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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose
  • wiz khalifa amber rose

  • BRLawyer
    Sep 5, 01:11 PM
    It will be either one of two things:

    1 - ONLY the iTMS Movie Store and perhaps updated Nanos;

    2 - The BIG ONE, the EARTHQUAKE we've been all waiting for...

    2a - iTMS Movie Store;
    2b - updated Nanos and iPods;
    2c - 23" iMac Special DVR Edition with Merom;
    2d - Wireless music sharing device for the Nanos as shown by the FCC filing;
    see https://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/oet/forms/blobs/retrieve.cgi?attachment_id=661453&native_or_pdf=pdf
    2e - Updated MBs and MBPs.

    Oh boy...better burn my credit card... ;)

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  • Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose Wiz

  • martygras9
    Mar 23, 04:22 PM
    I live in Nevada and honestly the cops spend more time Giving tickets out then doing real police work. Since the state has been financial hardship, The cops are out drumming up business. Honestly, do you think someone who is Drunk is going to be checking the app for the checkpoints? Its just an excuse to get rid of these apps from the store and increase revenue. Apple dont bend to the pressure, These apps do not break any rules for the App store and if you start letting the Government decide what should and shouldnt be, is the day I finally Jailbreak my Iphone.

    My God, jailbreak your phone anyway....it's fantastic!

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • roland.g
    Apr 20, 10:15 AM
    This is total BS. We should have been informed of this and a way to turn it off or delete the file on our own. As for the poster above who stated it only goes to your computer, I highly doubt it. This is another big brother tracking honest citizens. Hope a class action does happen. I will definitely sign on!

    You need to get off the grid dude. Get rid of it all. Just disappear. Don't even write your name in your underwear. Get a fake ID under the name Topsy Krets.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
  • Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

  • mobilehavoc
    Mar 29, 11:42 AM
    What? I don't get it.

    He means CUT and paste hence the caps. Not copy. i.e. The text you select is both deleted and copied to the clipboard. I use it a lot myself in Windows and do miss it in OSX. Also allows you to easily move files around by CUT and pasting them :D

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • Multimedia
    Sep 2, 06:43 PM

    You seem to know your facts. I'd like to get your opinion:

    When do you think C2D will be in MBPs? On the 5th? 12th?

    I too hope there is an user removable HD.

    What are the odds that they will give us a 12'' option?

    I am asking all this becasue I would like a 12'', removable HD, C2D MBP before the free iPod offer expires. A 15'' would be fine too.I think Jobs will introduce the new C2D MacBook Pro at the September 12th, 14th or 19th event. No 12". MacBook fills that niche. But I don't think Apple is getting enough Meroms to put them in anything but the MBP and iMacs yet. I think MB next and last mini will get Merom in a couple more months as soon as supply can keep up with Apple's production needs.

    I think given the state of the world terrorism situation, Jobs probably doesn't want to leave the country any more. I know I don't. Hell, I don't even want to leave Santa Cruz. :) I don't even want to leave this seat.

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  • Collected
    Apr 4, 11:41 AM
    Crime doesn't pay. At least it wasn't the Apple security guard. Not sure those guys are armed, at least not here.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
  • Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

  • ArcaneDevice
    Mar 23, 04:58 PM
    I bet Apple pulls them. RIM already did. Companies far too often cave to the illogical or crazies rather than standing up for what is logical and right.

    Why is it logical and right?

    Again, if 150,000 regular people who didn't want criminals avoiding checkpoints (fugitives, revoked licenses, drug dealers, see above) complained would you say Apple should keep it?

    That's why Apple pulled the anti-gay app. So if tomorrow MADD made a petition it would be justifiable to remove it?

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  • wiz khalifa tattoos amber rose

  • alent1234
    Apr 29, 08:35 AM
    Of course they play in the consumer / gadget / toy market.

    Zune, Kin, Xbox.

    They are just not particularly successful in these markets, despite pouring a lot of money into them.

    x-box and gaming are a huge money maker. millions of people pay $50 a year for x-box live

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • cwt1nospam
    Jan 12, 09:21 AM
    Thanks for reminding me to put you on ignore. I know how easy it is to identify an operating system, but if they bothered to make a message just for Mac users it stands to reason they made malware for Mac users too. Or would they just make the message for fun? We all know what funny guys malware writers are.
    For anyone who might buy into the above crap:
    Many "virus writers" are script kiddies. They don't necessarily know much if anything about the Mac, so they assume that the virus they're using will work the same as on a PC. That's why they'll "make a message just for Mac users" even though it won't do anything. This of course doesn't mean that there aren't ever any Trojans for the Mac. There have been a few in the past and there certainly will be some in the future. There's just no need for antivirus software to detect these until and unless one or more of them become successful AND it takes Apple significantly longer to come out with a system update than it does the AV vendors to detect the threat and create a definition for it.

    Why significantly longer? Because AV software costs you time and money while it slows your system down and potentially creates new vectors for viruses to attack your system! Software updates are free, don't slow your system down or make it more vulnerable, and unless they're long delayed the odds are excellent that you will not see the attack on your system before receiving the update.

    This all applies to IOS too, except that because IOS is locked down to the point where the only way to get an application is through the app store it is practically impossible to create and transmit a trojan, let a lone a virus.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • dernhelm
    Sep 8, 01:59 PM
    Ok so in other words you DON'T need a Core 2 Duo to run Leopard, right?

    It isn't VISTA. I plan on installing on my 2 yr old PB as soon as it is released.

