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Friday, May 13, 2011

will kopelman drew barrymore

will kopelman drew barrymore. drew barrymore will kopelman
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  • Ugg
    Apr 17, 08:55 PM
    I don't know if i can. Give me some time. But doesn't it make sense that if u stop using something that killed disease spreading insects that the insects will continue to spread the disease?

    What if the DDT destroys frogs and kills birds? They are two of the mosquitoes biggest enemies. That will obviously only make the problem worse, won't it?

    Malaria is a big killer but mosquito nets can make an enormous difference as well as education about what causes malaria.

    Reaching for a can of toxic chemicals isn't always the best solution. If we don't approach a problem holistically, all we do is create more problems down the road.

    Do you know what PCBs are? Did you know that small Aleutian Islands qualify for EPA cleanup (http://juneauempire.com/stories/081197/toxins.html)even though no PCBs have ever been on the island?

    Higher levels of PCBs were found in otters taken from Adak than from otters taken off the coast of California, the scientists said. Their findings were reported in a study published last month in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin.

    Enough DDT was found in egg samples from eagles on Kiska Island to indicate the pesticide may be harming the bird's ability to reproduce in one of the nation's most remote areas, scientists said.

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  • ~Shard~
    Aug 31, 11:48 AM
    I've been putting off a new mac for YEARS! Gief Core Duo 2 iMacs!

    Yep, that would be nice! Being that Apple touts the iMac as being their "flagship model" in many respects, you think that they would ensure it is always as up to date and competitive as possible. I think a Conroe iMac would be great, but perhaps Apple is holding off due to a redesign. I don't know how much they could change the iMac, or if they'd want to right now but who knows...

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  • manu chao
    Apr 11, 07:46 AM
    I got my Mac connected to some great speakers.
    Now, a friend comes by for a visit, brings along his laptop and we want to hear some music from his iTunes --> messy cables, my friend standing with his laptop by the amplifier because that cable is short (…)

    Ever heard of Home Sharing? If you read carefully through this thread, you might even come across it. As long as you connect your friend's laptop to your WiFi network, you access its iTunes library through Home Sharing from your Mac.

    Another friend comes over. We want to listen to music from his/her iPod/iPhone/iPad --> messy cables.

    Simply connect his or her iOS device or iPod to your computer with the standard sync cable (keeps it charged at the same time), and you can access its content from your Mac.

    All this could be accomplished with a few airport express units across the house which is somehow a luxury option money-wise and somehow redundant since I already have a wireless router and at least one computer up and running.
    So, Airport Expresses are luxury but other WiFi routers onto which an Airplay hack could be installed are not luxury?
    You can rightfully slam Apple for not including Airplay into the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme but that is about it.

    And for those suggesting third-party software, this sounds great if I were the only using them. I cannot imagine telling my friends "hey, buy this $40 software so we can stream music to each other's computer". I'm not sure I could even convince them to install free software to mess with their audio setup.

    To stream between computers, you only need iTunes and Home Sharing, which is, btw, free. And you now welcome/wish for a third-party hack to stream music and then in the same breath say that installing even bonafide software like the free Airfoil Speakers or iTunes is out of the question. What is it, you could convince your friends to install a third-party hack on their computers but not iTunes or Airfoil?

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  • Teddy's
    Aug 28, 12:07 PM
    Great, just after the "back to school" shopping spree. Well, there will be better performance increases in 2007. I hope.

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  • gkhaldi
    Sep 14, 05:15 AM
    When i just went to MR, and this popped up, I almost had a heart attack. wallet ready before the story eved loaded. I was quite dissapointed. i am waiting for this SO much. this is the one device i would bu at the drop of a hat


    Ditto :p

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  • roadbloc
    Mar 29, 11:40 AM
    When Windows starts to come close to SL in terms of ease of use and functionality let me know ;)
    You have clearly never used Windows 7.

    Command Shift 4= snap selection
    Command Shirt 3= full screen.
    And neither have you.
    Oh wait, you're the same person!

