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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • love quotes for him in spanish

  • diamond.g
    May 3, 12:50 PM
    DP 1.2 has up to 17.28 Gbps.
    TB has two 10 Gbps channels.

    Is TB able to have both channels send (or receive) at the same time? I am seeing that Wiki says it has 20GB/s of total BW, but that would imply that you can send data one way at 20GB/s which I didn't think was possible.

    TB, according to what I understand about it, doesn't have the bandwith (single direction) to support DP 1.2.

    short love quotes for him in spanish. love quotes for him in spanish
  • love quotes for him in spanish

  • Warbrain
    Apr 20, 10:59 AM
    This has nothing to do with GPS or Location Services and turning those off won't change that. It also has nothing to do with tracking your whereabouts.

    The file contains a log of the cell towers you connected to and when. That's it. This is why the dots are in grids that get bigger the as you leave populated areas and routinely include places you haven't been within 30 miles of.

    This information is most likely used for connection quality monitoring and caching for Assisted GPS cold starts. It is also the same information stored by your cell phone provider no matter what phone you use. As such, "Big Brother" already has the ability to access to this information.

    At this point, the only person potentially aided by this discovery is a suspicious spouse.

    This is what I'm thinking; just need to wait to see what else comes out.

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  • nummy1
    Oct 4, 11:04 PM
    What is the Resolution of these movie files?... and what kind of sound is outputted?... If i spend as much money as I would on a DVD i want the same quality...

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  • short love quotes for him in

  • hcho3
    Apr 25, 02:05 PM
    Next year? I think it will happen before the holiday.

    Early 2011 MBPs look outdated... now.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 22, 02:54 PM
    Call me spoiled by all things thin, I think the iMac is looking pretty chunky these days. Not sure why it isn't significantly thinner than it is. The next time they do update the form factor it should essentially look like a giant first gen iPad.

    Id totally want a super thin iMac as well...but the thing already has heat issues at its current thickness. They'd need to integrate some pretty revolutionary CPU/GPU (low TDP) and give it some new cooling technologies (IDK if the new nVIDIA/AMD vapor cooling chambers would assist)...this isnt going to happen. It's already a Panini press...making it thinner would just exacerbate things.

    Now, I think the 27inch display has few excuses for it's thickness...Samsung/LG are making some damn thin monitors. I just wish Dell would hop on that bandwagon. 1'' thick Ultrasharp 27inch 1440p monitor FTW!

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  • 22 Sep 2010 . Short Sad Love

  • Dont Hurt Me
    Sep 4, 03:30 PM
    Business channel has had a lot of talk about a Apple Pod video phone but I would rather see a Cube redo. How about Cube squared.

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  • r00fus
    May 4, 12:21 PM
    Wow, the dual screen output is what could some day push me over the edge. A 27" display + 2 27" Apple screens either side sounds pretty nice. Still not enough to make me part with my 30" ACD right now though.

    You do realize you can do almost the same thing (not sure about resolutions) with USB2 displaylink adapters?

    My lowly 2007 Santa Rosa MBP can handle this fine with one 22" monitor using the old EVGA UVPlus... I even run it over a hub that also does keyboard, mouse and iphone cradle. Slight delay, no stutter, nothing. videos play fine (never tried full screen, but it's my work computer, so no need for that).

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  • MorphingDragon
    Apr 24, 07:21 AM
    There are already AMD Fusion laptops from many vendors.

    In America maybe.

    AMD E-350's CPU is noticeably worse than the C2Ds in MBAs. It is better than Atom but can't fight against Intel's premium CPUs, especially if we take Sandy Bridge into consideration. The IGP is wonderful though.

    Llano will hopefully change this since Zacate is meant for netbook and other cheap laptops. Llano will hopefully bring low-voltage chips meant for ultraportables like MBA. So far there are no news though.


    I did say next gen.

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  • cube
    Apr 22, 12:17 PM
    Regardless of whether or not there are BDXL notebook drives, do you really think Apple's issue with Blu-Ray is the size the discs can hold? :rolleyes:

    I'm not about to sit here and list off reasons why an internal optical drive is useless today. It's pretty clear that if Apple were to keep the optical drive in their machines they would've upgraded to Blu-Ray a long time ago but they haven't so it's quite clear that they have the intentions of removing it in all of their notebooks in the not so distant future.

