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Friday, July 31, 2009

People who live in USA's Hat will visit Miami! Montreal Impact vs Miami FC Saturday 8 pm at FIU Stadium

Si, ugly peoples from Canada come back to Miami to lose again! If it not enough these pinches Canadians can't even get along with themselves and fight between each other! Why? Maybe it's too cold in Canada? Maybe they tired of being called America's Hat? Burrito don't know and no care.

All Burrito know is that the Blues need to wins and get the three points. Lately Burrito's compadre Diego Serna have not score as much and Burrito think it is because he no get passes up there because we need attacking midfielder that we not have since Leo Inacio has been hurt. So that make Diego go down to look for balls so he no score like he should. Burrito is happy that Paulo Jr. is one bad ass macho man and playing like and running like he eat Hot chile! Ah Chihuahua! read more about the game HERE

Anyways Burrito Invite all you vatos to FIU stadium tomorrow Saturday Agosto 1, 2009 at 8 PM FIU Stadium when Miami FC is gonna beat them pinches Canadienses and send them back crying! Come see the hot mamacitas of the Miami FC Cheerleaders! Drink the FREE Beers at the Ultras tailgate that start at 6 PM.
Buy your tickets at Miami FC site, the box office at stadium or from the Cheerleaders and help support their program!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miami wants in on MLS! New grassroots effort has begun...

South Florida Soccer Fans have been kicked around by critics, Major League Soccer and timid investors, So miamisoccerfan.com has decided to let their voices be heard.
They have launched a campaign to acquire as many “season ticket dedications” as possible for a potential Major League Soccer team in Miami. A “season ticket dedication” is basically a pledge that if Miami does get a Major League Soccer team, you will buy season tickets. Miamisoccerfan continues:
We need as many season ticket dedications as possible to enhance support for our case of getting an MLS team in the near future. If you want to do more than just sign up for a season ticket dedication, send an e-mail to all your friends to get them to sign up or join the Ultras at our events as we will be canvassing the local soccer community trying to get dedications.
South Florida is being called out. After half ass attempts to bring an MLS team to Miami it is the fans who will determine if we ever have an MLS team in South Florida. Time to step up people, time to tell the world the last great season of the Miami Fusion (2001) was not a fluke. Time to tell the world the Ft Lauderdale Strikers of the old NASL was not a fluke, that South Florida can and will support a professional Soccer team if the owners and investors do the right marketing and are willing to give this market the chance it needs to succeed.
Go to http://www.miamisoccerfan.com/Soccer/Tickets.html
Join the Miami Ultras be part of the South Florida Soccer Revolution!

And the Dessert Cart Rolls On

Striker Likers, now is the time to rejoice! Our voices are being heard and read. Our little site here, for a short time, was nothing more than a sign post, but the fervor of Striker fever is catching on around the World (Wide Web, that is).

Facebook now has a dedicated group of Striker Likers.

Twitter has also come around with a Striker Liker page.

The Miami FC fanclub homepage has a many Striker Likers in their ranks.

What does this all mean? Well, not much, but at least people are talking, tweeting, blogging, posting photos, sharing memories and that just might lead to something.

Now, wouldn't that be nice?

Miami FC prize give away. Miami Kickers in the National Championship playoffs

South Florida's Professional Soccer team, Miami FC is giving away amazing prizes for fans that are following them on both Facebook and Twitter! All you have to do is join their Facebook group or Twitter and compete for great prizes! If you want to join their Facebook legion of fans, go to:
To follow them on Twitter, go to: www.twitter.com/miamifc
Good luck to all of you!

The Miami Kickers FC are the new WPSL Sunshine Conference Champions and played the Regional Championship against the Ohio Premier this past Saturday, July 25th and defeated them at home by 2-0.
The Kickers will now play in New York on August 1 against Ajax America Women at Adelphi University in the National Championship playoff. Good luck to the girls on their quest for championship glory!