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  • absurdio
    Oct 12, 08:06 PM
    Ultimately: who cares?
    Bono still sucks, U2 has always sucked, and, much as i like a) the color of the new iPod and b) fighting AIDS, Apple's weird extended relationship with Bono makes very little sense to me.

    P.S. Damn, Bono sucks.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • rdrr
    Sep 15, 06:00 PM
    I think the iPhone is going to beat out G5 powerbooks for the most annoying front page rumor.

    HA! :p

    No the iPhone posts/rumors, will have to go on for at least another six months before it reaches that status. This is still in the Apple tablet stratusphere. :D

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa and amber rose
  • wiz khalifa and amber rose

  • xenotaku
    Sep 14, 07:05 AM
    the iPhone is going to be a useless product unless they release it in big enough sizes to replace my iPod. It's like carrying two ipods around. I already have a 60 gig...why would I spend the extra money to buy an expensive phone that only holds 5 gigs or something? It's just a dumb idea, unless they release major sizes that can replace the big ipods. I don't know why everyone is drooling over this thing.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • EagerDragon
    Sep 14, 08:00 PM
    I have just received two copies of Aperture - what is Apple's policy on this - do I just have to go and buy upgrade two weeks later. :(
    I suggest you return them quick.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo.
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo.

  • cube
    Apr 23, 08:14 AM
    Yes, built-in 3G is more costly to buy, usually locked into a particular carrier (what do you mean I can't switch my 1500$ laptop to a new carrier ?) and with the Rev D's 2nd USB port being next to a display port, the "extension" cable is moot.

    So you are quite missing tons of things. The current scheme of "get a stick from your carrier" is the best as far as costs and carrier non-attachment go. I tether to my iPhone using Bluetooth anyhow, making the USB thing even more moot.

    Built-in 3G is overrated.

    If you build a laptop, you're not forced to lock it to a carrier.

    Cellular sticks suck.

    At the least, all laptops should have ExpressCard.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • striker33
    Apr 25, 02:12 PM
    Dont understand the hate for the UB looks, mine looks seamless with the sexy AG silver border. I can understand the hate towards the fugly mirror screens though.

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo.
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo.

  • BC2009
    Mar 30, 12:14 PM
    Again that doesn't matter as the word Windows doesn't come from the IT industry but existed before. App however was created within the IT industry.

    It does not matter if the term was created in the IT industry or not -- it matters if it has a generic defined meaning in that industry. Windows had a generic defined meaning in the IT industry before MS had a trademark. The single word in-and-of-itself was generic in that industry before any trademark existed -- and they got the trademark WITHOUT any descriptive modifiers on the end.

    At least Apple is being more specific in their trademark and adding the word "store".

    By the way... the term "application" and "app" were not first used in the IT industry either. People were filling out "employment apps" long before they were pounding keys on computers. Back then the word "app" meant a form you filled out (and continued to mean that even back when we referred to "apps" on computers as "programs")

    I think that means I have debunked your "origin of the word in the IT industry" in two ways.

    I still believe that while these terms are generic, we have many precedents (including Microsoft) of generic terms being given as trademarks.

    If you were to describe the "Android Marketplace" it could still be described as an "app store" or "application store", but it could not be branded as "App Store" -- that's what a trademark means. Just like Mac OS could still be described as a "windows operating system" or OpenOffice can still be described as an "office productivity suite". Even names like "OpenOffice" "QuickOffice" are allowed as trademarks because they differentiate from the generic term for which a trademark exists.

    Description and Branding/Trademarks are very different. Apple wants to use the term "App Store" as part of their brand. There will still be other things described as "app stores". Given what has been done by other companies I don't see why they should not be allowed.

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  • other, Ms. Amber Rose.

  • prezpat2020
    Aug 28, 03:22 PM
    I dream of a new macbook pro enclosure...

    Amen to that! Give me the Santa Rosa with a new MacBook Pro enclosure and 10.5 preinstalled... THEN I'll upgrade from my sturdy G3 iBook!

    wiz khalifa and amber rose tattoo. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • BRLawyer
    Apr 28, 03:53 PM
    Just because Apple's profit was higher doesn't dispel the end for Microsoft or Google. Every company in American except one made less profit that Apple, and trust me, they aren't all "doomed or Dead"....

    Grow up Mr. Lawyer!

    You are probably new here, right? :rolleyes:

    Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 19, 11:15 AM
    Samsung is a slightly larger company than Apple.


    Samsung is a huge Conglomerate.

    In fact they built one of these.

    Apr 14, 12:17 PM
    I do know that USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt are really great, but it bothers me that Apple seems to be abandoning Firewire. I always thought of Firewire as an apple technology. I've read that there are now Firewire 1600 and 3200 technologies.

    I do hope that Apple will adopt the new USB standard. I see USB as being much more useful for average users than Thunderbolt. I was really surprised years ago when I found that my new iPod was unable to use the Firewire cable that my first iPod used.

    Oct 27, 02:47 PM
    why are they mad about getting kicked out. I'm not to favorable of enviromentalists, but I'll admit they're good cause if it weren't for them we probably would screw up alot of stuff, they keep it evened out, but still they're at a computer convention they should be greatful they were even allowed to have a booth at all, they should have abided by the contract.

    Apr 16, 03:27 AM
    in all seriousness people, this thing http://snowulf.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/USB-3-Mini-B-Connector.jpg is going to scare people off...

    what is that. The usb 3.0 port on my PC looks nothing like that

    Aug 23, 05:39 PM
    I hope this eventually leads to Sound Blaster support for macs.
    dought that very much there are better sound cards on the market

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