    If it were OK to remove the optical drives they would have already done so.

    They are fighting against Blu-Ray. But that's where the notebook market has already moved into.

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  • fredoviola
    Apr 4, 11:48 AM
    How sad,
    I mean a person lost his life because of his actions, and the guard now has to live with the fact that he took a life. All for what - some iToys? Doesn't seem worth it. :(
    I agree. Incredibly sad. :(

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  • 0815
    Apr 20, 12:54 PM
    I have just tried the sw. My shiny new iPad2 was tracked in the US but not in the UK? Is this tracking different by country to comply with local laws?

    From what I'm reading only GSM devices do this - so if you have the WiFi it is probably not doing it.

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  • techwhiz
    Mar 23, 06:46 PM
    In Ca. the routine is to set up a DUI Checkpoint, then set up cops on streets around the checkpoint. Trying to avoid the checkpoint will also get uyou pulled over.

    Nothing wrong with the app. I use the Android version.

    BTW - My sister was killed by a drunk driver. I believe in freedom of speech and expression. The Constitution is not in place to protect favorable or popular speech, just the opposite. Do I like racist skin heads? No. I'll protect their rights to speak and be idiots though.

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  • door4
    Sep 5, 11:48 PM
    i know, but in that case apple has to port front row to windows. Or they have to implement front row into itunes or something like that, so that it will work exactly the same way on windows as on mac. as long as they have itunes installed. but that way, all media files (movie store movies, avi, divx, video_ts folders and even photo's) should be stored inside itunes.

    Apple will probably just update ITMS to be a better venue for movies. M$ probably doesn't want a new "media center" to conflict with theirs.

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  • MrSmith
    Oct 28, 04:08 AM
    Maybe a new user title: double talker.
    Damned if I can make head nor tail of the last few posts. Maybe I'm stewpid. :(

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  • cwt1nospam
    Feb 23, 08:38 PM
    Also, android has free anti-virus scanners available in there market. Apple may have some too. I think mcafee is just trying to sell product, but if I was them i would want to sell my product to EVERY person who had Android or iOS based phone, simply because that is a VERY large user base.
    I am constantly amazed at the number of people who buy into this crap!

    Here, I'll try to spell it out for you:
    Apple has no antivirus for IOS because it would be completely useless. In order for a virus to get through to an IOS device it has to get past Apple's reviewers. That's the only way to install software of any kind on IOS, including malware.

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  • Machead III
    Aug 31, 01:18 PM
    Let's face it, many people are already regularly downloading movies by nefarious means, and are perfectly happy waiting a couple of days to obtain a ~700mb file over the course of a few days.

    All Apple need to do is apply the same logic as they did to music, to movies. The situation is identical. People will pay for faster download times, previews, wider selections and peace of mind. You could easily get a movie into a good-enough-quality video file of around 800mb-1gb - sure, not VIDEO_TS quality, which is why they'd have to be a bit cheaper than retail DVDs. But it'd work, I know as a film maniac I'd use it pretty regularly.

    It may rely on a few extra things though. Let's say, a video iPod with a big capacity, maybe a new video file format (.avi is perfect but Apple obviously don't dig it) and IT HAS TO BE SAID bigger godamn hard drives in Apple portables.

    Even with a video iPod, a Movie Store is going to interest lappy users perhaps most of all, and the current 60gb standards in MacBook just doesn't cut it for ****.

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  • mwayne85
    Apr 25, 04:51 PM
    Right, because I get high-speed internet everywhere! Because my MacBook Pro has 4G (and because 4G, itself, is ubiquitous). Because with a "MacBook Pro", I enjoy the inconvenience of having to have an external optical drive (because after all, the MacBook PRO line is all about conservation of space). Most people with the anti-superdrive arguments don't realize how very selfish and ridiculous their stances are. Luckily for them, there's an app for that, namely the MacBook Air.

