Philadelphia AC or AC Philadelphia - AC could stand for Athletic Club kind of like AC Milan. Though I think it means Associazione Calcio
* Philadelphia City - Kinda like Manchester City
* Philadelphia Union - The more original of the bunch and my favorite.
In the end Philadelphia could only blame themselves if they don't like any of the names since they had the final say.
Miami better learn from Philly and vote for a good name. Everyone is criticizing the idea of the Barcelona name. I'll just be happy we get a team!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miami FC name Fernando Clavijo Director of Soccer

Miami FC, announced yesterday the hiring of Fernando Clavijo, retired US National Team defender and former head coach of the Haitian National Team, New England Revolution and Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer (MLS)
As Director of Soccer, Clavijo will lead Traffic’s efforts to expand its team and player divisions throughout the CONCACAF region.
Clavijo’s coaching career began in 1991, as a player-coach with the St. Louis Storm. In 1994, he signed with the Seattle SeaDogs of the Continental Indoor Soccer League (CISL), becoming Coach of the Year in 1997. In 1998, he served as the head coach of the US Futsal Team and also assisted former US coach Bora Milutinovic with the Nigerian national team at the 1998 FIFA World Cup, in France. Fernando partnered with Bora again a year later as his assistant with the New York MetroStars. In 2000, Fernando left NY to assume the head coaching duties with the New England Revolution. On October, 2003 Clavijo became the head coach of the Haitian national team, leading them through World Cup Qualifying. In December of 2004, the Colorado Rapids hired Clavijo as the team’s head coach. He held that position until August of 2008.
With The the eventual entry of Barcelona MLS team I wonder what will become of the Miami FC?

Friday, February 13, 2009

A look at Barcelona Miami's FIU Stadium, Mi casa, su casa by Burrito

Hola Miami and the worlds! Burrito know Miami will get it's MLS team an we Miami Fans only wait for el Senor Garber to finally say it's okeydokey. So Burrito say "Burrito, People need to no about the stadium" so here is some information about the new home of Barcelona Miami (or whatever the chingados they call the team.)
FIU Stadium aka "The Cage" seats about 20,000 vatos right now. it have 1,400 club seats( for the rich peoples) and have a 6,500 square-foot Stadium Club. FIU (Florida International University) Plans to expand the Stadium to 45,000 by 2012 so its going to be muy bonito and grande!
The only thing Burrito no like is that there is going to be turf and no grass like Burrito would like. Pero beggars can't be choosers so as long as Miami get MLS back it no matter!

Burrito ax all you Vatos to go to Barcelona Miami website an sign up as fan or break piggy bank and put deposits for season tickets!
You carnales can also go to the Miami Ultras site and join them! They nice people!
For doing this please leave comment and Burrito send you quesadillas!
Here is video of Stadium, a viejito come out talking but ignore him and look at stadium.

Vamos Barcelona Miami 2010!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mexico... USA is your daddy!

What else can you say when everyone and their momma is writing an article or blog about the U.S. victory over Mexico?
I'll just let the video do the talking!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MLS confirms Barcelona Miami would start playing in 2010

MLS Commissioner Don Garber confirmed that Miami will begin playing in 2010 according to Greg Lalas of Goal.com.

Garber states: "Barcelona and Miami, in partnership with Marcelo Claure, are focused on 2010," he said Wednesday at a press event in Columbus, Ohio. "If Miami gets a franchise, they’ll be starting in the 2010 season."

Now MLS claims they will make an announcement on the two winning bids next month, around the time the 2009 MLS season kicks off on March 19.

The favorite is clearly Miami with Vancouver and Portland fighting over the remaining slot. St Louis and Ottawa have an outside chance as Garber continued with the following:

"St. Louis is making good progress," he said. "I have some meetings with their ownership group later today and a potential partner they’ve brought in on the corporate side. They continue to be very active, and as I’ve said before, we’d love to have a team in St. Louis."

"We can’t go to Ottawa or any other city unless we have the appropriate venue," Garber said. "The venue Eugene Melnyk is proposing, they’ve got a really good shot for a team. But without a stadium, they’d never have a shot at all.

I don't know about the rest of you Miami fans but I'm getting ready to break my piggy bank for my season tickets! All Miami fans should go to the Miami FCB site and reserve your season tickets!

Judge rules TV is an "essential good" needed to watch Soccer!

As I wrote on the Orlando Sentinel Blog, I hope one day the United States will make Football...ummm, Soccer, an "essential good" like a judge claims in Brazil! (At least I wish... ) From Reuters 'Oddly Enough'!

