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Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • jonregler
    Apr 22, 01:43 PM
    Checked these out at the airport again last week and love them. Perfect timing for me, I swore I'd hold out for Lion (unless my 2007 MBP dies by then), looks like I'll reap extra benefits for my somewhat difficult patience!

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  • LaazyEye
    Apr 14, 07:55 PM
    Yes but why would these devices move to USB3 either?
    Most are happy on USB1 or 2. with no demand for 3.
    If they have the market for features then Wireless is the most attractive up sell for most of them over faster wires. So Low bandwidth devices are either going to stay USB 2 or go wireless.

    Low bandwidth is really a moot point, it's high bandwidth that drives wired connections.

    I say this: Thunderbolt breakout boxes with built-in wireless usb =)

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 12:53 PM
    No. The claim simply stated 'Mac only'. Nothing more and nothing less and you agreed with said two word claim. Thunderbolt will be integrated into every Ivy Bridge chipset just like USB 3.0. It's not the same situation as FireWire in the slightest. Not only is it faster than USB 3.0 but it also works with USB via adapters as well as almost any other IO on the planet. FireWire worked only with FireWire devices.

    You mean like FW was faster than USB and USB2? And yes, it will work with any USB device. You think that is an incentive for drive vendors to invest in it? Really? They might decide to stick with USB3, since consumers know the brand and it will work with the Macs that have TB.

    I guess that's why we've seen so many PC manufacturers announce support for TB already. Right?

    You mean the one right above your post that proves you wrong? Funny stuff.
    I think a reading comprehension class would be good for you. That's 2 or 3 posts you have misread. He did explain how the two situations differ. Obviously they do. There are also some commonalities. I guess it might be a bit much to expect you to see those, given your demonstrated limitations with reading. They're subtle. Try hard.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 14, 01:22 PM
    To all you G5/PPC fanboys:


    You're impressed that a chip not even available yet beats a chip from june 2003?

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 18, 04:00 PM
    The very fact that employers think that employees "should" work even one minute more than what they are paid to is mind-boggling. Why should they "expect" that the employee will give his time willingly for no extra?

    If they want the project manager to work past 5pm, they simply must pay. if they need him to come in on Saturday to work on that new addition to the project, they must pay. It would seem mighty pretentious of them to expect to not pay for work done.

    If they want employees to work non-stop, PAY FOR IT. No one owes their employer a darn thing except exactly what is required in the job during the hours agreed upon.

    See how that works?

    edit: funny that the US is pretty much the ONLY developed country on earth where benefits are seen as egregious handouts if you are a typical rank and file worker. But, we're #1, right?

    1. If you are on Salary, you contractually agreed to get the job done regardless of the typical "work week". If you don't want to work long hours, don't accept a salaried position.

    2. I am just as whole-heartedly against forcing hourly employees to work unpaid overtime. That would be "theft" or "servitude". Totally different.

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  • JAT
    Apr 11, 12:05 PM
    Try proofing before posting articles.

    "especially when there it is possible to be an officially licensed AirPlay partner."
    They do appreciate notice of such things, but you could try using a friendly tone.
    True, but if you've just spent �450 on the receiver and another �100 or so on speakers you'd maybe resent having to shell out more for AirPlay.
    I've never quite understood the mindset that '$600 is ok for a PS3, $300 is ok for an iPod Touch, $2000 is ok for a pieced gaming rig, $200+$30/month forever is ok for a smartphone....but spend another $30 to get a necessary accessory??? You bastards are ripping me off!!' :rolleyes:

    Also, people should really plan ahead and not expect others (say, Apple) to accomplish setting up their home for them. Expecting and whining about getting any speaker and any song on any device to communicate without YOU having a bit of forethought is silly. If you have 10 rooms with speakers, then set them up right with potential 'friends' iPods' hookup somewhere. Put your iTunes server on the most intelligent computer for whole house audio and set it up appropriately. You should be happy it no longer costs $10000+ to do such a thing. Whether it's a few AEXs or other means, you can get what you want, go do it.