Miami FC fans! Be sure to support Soccer in South Florida as the Blues play against the Montreal Impact at FIU Stadium this Saturday August 1, 2009 - 8:00 PM. Look for the Miami Ultras and come drink their FREE beer at the tailgate that starts at 6:00 PM! For tickets go the the Miami FC site or buy them at the stadium. You can also buy tickets from the FIU Cheerleaders and help them fund their program, so don't miss this game! Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!
Picture by Robert Scorca

Monday, July 27, 2009

Madridistas packed the Bernabeu to get a glimpse of their new idol Cristiano fever

www.realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium rolled out the red carpet to greet Cristiano Ronaldo. Tens of thousands of fans gathered at the White Colosseum to get a glimpse of their new idol, packing the stands as if they were about to watch a game. A giant screen was installed outside the Bernabeu for those who wished to follow the presentation nearby.

The stadium opened its gates at 19:00 so that 75,000 people could attend the presentation of a player. Many of them waited for hours outside the stadium gates to get a seat.

It isn't every day that one gets the chance to see one of the biggest football stadiums in the world packed for an event different from a match. This was truly an historical day at Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo follows in the footsteps of Secretario and Figo Third Portuguese Madridista

www.realmadrid.com / Alberto Navarro / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Carlos Secretario was the first Portuguese. The next to arrive was Luis Figo, role model for Cristiano Ronaldo, who at 24 is Real Madrid's latest signing and already has a spectacular track record.

Carlos Secretario (1996/97)
The right back was the first Portuguese player at Real Madrid. He was only at the Club for a year and a half and didn’t really perform well enough to become a starter. He joined Porto after leaving Madrid, becoming pivotal in the club’s best run in the modern football era. He won one UEFA Cup and a Champions League coached by Mourinho.

Luis Figo (2000-05)
Like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo was signed by Florentino Perez. He was the President’s first signing and helped bring glamour back to the team’s right wing, which was still suffering from Michel’s departure. Figo was an amazing dribbler and served impressive assists to his team-mates. Infallible in set pieces, he formed a great partnership with Raul both on and off the pitch. His arrival at Real Madrid attracted much media attention because he came from eternal foe Barcelona; the signing indeed caused a rift between both clubs. He played for the Whites for five years, the most successful of his career; he won La Liga, the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

Cristiano: "I've never felt anything like what I felt at the Bernabeu today" "Real Madrid was my dream"

www.realmadrid.com / Alvaro Velasco / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Cristiano Ronaldo gave his first press conference as a Real Madrid player right after his official presentation.

What position would you like to play in?
I haven’t always played as a striker. I prefer to play down the wing, but I wouldn’t mind playing as a striker.
What word defines your presentation day?

Is it going to be hard for you to sleep today?
I’m sure I’ll sleep well. I’m tired.

What did you think of when you saw 80,000 people at the stadium?
It was a beautiful sensation. I loved it. I didn’t expect the stadium to be full. This is a dream come true. I thought of my parents. I felt the fans are fond of me already. I want to pay them back for that. I know I’ll feel more pressure here than at Manchester United, but I have faith in myself and I am ambitious. I want the league to begin to do my absolute best.

What would you like to say to the people at Manchester United?
I think about my former team-mates and bosses. I had a great relationship with them for six years. My team-mates respect my decision. Real Madrid is a dream and a great challenge to me. This is my new home and I will give 100% for this shirt.

What did Di Stefano say to you?
It was very special to meet him. He is a legend. It was the same as meeting Bobby Charlton at Manchester United. He wished me luck. I am very grateful to him. It was one of the best moments of my life.

What do you think of the money your transfer has cost?
I’ve always said a club must pay a lot of money to get the best players. I want to prove that they made the right decision. I understand many of the comments that have been made, but I’m happy for being the most expensive player in the Club’s history. It makes me feel proud.

Did you think about how hard it’s been for you to get here when you entered the dressing room?
Yes. To play for Real Madrid was my life’s ambition. I wanted to change clubs and this is the one I regard to be the best. It is special to kiss this shirt for the first time. I felt special emotions.

