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Friday, May 20, 2011

nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011

nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress 2011 shirtless.
  • nathan kress 2011 shirtless.

  • AidenShaw
    Sep 9, 11:14 AM
    Napa is the hardware-platform, composed of Yonah, Intel Mobile 945-chipset and Intel Pro Wireless. AKA third generation Centrino. And since the CPU used in that platform is 32bits, the platfom can be called a 32bit platfom. Note: this has nothing to do with the bitness of the logic-board. Napa64 (or rather: Santa Rosa) is Fourth generation Centrino that uses Merom and new chipset.


    "Santa Rosa is currently developed by Intel as successor of the current "Napa" platform. Napa will receive a 64-bit refresh in September of this year ("Napa64") to support the launch of the Merom processor. Napa64 will be replaced by Santa Rosa in the first or second quarter of 2007.

    Compared to Napa and its Calistoga chipset, Santa Rosa and the Crestline chipset will not be just an evolutionary update, but bring several new features to the user."

    There is no "Napa chipset". Like I said, Napa is a hardware-platfom...
    My bad, thanks for the correction. Obviously I've been talking about the 945 (Calistoga) chip.

    However, isn't Napa a "set of chips"? There's no "Napa chip", but there is a Napa chipset. Since Apple isn't using the Centrino brand, it's probably not a Napa platform per se.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress 2011 kca.
  • nathan kress 2011 kca.

  • RRvet
    Apr 4, 12:40 PM
    Here's more details from SD newspaper:

    CHULA VISTA � One man was killed and two others were arrested early Monday after a shootout with a security guard at a Chula Vista Apple Store.

    Police said the trio broke into the store at the Otay Ranch Town Center on Birch Road just before 7 a.m., said police Capt. Gary Ficacci.

    The security guard told officers he was in his vehicle outside the business when he saw two men and a woman smash the store's front windows, Ficacci said. The store manager was inside.

    The guard confronted them and at least one of the men took out a handgun and threatened him, and a gun battle ensued, Ficacci said.

    The trio then got into a small car and started to drive away but the male driver was mortally wounded and the car crashed into a light pole.

    The other man and the woman got out of the car and ran. They were found about 8 a.m. hiding on a patio in a residential neighborhood across the street, Ficacci said.

    Nearby schools were locked down as a precaution, but those restrictions have been lifted.

    The eastern portion of the mall remains closed because of the investigation.

    Police were still sorting out the details and have not said how many shots were fired. One gun was found on the dead man. Another was found on the man taken into custody.

    The names of those involved have not been released. The security guard and the store manager were not harmed, police said.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. Jennette McCurdy Wins Favorite
  • Jennette McCurdy Wins Favorite

  • shawnce
    Aug 23, 08:02 PM
    Because of Apple's actions, Creative can now legitimately force other MP3 player makers to pay too. I think this is what Apple wants.

    Exactly... including MS if they use a similar enough UI.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
  • nathan kress and jennette

  • evilgEEk
    Sep 4, 08:04 PM
    This device is precisely why I haven't replaced my Airport Express (see sig). I sure hope this turns out to be true because this is exactly what I've been waiting for!

    New nano and 23" iMac would be sweet too, although I don't need a new computer so it doesn't really affect me much.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. Jennette amp; Nathan
  • Jennette amp; Nathan

  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 19, 11:49 PM

    He's even got an awesome interview with Julian Assange. His documentary "The War You Don't See" is a must watch though.

    You know what.....nevermind.

    Why nevermind?

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. are nathan kress and jennette
  • are nathan kress and jennette

  • aegisdesign
    Sep 10, 04:47 PM
    1024 CPUs??? WOW... and I thought I had nasty simulations. :o
    Still, dont you think that it is a terrible waste of computing power if the app doesnt take advantage of multiple processors, eventhough it might be very hard to write such an app? This is really not my field and I know far too little to have an opinion, so take it for what it is worth.

    You had to explicitly write your applications in a special parallel computing version of Fortran or OCCAM. It was exceptionally quick at matrices and vector equations so working out the weather was one of the things it was good at. They did a later DAP with 4096 processors. :-)

    The point is, multiple cores are only of use if you've a task that can be split up into separate threads. Many general purpose computing tasks simply can't be multi threaded easily or at all.

    On the Mac though, the main advantage of at least two cores is that the OS can run the WindowServer task, that handles all your windows on screen and generally consumes a lot of CPU when you've got 16 apps running on your screen on one CPU and your application on another and it's still nippy so you don't get the beachball so often switching apps. The second core can also be doing something like running backups, indexing a hard drive for Spotlight, hotclustering files, updating thumbnails in iPhoto.... Past two cores and you're in diminishing returns except for specific applications that can be multithreaded.

