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Friday, May 20, 2011

wolf blitzer dougie

wolf blitzer dougie. CNN#39;s WOLF BLITZER DANCES THE

  • iMeowbot
    Aug 29, 03:28 AM
    I have never seen a PC manufacturer put out an ad that attacks Macs.

    It happens. (http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/08-26-2002/0001789141&EDATE=)

    Gateway, Inc. (NYSE: GTW) today launches its sleek new Gateway Profile(R) 4 all-in-one PC with an aggressive advertising campaign encouraging people to compare it head-to-head with the Apple iMac computer on design, performance and value. TV, print and Web ads employ hard facts to demonstrate the superiority of the Gateway Profile 4 over the iMac.

    wolf blitzer dougie. Teach Wolf Blitzer how to
  • Teach Wolf Blitzer how to

  • tbobmccoy
    Mar 23, 05:40 PM
    It's illegal. Police need to publicly announce check points before setting up. Ironic they would want to pull the app since this is the basis that makes them legal in the first place.

    I'm not sure that's the case in Texas, but I will acquiesce since I don't remember that from school and also am typing on my iPhone. Either way, the app is still a good one, and shouldn't be removed.

    wolf blitzer dougie. wolf blitzer dougie.
  • wolf blitzer dougie.

  • whatever
    Oct 12, 02:21 PM
    I would love to have a red iPod, but I don't know why we would ever give money to help fight AIDS on a continent where the people take NO precautions to prevent themselves from getting AIDS... I mean, sure many children are born with it in Africa, but for soooo many adults, they could prevent the spread if they would just be monogamous.

    So there, I solved AIDS for free, no Oprah, no Bono, no Ipods. Just have sex only within a lifetime committed relationship and AIDS is all but gone in one generation!

    I'll stick to my black aluminum iPod nano, anyhow. I just hope 10% of the proceeds didn't go to research finding cures for the black plague... or frostbite...
    It makes me so happy to know that there are still plenty of stupid people in the world.

    Thank you

    wolf blitzer dougie. wolf blitzer dougie. wolf
  • wolf blitzer dougie. wolf

  • Multimedia
    Sep 10, 08:48 AM
    Software will also have to keep up and unless your software becomes massively multithreaded and what you're doing can actually be multi threaded there's no real advantage to multi-core CPUs.

    This is already a problem with Quicktime in that it doesn't scale past 2 cores. You'll find half of your computer under utilised for instance when transcoding video in Quicktime.Not if you transcode multiple files simultaneously - which is what I do with multiple instances of Toast 7 and Handbrake..

    Plus that will probably be fixed in QuickTime 8 which is likely to come with Leopard.

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  • Wolf Blitzer is taught how to

  • MrWinters
    Apr 28, 05:36 PM
    Yes it's all willy-waving, which was in fact my point.

    and to Mr Winters - you haven't met me before, that comment you refer to isn't one of mine. Also it's wise to be careful who you try to belittle with 'boy' references, you have no idea who I am or how experienced or qualified I am compared to you.

    I don't know you. I do know that you have no idea what the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers and the Project Management Institute is. I do know that you have no idea what Certified Cost Engineer, Certified Forensic Claims Consultant, and Project Management Professional certifications are.

    As ever, if you're new here, don't try to impress (or troll) by waving experience or qualification around to justify your opinion.

    As I mentioned, Experience or Education isn't necessary to refute the post "Microsoft is DEAD". A 3rd grade education and a tad of common sense would tell you that..

    We all know MS isn't dead when making 5.23 BILLION profits,

    Obviously, WE all don't. My original post was not addressed to you but to Mr. BR Lawyer whose exact post was "Microsoft is DEAD"... Please go on though and tell me about how "WE ALL KNOW"....

    wolf blitzer dougie. CNN#39;s Wolf Blitzer Does the
  • CNN#39;s Wolf Blitzer Does the

  • miles01110
    Apr 20, 12:55 PM
    Innocent until proven guilty ... what happend to that? You cant just claim 'Apple has a centralized database with all your location information' when the only thing that is know is that it is stored locally on your device.
    Well it's a good thing that's not what I claimed, isn't it then?