Will you make Real Madrid win the European Cup again?
I won’t play alone. I will be part of the team and I will do my best to help it win the Champions League. We have a great team and a great coach. We will take things slowly at first and then we’ll think about the Champions League. We have to do a good job.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

USA and Miami FC lose, Ultras at Republica Deportiva and more

It was a tough Sunday in many ways for the Miami Ultras. Once again we were invited to attend Univision's Republica Deportiva for the USA vs Mexico Gold Cup final. Everything was great, confidence was high. The Mexican fans chanted their typical Mexican tunes while the Ultras began to drown them out with our incessant USA! USA! USA! One of us started to yell "USA es tu papa" (USA is your daddy!) and that became the hymn until the second half when the Mexicans were awarded a penalty. It was to mark the end for the U.S. After that we received such a whooping that it will last us a life time!

I've always been a critic of Bob Bradley, never liked his methods or tactics, but his recent good luck at the Confederations Cup and now the recent Gold Cup results; considering we played without any first team players (save Ching who I never thought was that good anyway) will preserve him inevitably as the coach, even though we lost another final this time by 5-0. Ouch!
Asking for his head is futile at this point. Too close to World Cup Qualifying to do that and we've managed to stay in it and should make it to the WC unless some major catastrophe develops.
The Ultras were crushed by the USA loss and to add insult to injury while on the Univision set we received the information that Miami FC also lost against the Carolina Railhawks 4-0... read more HERE . it was not a good day for the Blues and a terrible day for the Ultras.
Check out some pictures at Univision:

For more pictures check out the Ultras site
I need to point out 2 great pieces over at the Miami Ultra site. First, Robert Scorca's piece on the history of South Florida Soccer. He takes us back to the days of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers! Great pictures and great history check it out HERE
Derek Reese then takes us on a ride with his dream piece "If I were a billionaire" with Stadium pictures and enough detail that I do hope somehow Derek becomes a Billionaire!

Joining Cristiano in the dressing room


Fourty minutes prior to his presentation, Cristiano Ronaldo had his first look at his new dressing room. "I had never been here before, and it's fantastic." He knew that just meters away waited 80,000 fans.

The Cristiano Ronaldo show began in the dressing room, where the Portuguese star gave us a glimpse of his ball skills. One touch after the other on a miniture set surrounded by cables and lights. The ball never hit the grund as the acrobatics grew more impressive. It was his way of warming up and preparing for what awaited; hi s way of relieving the stress. As soon as Jorge Valdano walked in Cristiano asked the Director General what kind of surface he would be setting foot on. "Similar to the dressing room," reponded Valdano, and Cristiano immediately calmed down. He didn't want any mistakes so that everything was just perfect.

He knew the date, 6 July 2009, that was embossed on his shirt would go down in history. "Is this the biggest presentation ever?" he asked. "Yes, it's broken all the records," replied those on hand. He smiled and continued working the ball.

He had previously been put through an intense photo session. Spectacular photos because he poses so professionally knowing how important his image is to the club. He humbly took orders from the photographers and posed with several different shirts with his name written in Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

Ten minutes away from the presentation, Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez walked in. Ronaldo continued displaying his skills. "How well do you play?" he asked the President, who replied, "I'll leave the playing to you, my friend." The two chatted for several minutes and the dressing room slowly emptied out, leaving nothing but the player behind. The silence was a stark contrast to the 119 decibels recorded as he appeared on the pitch.

Ronaldo kissed the cross on his necklace and got his last touch on the ball before making his way out of the tunner. His game begins now.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

Legendary Portuguese player Eusebio will attend Cristiano Ronaldo's presentation Invited by Real Madrid

www.realmadrid.com / Patricia del Moral / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Eusebio is one of the best Portuguese players in history and that's why Real Madrid have invited him to attend Cristiano Ronaldo's presentation. The legendary player had luch with veterans Alfredo di Stefano, Santamaria, Zoco, Amancio, Pachin and ButragueƱo.