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - A Brazilian judge awarded $2,600 in damages to a man who sued a store for not replacing his faulty television set, ruling that it was an "essential good" needed to watch soccer and a popular reality TV show...

Here is the rest of the article:

Reuters Oddly Enough

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make up your mind MLS! Vancouver, Miami, Ottawa, Portland and St. Louis wait for your answer...

I think I speak for all Soccer fans in MLS expansion cities when I express my anger concerning Major League Soccer's continued delays to finally give us the names of the final 2 cities that will enter the league in 2011.
According to The Weekly Sport League and Franchise Report: 'The announcement for the next two MLS expansion teams might not be made until late March or April!' What are they waiting for...? April Fools day? The report goes on to say that 'Vancouver and Miami appear to be the frontrunner's with Ottawa, Portland and St. Louis having issues with financing or stadium deals.' I wonder where they get their info from?
I'm sure the bigwigs of MLS have already made their decision, they just want the rest of us to suffer and keep reading the Beckham drama, because if you really think about it, even though Beckham is dissing MLS and the Galaxy for A.C.Milan, it still gets them in the news. It's all over, even CNN is reporting it folks!
If you think about it;MLS is strong with or without Beckham, having secured another 3 year deal with Panasonic and having what was once 7 cities fight over 2 expansion slots. It says something when investment groups are willing to pay $40M to get into a League many foreigners call second rate. Yeah, MLS is strong and here to stay!
I say we all write to Commissioner Garber at don.garber@mlsnet.com and ask him to stop all the shenanigans and give us an answer! Who will the teams be? Don't make us wait until April!
Miami Fans: don't forget to join and meet the Miami Ultras on Wednesday Feb 11 at Moriano Restaurant and watch the USA vs. Mexico match! Moriano is located just north of downtown Miami at 3221 NE 2nd Avenue.
Go USA! Go Barcelona Miami!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maradona video by Manu Chao "La Vida Tombola"

In a tribute to Maradona, Manu Chao (Born José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao on June 21, 1961 in Paris, France) dedicates a catchy tune to one of his idols.
Manu, of Spanish (Galician-Basque) origin, develops a video grasping the many facets of Maradonas past, showing us a glimpse of highlights that demonstrate the greatness of a player many consider to be the best to ever walk this planet.
Diego Armando Maradona was born on October 30, 1960 in Lanus, Buenos Aires and is the current coach of the Argentine National Side.

To sum it up MANU Y MARADONA...GRANDES!!!!!
See the video:

Friday, February 6, 2009

USA vs. Mexico! Join the Miami Ultras Feb 11 at Moriano

Join and meet the Miami Ultras on Wednesday Feb 11 at Moriano Restaurant and watch the USA vs. Mexico match! Moriano is located just north of downtown Miami at 3221 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL see map!

View Larger Map

The Festivities start at 6 pm and go on till 10pm.
The Miami Ultras are the official fans of the USL Miami FC and for the soon to be formed Barcelona Miami Major League Soccer team (Cross your fingers!)
Come out and be part of the fun! Go USA!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Other Barcelona... and it's not in the United States or Spain!

Now that it looks like Barcelona FC along with Brightstar's Marcelo Claure will be awarded an MLS team here in Miami, the word "Barcelona" is no longer just a city in Spain.
But before there was talk of Barcelona in MLS there was another team created some 25 years after the original team was established.

On May 1, 1925 Eutimio Pérez, a Catalan immigrant from Barcelona, Spain founded Barcelona Sporting Club in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Contrary to popular belief Eutimio named the team after the city and not the team. It was years later that the crest which is almost a carbon copy of the one used by Barcelona FC, was adopted.

Barcelona SC is arguably the most successful team in Ecuadorean Soccer history having won the national tournament a record 13 times (Hence the stars around the crest), a distinction it shares with Nacional of Quito. Barcelona has also disputed the final of the Copa Libertadores twice but was unsuccessful each time.

Barcelona S.C is by far the most popular team in Ecuador and in 1987 they inaugurated "El Monumental"stadium playing versus Barcelona FC! This game ended with the home team winning 1-0. Barcelona SC invited many South American football celebrities, such as Pele, to the inauguration. Pelé was so astonished, he compared the stadium to the famous Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. The Estadio Monumental has a capacity of 89,930 spectators, making it at that time the second largest stadium in South America in terms of capacity. Today it remains the largest stadium in the South American West Coast.
For more on Barcelona SC go here: http://www.bsc.ec/
Here is a video of the stadium at almost capacity. I hope to see our Miami Ultras as passionate and numerous as the ones cheering on this Barcelona team!