    Just claiming a stupid thing and say it is true until you prove it's wrong does not work. There is no evidence whatsoever that it is stored somewhere else.

    Did you even read the post I was responding to? I made no claim other than it is impossible to say whether or not the data is stored somewhere else unless you have some sort of evidence to suggest that it isn't. Since it's on an Apple (a company that's all about data collection) device and the data itself isn't particularly useful stored locally, it's not unreasonable to guess that it is indeed being stored somewhere else.

    wolf blitzer dougie. Wolf Blitzer, CNN, celeb
  • Wolf Blitzer, CNN, celeb

  • roland.g
    Aug 28, 02:33 PM
    I too am waiting for a revision before buying. But it is somewhat ridiculous. Like saying I could date this girl now, or I could wait until next month when a faster one turns 18.

    On another note, anyone notice that Mini's are gone from the refurb store...

    wolf blitzer dougie. wolf blitzer dougie. Wolf Blitzer describes it. Wolf Blitzer describes it. jmgregory1. Mar 22, 04:01 PM. I can assure that doubling the 256MB of the first
  • wolf blitzer dougie. Wolf Blitzer describes it. Wolf Blitzer describes it. jmgregory1. Mar 22, 04:01 PM. I can assure that doubling the 256MB of the first

  • charlituna
    Apr 11, 09:27 AM
    What I don't get is why can't Apple enable any iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) as an Airplay target device? Obviously iOS supports it as Apple TV can be a target for Airplay from iTunes.

    They could do it but AirPlay targets are supposed to have good sound and the speakers on those items do not. So it makes sense that they haven't cause the idiot masses would hear that lousy sound and think their whatever was busted.

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  • Wolf Blitzer, Diane Sawyer

  • EagerDragon
    Sep 10, 08:47 AM
    Is the 24" as quiet as the MacPro? Have you been able to compare to the 20"?
    The store is noisy, so it is hard to say. To me neither was making a sound.

    wolf blitzer dougie. wolf blitzer dougie. BARBEE, WOLF BLITZER (CNN) AND; BARBEE, WOLF BLITZER (CNN) AND. Malligator. Mar 31, 03:49 PM. And the Apple haters do yet another 180.
  • wolf blitzer dougie. BARBEE, WOLF BLITZER (CNN) AND; BARBEE, WOLF BLITZER (CNN) AND. Malligator. Mar 31, 03:49 PM. And the Apple haters do yet another 180.

  • spaz
    Sep 20, 01:24 PM
    Well after 8 pages I'm not sure my 2 cents counts for much, but after buying MY "test movie" last night (the brilliant Romy and Michele's High School Reunion), I have a few observations.

    Video Quality: Definitely looks a little soft on my widescreen 34" Sony HDTV, but not really bothersome. I'd argue with those who say you can't tell the difference from a DVD, but then again if you just threw the digital file on, I doubt anyone would complain.

    Download speed: I must be lucky, because I got the entire movie in 20 minutes flat on my Cable modem. I don't expect that to be the standard, though.

    Audio quality: Granted, this was not Revenge of the Sith, but the audio was totally satisfactory. I listened on headphones to get a better sense and the sound was perfectly fine.

    My initial reaction was similar to many, in that I couldnt' imagine why people would want a digital file with no physical media, no artwork, and digital rights management, but I've begun to feel this will gain the same appeal as digital audio has. When iTunes started selling music, I was the first to poo-pooh the concept. I am a rabid music collector and couldn't imagine paying for a product without the jewel case, liner notes, etc... now I buy most of my music from iTunes (most, not all) and I don't regret it. I realized i really didn't WANT to cart around cases and discs when I could just have it all digitally, ready to watch, on my device. It's too early to say the same will happen with movies (which, admittedly, are a different animal) but I can definitely see the possibility of lightning striking twice.