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  • 2 Replies
    Mar 29, 02:58 PM
    As much as I doubt that much massive growth, I'm more entertained by the "NEGATIVE" responses.
    Not that I agree with them, (because I don't... I've used the WP7 and it's a decent phone with features people like that iOS will NEVER have)...
    but mainly because having a negative reaction to a guess as to how other people will spend their money is such a infinitely retarded thing to do. X-D
    Seriously, why the hell do any of you even care what type of phone other people decide to use? If you really DO like your iPhone, then you wouldn't.
    Only an imbecil would make a personal purchase decision based mainly on what other people do.
    The only reason anyone would care (besides being a stockholder, or Apple employee) would be that more than actually liking the phone itself you've bought the phone because you're a joiner.... you want to be 'popular' or in a 'majority'.
    (Which honestly is a PATHETIC reason to make ANY purchase.)


    (btw, yes I'm an iPhone owner)

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  • PCMA
    Sep 13, 09:12 PM
    When Steve Jobs intoduced the 5G iPod in October last year he made it very clear that its release completed Apple's 2005 holiday season line-up. "What's our holiday line-up look... it's stonger than ever been. The line-up has never looked this good" he said.

    After releasing updates to every iPod product line at Tuesday's Showtime event he left a very big opening for a major product announcement between now and the holidays. Steve said "I hope this gives you a feeling for what we've got lined up for this holiday season."

    Steve Jobs chooses his words very carefully. If Apple's holiday line-up was now complete - he would have said so emphatically.

    I don't think that any new announcements before Christmas will include a 6G video iPod - because this would really get up the nose of 5.5G iPod purchasers.

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  • j_maddison
    Sep 26, 11:24 AM
    I hope it isn't O2, that would be a shame. To be honest, any network lockins would be bad.
    My vote would be Orange if I had the choice.

    Not sure if you've had a bad experience on O2, but Orange customer service is by far the worst in the UK out of the four main providers. Their business customer service is diabolical at best.


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  • Multimedia
    Aug 23, 07:02 PM
    Smooth Move � Willingness To Admit They Are Right When They Are Right Is Smart Biz. Long Term it's cheap insurance. :)

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  • DelisleBA.info
    Apr 22, 12:02 PM
    I hope they bring back the backlit keyboard.

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  • Cooknn
    Sep 11, 12:44 PM
    A lot of things have to go right for me to be impressed tomorrow.

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  • BC2009
    Mar 30, 11:40 AM
    It goes to show you what our legal system really is like. Kind of goes to show you that much of our legal system is nothing more than expensive babies fighting. Also goes to show you why our government is such a mess because guess what most of our political leaders are........ You guessed it LAWYERS. This is pretty much a world wide thing.

    Yeah -- makes you wonder why the American Revolution ever happened. We replaced somebody who ruled by birthright with somebody who ruled by the merits of being a better lawyer. I guess you can't win. If only all political leaders could have been like George Washington who hated political parties.

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Sep 5, 05:15 AM
    Are you insinuating that Apple should put out a gaming system to compete for PS3 dollars, or just the holiday dollars in general and right now the PS3 is the "Hot Ticket" this coming Holiday season?

    Just wondering.....:confused:

    No, don't be so silly or literal. PS3 dollars are the money people have dedicated to buy the PS3 -- the defacto "big ticket" item this year. Apple needs a product that will compete for that money...and press converage. Everyone and their mother got an iPod last year. Apple needs to pull a fresh product out of Jobs pocket; not a storage bump or new skins for the nano. THAT is what I'm saying.

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  • whooleytoo
    Oct 12, 03:58 PM
    Maybe because all across the globe, women and children are hugely disadvantaged economically and socially in comparison to men? People who need more help should get more help.

    Generally, that's a good point. But in this case I don't think it's significant: your average adult male in Africa is likely to be more affluent than the average adult female (or child), sure - but it's not as if he can afford quality healthcare either!

    It's just people at two different levels of poverty, neither of whom can afford the healthcare they need.