Eusebio was one of the best forwards of the 1960s. FIFA considers him to be one of the best European players of the 20th Century and he is currently in ninth place on the IFFHS' 50 Best Players of the 20th Century list. Eusebio was the leader at Benfica for 15 years (1960-1975), winning ten league titles, two European Cups and five Cups of Portugal. He won several individual accolades, such as the Ballon d'Or (1965), the Golden Ball in the 1966 World Cup and the Golden Boot in 1968 and 1973.

Today is a very special day for Cristiano Ronaldo. He will be officially presented as Real Madrid's new player at 21:00 CET, an event nobody wants to miss; more than 200 different media platforms will be in the stadium to cover it.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paulo Jr Scores twice to give Miami FC a victory over the Thunder

Miami FC played a tough match versus the Minnesota Thunder defeating them by 2-1. A group of Miami Fans led by the Miami Ultras along with Miami FC staff and a few players watched the game at Fritz & Franz in Coral Gables and were delighted by the hospitality and great beer! The ambiance was set for what would be a memorable match for Blues fans.

It was Paulo Araujo Jr's night as he proves to once again be the main catalyst in Miami FC's attack. Paulo Jr. is in my opinion the best player so far this season. He has been instrumental in just about every match he has participated in. But enough with the talk check out the video of the second goal.

Picture by Victor Palkaninec
Be sure to check this blog out as we will bring you pictures of the watch party.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Farewell Orioles

Thank god that's over.

Remember when, not too long ago, we had that scare of the Baltimore Orioles demolishing Lockhart Stadium to construct a state of the art Spring Training and Minor League facility? Well, that didn't pan out and now the B. O.'s are moving to Sarasota, which not only frees Lockhart Stadium from any bulldozers in the near future but also means there will be no Spring Training baseball in South Florida at all.

Some would also argue that we don't have Major League Baseball either based on attendance numbers at Landshark Stadium recently.

In any case, farewell Orioles, we didn't like birds anyhow.

Watch Party this Friday at Fritz & Franz 8 pm!

South Florida Soccer fans! Come out and support your Miami FC as they get ready to play an away game versus the Minnesota Thunder Live on FSC this Friday (July 24th) at 8 PM.
The Miami Ultras and Miami FC (non-traveling players, front office and cheerleaders) will be viewing this game at Fritz and Franz Bierhaus located at 60 Merrick Way in Coral Gables.
All Miami Ultras and guests will get a 10% discount so bring everyone and their momma!

Miami FC is currently in 6th place and holding on to a playoff spot. We need a win on the road to stay in the hunt for the title.

Be sure to bring your jerseys, flags, scarves and get ready to scream Goal!
Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!

A Tribute to el Taco Bell Chihuahua by Burrito

Burrito once suggest to Miami FC staff to bring back the Taco Bell chihuahua and put her on the Miami FC jersey, pero they all laugh at Burrito.
Si, Burrito know this not futbol related, pero for this once Burrito want to give eulogy for this wonderful chihuahua that give burrito so much joy and pleasant night time satisfaction after burrito go to concerts and fiestas. Taco Bell will never be the same without Gidget, the chihuahua. The chimichangas, the quesadillas and all the taquitos that we all love and desire late at night when everything else is closed will never, ever, whevers be the same.
She was a beautiful bitch... and she will be missed... Hasta luego Chihuahua de mi amor, hasta la vista! May you chase many gatos up in doggie heavens!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheerleaders to the rescue!