    The one advantage Macs have had for a few years of course is that there is a long history of dual CPU machines. Windows on the other hand rarely has multi threaded applications. Both OS's are a pain in the arse to write multi threaded apps for though. The wisdom of BeOS's designers would work wonders with today's CPUs.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. Nathan-Kress; Jennette McCurdy
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  • jacollins
    Apr 20, 12:59 PM
    There is no proof that it is sending that information to anyone.

    [conspiracy hat]
    Ah, so the REAL reason for the humongous Apple data center with petabytes of storage? dun dun duuuun...
    [/conspiracy hat]


    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. are nathan kress and jennette
  • are nathan kress and jennette

  • retroactiv
    Mar 29, 11:52 AM
    Since 1984:
    Cmd-X = Cut
    Cmd-C = Copy
    Cmd-V = Past

    Grab will snap a picture of a window, the entire screen etc. There is also print to PDF.

    CMD-X does NOT cut a file and let you move it. I am in SL right now. DOESN'T work.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
  • nathan kress and jennette

  • inkswamp
    Mar 29, 03:11 PM
    Here were their illuminating predictions in Jan 2010. :rolleyes:


    Key findings from a new IDC market outlook include the following:

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. are nathan kress and jennette
  • are nathan kress and jennette

  • jettredmont
    Sep 5, 12:16 PM
    "Media Device" = Does it include an iPod Video?

    This would somewhat explain why the Paris Expo was given the cold shoulder.
    "Bonjour, mes amis! The iTunes Movie Store is finally here! (but only in the U.S.)"

    This way, they announce the store but also get a chance to demo the product at the Expo.


    The Paris Expo is a redheaded stepchild, and hardly even acknowledged by Apple PR folks. ("We have two events per year, WWDC and MWSF." "And Paris Expo." "Paris what?")

    Even if the iTMediaStore was to be US and France (which, I agree, is about 95% unlikely) they'd still not announce it at Paris. Apple has decided on two major events, and impromptu mini-events as announcements warrant. And Paris Expo is not on that list.

    Personally, I see the timing of this event as a way of driving that point home in the press. Why would you go to Paris, when you might miss something really important coming out of Cupertino?

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. +and+nathan+kress+2011
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  • ciTiger
    Apr 28, 04:06 PM
    This was a long time coming!

    But I hope MSFT stays in the race... Competition is good...

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. are nathan kress and jennette
  • are nathan kress and jennette

  • wwworry
    Sep 9, 06:25 AM
    I am curious about the iMovie benchmarks. One might think the mac pro would be over twice as fast but it's not. Is that because of software limitations in iMovie?

    I am about to make a purchase of either an iMac or a 2.0Ghz. MacPro for monthly workouts in Final Cut. Hard to decide.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
  • nathan kress and jennette

  • aiqw9182
    Apr 14, 02:03 PM
    amen. As well as official support for opencl.

    A lot of us are thinking along the same lines for the next air update :cool:. So when will ivy bridge be released?


    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. jennette mccurdy and nathan
  • jennette mccurdy and nathan

  • linux2mac
    Mar 23, 03:26 PM
    As a long time PC user who is just getting frustrated with the windows experience, I am looking forward to seeing what Mac has to offer in the coming months.

    I picked up an Iphone 4 last december and when I had a problem, being able to go to a retail location where they looked at my device for 5 minutes and then gave me a new one was great.

    My wife is a mac user, and being able to go to a retail location for problems just can't be beaten.

    Now I must say, I have been a Dell person all my life, heck I am currently typing this on my 6 year old dell laptop that still works fine by me. Hell, she will still be fine for fitting my laptop needs. I have been using her primarily has a desktop hooked up to many many peripherals as well as a 2nd screen for dual output.

    In replacing her I have been eyeing the smaller Imac for some time now, hooking up a second screen output, and grabbing a magic trackpad that I enjoyed playing with at the Apple Store.

    Anything larger than 22 or so inches would be overkill for me, as I am planning for at least two screens. Heck I think I am just using a 19 inch crt monitor that is 11 years old and my 15 inch laptop screen right now.

    So a nice high quality screen with a 2nd monitor for surfing and chat room utilization would be all I need. My backup thought is a mac mini with two screens, but the Mac Mini's appear to be much lower specs when compared with the Imac.

    *1st post

    I converted to Linux in 2007 and Mac in 2009 after using Windows since version 3.1 and don't miss a thing! It's true what they say "Mac's just work."