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  • Happening Now: Wolf Blitzer

  • Pravius
    Apr 22, 09:40 AM
    Man, stop it with the cloud service already. :rolleyes: You can't rely on the internet availability for listening to music. It's unreliable. Plus, the streaming will probably be low resolution, drain battery life, eat into data caps, not display lyrics, and generally be a crappy experience. If I wanted to stream, I can do it from my home computer where my music already resides with one of the 100 apps already available and not have to fight through all the bandwidth issues that are probably gonna result from Apple's side. What's the point? I can do this now.

    Of course what we really need if more friggin' flash memory on our devices! Apple's been stuck on 32 GB on the iPhone for almost 3 years!


    I don't think anyone here is arguing the fact that they are going to use the cloud service as a replacement for streaming from home, however having an option is nice.

    For me personally and I think that most people here are on the same page.

    1. It's a great way to backup your music library knowing it will never get erased, expire, etc.

    2. When we are on the move and do not have the option to turn on our computers to listen to music we have the option of going to the cloud.

    3. Saves hard drive space and also does not require me to fill my iPhone full of music and nothing else. At this point my iTunes library is nearly 30 gigs. That is twice the size of my iPhone storage.

    For me it will not be a replacement (yet). I have been using the Amazon clous service and it has been very reliable. Sure it takes awhile to upload but once you have everything uploaded then you are good to go. I have been streaming since it went live and have not yet had one issue, and yes I am using the computer and my iPhone (iCab and change the browser type to something other than Safari (iPhone).

    wolf blitzer dougie. wolf blitzer dougie. can he
  • wolf blitzer dougie. can he

  • nwcs
    Apr 20, 10:08 AM
    Where are people going that they need to be alarmist about this? Every phone, every gps thing, and more do this.

    wolf blitzer dougie. CNN#39;s Wolf Blitzer Tries To
  • CNN#39;s Wolf Blitzer Tries To

  • gugy
    Aug 31, 12:55 PM
    Apple Insider was saying the movie price would be $14.99 -I would not pay that much to watch a movie on a small screen... no way, unless I had a hour long commute to work on a train... can't believe there are that many people like that out there!

    If that's true for an small format movie, the Itunes Movie store will bomb. There is no way in hell people will pay that money. Is better buy a DVD at your local store.
    Apple knows that, so that's why I am pretty sure it won't happen.

    wolf blitzer dougie. heavyweight Wolf Blitzer
  • heavyweight Wolf Blitzer

  • batchtaster
    Apr 11, 08:40 AM
    you seem, like so many people these days, to be wanting everything while giving nothing...

    Hey Apple / music / movie /etc etc industry, why cant you just let me have whatever I want, whenever I want, all for free?
    And let me moan and whinge non-stop while you're doing it.


    And not just free - employ people and sink resources into it to make it happen, so that Apple (and other companies making great products) actually pays for these things they want, like they're 5 year olds pawing through the candy in the check-out line at Walgreens, demanding one more piece. You want the candy? Buy it.

    On another tack, I can't help thinking this guy has opened up a can of worms for himself, DMCA-wise.

    wolf blitzer dougie. Article. Cali Swag District
  • Article. Cali Swag District

  • nfable
    Mar 30, 11:38 AM
    It seems that App on its own is generic, but the combination with another word to define a particular thing is not... see

    Lady + Gaga
    Best + Buy
    Fack + Book
    Micro + Soft
    General + Electric
    Pintos + Cheese .. okay, maybe not that

    wolf blitzer dougie. Even BET had CNN#39;s Wolf
  • Even BET had CNN#39;s Wolf

  • BWhaler
    Oct 12, 05:25 PM
    They might as well add a Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro too.

    Best post of the day.

    My gues is that all these whiners would not even notice if you snuck in at night and swapped out ther procesor for a C2D chip. They'd just wake up the next moring fire up the computer and never even notice.

    It's like those audiophiles who argue endlessly about if gold plated or silver plated speaker wire sounds better.