    I don't see why anybody would need an optical drive with them at all times. The Macbook Air is not an option for people who use CPU intensive apps daily.

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 12:36 PM
    I believe only Rev. As and Rev. Bs are blast furnaces, Rev. C iMac G5 was supposedly much quieter thanks to the bulged case.Yeah, I had a friend who got a Rev. C iMac G5 20". It was whisper quiet compared to my 17" Rev. B. I don't have any experience with the Rev. C 17" mode though.

    The Rev. C design really changed things around inside. They moved the CPU and power supply toward the top of the case instead of the bottom as in preview models. They might just be able to get a Conroe in there.

    I know the image you're talking about. Meroms on the inside, Conroes on the outside ring, Celerons furthest out.Yeah, that's the one.

    If you notice. Nowhere on the Apple store does it say "Yonah". It says Core Duo.

    So all Apple has to do is say Core 2 Duo. There will be no "Merom" or "Conroe" differentation. Yeah, they average consumer won't notice but BlizzardBomb has the answer.

    What's missing to me is the uniform marketing scheme to help sell potential customers. Intel has Centrino Duo currently, presumably Centrino 2 Duo (terrible name, in my opinion) for Merom, Core 2 Duo/Extreme (equally terrible) for Conroe, but I haven't heard anything for Woodcrest. Xeon Duo? Xeon Core 2? I have no idea.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Xeon#Dual-Core_Xeon_.2865_nm_Intel_Core_Microarchitecture.29

    Looks like a number game.

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 25, 10:20 AM
    People that drive cars and consider them a weapon to "punish" other drivers need to be purged from the gene pool.

    May 3, 12:46 PM
    We were discussing this a few threads down the front page.

    Doubt the MacPro will be dead, but the market for it will shrivel up very badly unless some universal need for extreme processing is manufactured. With current processing speeds and ThunderBolt accessories, an iMac can become a full pro machine for all sorts of jobs that don't need to work titanic piles of data.

    This Pro I purchased in early 2007 is still excellent. It will last until 2014 or beyond, and by that point I will probably go with an iMac. Today's iMacs are already faster than this tower in most ways.

    Heck, my new 2.2 i7 quad MacBook Pro beats every one of the last Mac Pro revisions. The Mac Pro line is more and more for a very specialized audience�those who need the utmost performance and expansion (2-3 video cards, an extra I/O card, 4x SSD drives for speed + space for high end production work...

    But for me, this is the fastest Mac I have ever touched. Way faster than the old 27" i5 I was using.

    It's very much *not* about the speed nowadays. I worked from an 11" MacBook Air for a few weeks (to see if I could work on a 1.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo), and if it weren't for my work in Aperture, I would've gotten a 13" MacBook Air and been done with everything!

    (Instead, I'm staying with a 15" MBP for the foreseeable future).

    Apr 20, 10:09 AM
    Good for CSI :D:D:D

    Apr 29, 03:22 PM
    that was in 2005 when it first came out. by now they are on a revision that costs a lot less to make and they have sold a lot of games and XBL subs to make up for it. back when the 360 first came out it had an attach rate of 8 games, higher than Sony. figure at $10 licensing per game that's $80 per console on average plus XBL. so i don't know if the isuppli numbers are accurate.

    a lot of companies in the console market have been doing it like this for years. take a loss the first year or two, sell break even or small profit later in the cycle and make it up on the games. except for nintendo which is doing the opposite. make money early in the cycle and start losing money at the end of the cycle.

    2011 the division will probably turn a profit of $3 to $4 billion or so due to kinect. 2010 was also profitable. if the Nokia partnership works out 2012 will be even better.

    Apr 4, 11:59 AM
    The problem with stolen Apple products would be no Applecare.


    Even with a police report, the AppleCare is still valid for liability reasons. At least this is my experience working at a University where there have been thefts in the past.

    Mar 30, 11:54 AM
    We all called those things "windows operating systems" or "windows-based operating systems" (and "graphical operating systems") in the IT industry back in the day when Microsoft got the trademark.

    Again that doesn't matter as the word Windows doesn't come from the IT industry but existed before. App however was created within the IT industry.

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