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
  • nathan kress and jennette

  • Bibulous
    Sep 19, 04:52 PM
    Don't forget that Apple servers will be the weakest link here. Amazon servers were overcrowded the first days, leading to downloads of 8+ hours (and you can only rent them for 24 hours (or buy them, of course))
    They will have to build/purchase a data center or two

    They did last February - http://sanjose.bizjournals.com/sanjose/stories/2006/02/27/story5.html

    Wonder if they are using it for iTunes?

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
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  • loyrun
    Mar 23, 05:55 PM
    you don't think a web app will pop up for this the second these apps are removed from the store?

    ***I am 100% against drunk driving, if you drive drunk you are ignorant and should be put in jail. period.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
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  • Balooba
    Nov 13, 07:07 PM
    Rogue Amoeba, stop behaving like grumpy children. We love your apps and need updates and continued development! Change the graphics and get over it.

    Apple, what are you thinking? It is not like RA were using an Apple logo for an app on the Palm Pre, they used iMac pictures as part of the UI in a clever way that made sense from a user's perspective. You cannot keep doing this to smart and Apple-loving companies that make wonderful apps clearly in the spirit of your policies. If your lawyers object, change your lawyers.

    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
  • nathan kress and jennette

  • Eidorian
    Sep 9, 02:30 PM
    That would be an OS issue, would it not? It would be up to the OS to allocate cores to processes.Yes an OS issue.


    nathan kress and jennette mccurdy 2011. nathan kress and jennette
  • nathan kress and jennette

  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 16, 09:19 PM
    It this utter ignorance and false sense of security in the Mac user base that I would use to my advantage if I were a cyber-criminal.
    Many have tried. Most — probably all, but I'll leave that open — have failed. I can be completely ignorant or completely aware, but my options remain the same: perform system updates as they become available.

    AV software is an unnecessary expense both monetarily and computationally. It offers no additional protection beyond that provided by the OS, and if some day some one does develop a successful virus I'll probably download the patch from Apple long before the virus ever attempts to compromise my system, so even then AV software is still a waste of money and computing power.

    By the way, I've been using OS X since "Cheetah (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X)" in March of 2001. Ever since then I've been told that I need to prepare for the day when the OS would come under attack. Here we are ten years later and I'm still waiting. I will not be surprised if I'm still waiting in 2021.

    Apr 20, 01:06 PM
    Is your backup encrypted???

    yep! and takes the Pwnage Tool vitamin :D

    Apr 4, 12:38 PM
    Obey the law or you may get shot. Rule #1

    Mar 29, 12:45 PM
    IF Apple is really serious about dominating the market, BOGO will easily push their market share up a few points.

    But something tells me they don't really care.

    Apr 23, 02:42 PM
    It's just not up-to-date anymore. At least for a company that claims to be on the bleeding edge.

    Uh ? My MBA is perfectly up to date. 3G is not a "bleeding edge" feature, it's just a way to create more SKUs uselessly. You need a carrier to get online, the carrier you choose will have the appropriate 3G option for your laptop.

    My iPad is not locked into a specific carrier

    Yeah, I guess it's not. Which model do you have, the CDMA or GSM ? Is it the one with T-mobile 3G frequencies or AT&T 3G frequencies ? So many SKUs, so little time...

    I also do not intend to abuse my iphone as a modem - I don't see why I do have to keep two devices going to get *one* of them online. That iPhone workaround sounds like a real bad excuse to me

    Abuse your iPhone ? Apple just made the feature even more easy to use in 4.3 with Personal Hotspot that provides WiFi on top of both USB and Bluetooth for iPhone 4...

    I have a 3GS, so I'm stuck with Bluetooth or USB, either of which work fine, worked fine before 4.3. What abuse are you talking about exactly ? And "keeping 2 devices going", uh, I don't shut off my phone because I'm working on the laptop on the go. Since it's one, might as well just use it.

    Not to mention my carrier offers tethering free, but charges you 10$ extra to piggie-back 2 devices on the same data plan. Let me see... Free or 10$/month... Free ... 10$/month... Ah, I think I'll take free.

    For my laptop I also want to have a different carrier and price plan.

    Not a hurdle with USB sticks. With built-in 3G though if you want to switch carriers, you either have to switch to a USB stick for the new carrier or hope your 3G chipsets supports their network.

    Mar 30, 11:33 AM
    They hire lawyers. They hire linguists. They hire PR agents. They hire advertising companies. They hire survey companies. All that money and they still don't know that they should invest in doing some real research and development, and innovation instead. Brings me back to that old, tried but true, Apple commercial from the "Get a Mac" campaign...


    I think it is all those commercials that has made M$ say "Let's dump as much $$ at making whatever we can difficult for Steve & Co."

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