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  • TigerWoodsIV
    Mar 23, 05:56 PM
    Miles you make a great point... You also confirm that Apple better pull them, its a pointless app because if your so drunk then you can't operate a phone let alone an app.

    I beg to differ. I can operate my phone quite well and not even remember doing it lol. Although, you just shouldn't be driving drunk so that you have to avoid the checkpoints.

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  • linux2mac
    Mar 22, 02:06 PM
    I just bought a refurbed Mac mini (HDMI) and was really surprised at how much horsepower that little C2D had to it! It is a GREAT Home Theatre Mac and am totally happy with my purchase! But if they put ThunderBolt in it and an i3 I won't be upset. This chips are getting to the point that they have beaten the software in the core-to-use ratio.

    Maybe I'm just getting older and refined in how I design but there are few times that I have to actually WAIT for my Macs to perform a filter or effect that 15 years ago would have caused me to take a coffee break while my old Mac crunched the info. I don't care if I'm using a MacBook or a MacPro... I'll design on any of them and be quite content.

    I totally agree. My C2D Macs ( I am a new Mac convert since 2009) are plenty fast for me even though the Apple haters on Mac Rumors are quick to tell me I have old technology with my C2D Macs. My Mini Server is one powerful little machine. I am running 3 virtual machines including a production web server and email server. The Macs "just work!" I can't say the same for my days with Windows.

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  • milo
    Sep 19, 03:58 PM
    So is it dumb for Apple to ignore a market of people such as myself? Yes.

    I think the big problem with rentals is that Netflix has it wrapped up right now. You can get a ton of movies for a monthly fee, and I don't see any way an online service can compete with that, at least not without losing money on it.

    If you know your best effort won't compare well to Netflix, does it really make sense to try and do it anyway? Or is it smarter just to stay out of such a cutthroat marketplace?

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  • topmounter
    Apr 4, 12:00 PM
    Head Shot. Well done. :apple:

    +1 Mall Cop Hall of Fame :cool:

    And popping a headshot on a guy in a moving car trying to run you over isn't luck... something tells me this "mall cop" hasn't always been a mall cop.

    Mar 29, 03:00 PM

    Awesome to see Android on the top with Windows. It's about time opensource started taking off. Enough of this Apple closed source junk.

    Mar 23, 04:57 PM
    No one likes drunk drivers. No one. Period. That being said, Apple should not pull the App. Speed trap apps will be next (Trapster)... Keep the app store open to everything thats legal. This is no different than a friend calling you telling you to avoid a check point. Neither is illegal.

    +1 I highly doubt anyone who is drunk is going to dig out their phone to look where the traps are.

    May 3, 11:44 AM
    I've just finish chatting with a person on the apple website. She told me that I can use the new imac (21 and 27") thunderbold input to use the imac as an external display. Only if it comes from a thunderbolt output (like an macbook pro for exemple).

    Sep 10, 10:06 PM
    Actually, look at the Dell Precision 490 Workstation - going from dual 3.0 (Intel 5160) down to a dual 2.66 (Intel 5150) is $410/processor, or an $820 difference in price. Not Apple pushing that one.

    I'm guessing any 8-core machine will initially be a top-entry (ala "fastest") if it is introduced too soon, and not affect the whole lineup. Otherwise I will have more trouble convincing myself to buy the dual 3.0 now :). That Mac + iPod promo ends this week!I agree. It will probably cost about $4k. And I think it's conservative to guess it won't be here before Leopard since Leopard will probably be able to deal with all those cores a lot better than Tiger ever will. So unless you are prepared for another 6-8 month wait, you should go ahead and pull the trigger now. I need you to help drive up the demand for that expensive RAM now please. ;)

    Oct 27, 10:18 AM
    You got to love disruptive, violent behavior from "peace" groups. Sure makes you respect them doesn't it. You can always use paper and pencil if you don't want to use a computer. Oh, wait, harvesting a renewable resource like trees is out. Give me a break.

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