Miami FC has been working on getting fans to FIU Stadium and one strategy is to work with the FIU Cheerleaders.
FIU recently had a budget reduction which affected the Cheerleaders and other Athletic Department programs. I was able to get in touch with Tommy Knapp, Director of Tickets/Hospitality for Miami FC and he pointed out the following:

First, the FIU Cheerleaders will be at the games from here on to help raise funds for their program through a number of initiatives. They will be cheering at the remainder of our home games. They will be selling tickets to Miami FC home games on campus and in the S FLA community. They will also be joining in promotional outings such as festivals, soccer related tournaments, charity events, etc. The objective is to join forces and develop greater awareness, community support and revenue streams for both organizations.There are 42 girls on the team who will all be involved, with 15 of them acting as the main Miami FC cheer team. The team is lead by Maria George, a former Dolphin cheerleader.
For more on the Cheerleaders be sure to visit http://fiucheerleading.com/
Support your FIU Cheerleaders and support Miami FC!
All pictures by Robert Scorca
Be sure to check out the most recent podcast at miamisoccerfan.com Ultras President Pieter Brown interviews Tommy Knapp and Aaron Davidson of Miami FC and later discusses the games, cheerleaders, marketing and just about anything with me, Uncle Ed! Go HERE

A great blog to view is The Kartik Report. Kartik gives a Miami FC Midseason Report worth reading so go do it! HERE

Miami FC Fans! Be sure to meet up with the Ultras for a Watch Party at Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables this Friday July 24 at 8pm as the Blues play away versus the Minnesota Thunder. Come out and support the Blues. You get a special 10% discount if you say you are with the Ultras!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bring it Back or Just Start it Again

So we know we do a lot of history digging on this site and we do it for several reasons. For starters, we love the fact that we had such an experience once and that gives us the belief that we can have it again. We also do it because in order to have this beautiful game again we need to draw on the past and bring it into the future.

Now, we've been noticing a lot of stir lately. More items on ebay. More website and forums with people talking about the strikers and so on and so forth.

It is a time of new beginnings and communication. So let's make this work.

Oh no, We suck again! by Burrito


Tonite Burrito jump fence at FIU stadium only to see 300 peoples show up to a game no vato in Miami knew was taking place. There were no signs, except for one that say "Colombian Festival" where there was thousands of cars not far from FIU Stadium. Burrito talk to some Colombianos and tell them to come to game. They no even know Miami FC exist!!! Chingada madre! On tops of that Miami play terrible futbol. Burrito think they would play like Friday's game where Los Azules were close to winning. Pero no, it not happen this time. Portland came to destroy Miami and in second half hit us with 3 goles. More on game at Miami FC site

If you want to see pictures of game see the ones Victor Palkaninec took of Fridays game, go HERE

The only thing good about Miami FC game was the Ultras girls new dance that Burrito hope the FIU cheerleaders pick up.... Check it out:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ready to get the ball rolling


Cristiano Ronaldo is looking forward to returning to work. The Porrtuguese who may play for Real Madrid is relishing the opportunity to play side by side with players like "Kaka, Casillas, Raul and Guti."

"Negotiations are still not concluded, but I want to begin the preseason as soon as they are. I first want to stay here for a few days and rest up so that I am in perfect shape when I arrive. The truth is that I'm eager to start."

"My goal is based on one challenge after the next. Such was the case in Manchester. This will be quite different because everything is new to me. I know expectations are high, but I have to get used to it. I have a notion of what I am and what I can do. I have to relax with my family for now so that I am in the best shape physically and pyschologically when I arrive in Madrid."

"Real Madrid is the club in which I've always wanted to play. I am very grateful for the effort made on my behalf."

""It will be good to play with Kaka, a player who was the Ballon d'Or, the best in the world, but also with Raul, Casillas and Guti."

"The goal is to win titles. Madrid are used to winning, just as Manchester United are. I am very excited and I am sure everything will turn out well."

"It may be complicated at the beginning because I spent the last six years in Manchester. Football in England is more physical and faster. It takes time to adapt to any kind of football no matter how good you are. I just hope to adapt as quickly as possible."

Real Madrid starlet Cristiano Ronaldo 9

Real Madrid starlet Cristiano Ronaldo 9

Real Madrid starlet Cristiano Ronaldo 9

Real Madrid starlet Cristiano Ronaldo 9

Real Madrid starlet Cristiano Ronaldo 9