    Worst & dumbest post of the day.

    wolf blitzer dougie. everyone from Wolf Blitzer
  • everyone from Wolf Blitzer

  • JayLenochiniMac
    Apr 4, 12:42 PM
    From article (http://www.10news.com/news/27421748/detail.html):

    The male suspects and their alleged female accomplice then got into a silver Acura that crashed while still inside the shopping center's parking lot, Facicci said, noting that one of the men was driving and he died in the crash. He appears to have been killed by a bullet that went through the passenger window, Chula Vista Police said.

    This explains the headshot as the driver was sitting in the car and they were likely still firing at the guard while attempting to get away.

    wolf blitzer dougie. combo of Wolf Blitzer and
  • combo of Wolf Blitzer and

  • malnar
    Apr 20, 01:53 PM
    Oh, my God! Somebody will know that I took the train! (If, of course, they are security researchers or police officers or vengeful wives who hire a tech detective). So what? Apple does what a responsible corporation must: it won't give out your location without your permission, each and every time.
    You're not getting it. You are looking at a sunny-sky situation where nothing bad ever happens. Let's look at it from my perspective, a real-world perspective: my Macbook, which was used to sync my iPhone and my wife's iPhone, was stolen last fall. So who has all of this supposedly "safe" data now? Whoever has that Macbook. Probably nothing will ever happen, but now I have that little thing in the back of my mind thinking, "Hmm, if that guy happens to read about this and happens to still have it, he could theoretically track our normal daily movements." In other words, he'd know our daily routine - you know, most people have a routine and stick to it and don't think a second thing about it. Conceivably, he could come back and strike again because he has a good feel of when we're not there. I'd say the likelihood of this happening is extremely low. But it could happen because of this. (And we know the Macbook was used for a long, long time because of Zumocast - had it on our iPhones and her computer and saw him logged in all the time, starting a couple days after he stole it. Was actually able to recover some family videos that way, actually.)

    That's what you don't get. People shouldn't even have to worry about this. That kind of data shouldn't be available, period. PERIOD. And don't tell me to encrypt my iPhone backups, that's water under the bridge. Why doesn't iTunes encrypt them automatically, hmm? There's no need for any of this.

    wolf blitzer dougie. Wolf Blitzer Does The #39;Dougie#39;
  • Wolf Blitzer Does The #39;Dougie#39;

  • lasuther
    Apr 22, 01:25 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I'll get the upgraded 13" MBA when Lion comes loaded on it.

    Fredo Viola
    Sep 12, 02:10 PM
    I'm very happy about the gapless playback, and battery life, but generally all these updates are pretty disappointing.

    Mar 30, 12:20 PM
    Microsoft struck back ... saying "the compound noun 'app store' means simply 'store at which apps are offered for sale,' which is merely a definition of the thing itself--a generic characterization."

    Therefore, the compound name "Microsoft" must simply be a soft thing that is becoming micro in relevance (and business ethics)...

    Apr 25, 01:51 AM
    I wouldn't go so far as to kill someone. If I killed them, how could they learn a lesson?


    You won't be intending to kill someone, but if you get in an accident at or above freeway speeds, you or someone else will be killed wether you are trying to kill them or not, and even if you game the system to get off of any charges you will still have to live with the fact that you killed someone.

    Sep 5, 05:31 PM
    Milo.I have my MacBook sitting next to and connected via S-Video to my TV and use iTunes sharing via Airport to watch videos almost every day..

    The key to good quality over iTunes sharing is to make the movie hinted.
    And it streams just fine..

    I never said the streaming isn't possible. I just said there isn't a HARDWARE device like the airport that makes this possible without a computer.

    Having to leave a computer hooked up to the TV all the time (or drag over a laptop) isn't a convenient solution. An airport box with video output IS a new solution, and something not available now.

    May 1, 06:11 AM
    Crap... I just ordered a 27" iMac from store.apple.com Friday morning. It hasn't shipped yet as i did some custom changes. I am going to call in the morning to see if I can hopefully cancel the order. I also purchased a 27" Cinema Display but that has already shipped. And doesn't look like it is in this upgrade round.

    If it has not been 'prepared for shipment', you can still cancel the item online.

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