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  • dizmonk
    Jan 13, 05:20 PM

    I've been running Sophos for 3 months, with Time Machine via firewire, etc. No issues with either.

    2.8ghz i7/16gb

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 14, 02:55 PM
    Well, it would surprise me. USB3.0 and Thunderbolt will come included in Intel''s Ivy Bridge. Apple would have to add more hardware and disable USB 3.0 to make it 2.0 only. Makes zero cents.

    Who are you to comment on the potential profitability of said move?

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  • cmaier
    Nov 13, 03:32 PM
    So they "knew" they were Right after being told otherwise. :rolleyes:

    If I remember correctly, apps that get rejected multiple times experiment unusual delays in the approval process.

    Maybe they have never developed software for a client and so it is their way or else. Sad.

    If you want to develop for the highly rewarding AppStore you have to come to grips with the fact that it is a combination of both models -there is a client, Apple, and there are customers. Fail to please any of them at your own risk.

    On the other hand, new openings in a crowded marketplace are more of a good thing for everybody. Farewell, strong-headed developers! :D

    The difference is with a client I can show them a prototype, or mock up, prior to having to put all the resources into creating a fully functioning app.

    In the app store, when I have an idea for an app, I can't pre-screen it with Apple. I just have to write the damned thing, submit it, and take my chances.

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  • pengu
    Sep 18, 12:01 AM
    If your reason why CDMA is terrible is due to limited use, then, that's at best poor reasoning.

    ok. how many times do i have to say this. BAD FOR CONSUMERS. the average joe is locked to whatever phone the carrier offers, or whatever carriers offer the phone. you dont go looking for a car saying "i hope they have this for Shell (ie: petrol -its NOT gas. it is a liquid - company)!", do you?

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  • john1620b
    May 3, 10:14 AM
    Sweet...wish there were two Thunderbolt ports on the 21.5-inch as well.

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  • Makosuke
    Nov 13, 02:01 PM
    With policies like this, the App Store might just eventually die.Yeah, right. It would take a whole lot more than a few dozen (heck, a few HUNDRED) cheesed-off developers to kill the app store. If they turned all development off today, it would still be successful.

    That said, when Rogue Amoeba jumps ship over what seems a pretty blatant case of policy clashing with logic and common sense, that's a bad sign that you're doing stuff wrong.

    It's not 100% black and white, but really, Apple should be doing a better job than this. They do seem to be gradually improving--there have been many signs that they ARE listening to the complaints, and moving toward addressing at least some of them--but the company should be doing more.

    If anything, I'd much rather the app store approval process were brutally exclusionary about apps with bugs or ugly/non-"iPhone-like" UIs than nit-picking branding issues.

    Basically, if the walled garden had a bouncer who was a style-nazi I'd be much happier than the relatively lenient lawyer currently standing at the gate.

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  • musiclover137
    Sep 13, 09:34 PM
    this is definitely a style over functionality....how da heck do you dial a number with clickwheel?

    of course, if this is a slider phone like chocolate, then this is an awesome design.

    Um, read the post buddy....

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  • QCassidy352
    Sep 9, 11:10 AM
    With the decent graphics and these C2D's they make the iMac a formiddable machine. Alot of PowerMac's are going to be replaced by these new iMac's i feel. Probably Apple's most impressive, solid and reliable machine at the moment

    No one who needs powerful graphics could go for anything except maybe the 24". The x1600 is pretty low-end for a mid-range desktop by now, and the nvidea 7600 is not bad but certainly not a powerhouse. And why would you say that the imacs are more "impressive, solid, and reliable" than the mac pros? Better values, maybe, but more impressive, solid, and reliable? :confused:

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 06:01 PM
    What if you downloaded the movie to your Macbook Pro and went on a business trip? Or you only own a laptop?

    HOW are the members of your family going to watch the movie?

    will kopelman drew barrymore. Drew Barrymore Fails To
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  • uwetodd
    Apr 4, 11:44 AM
    You say yes, mall security guard says no.

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  • jacob1201
    Sep 12, 04:17 PM
    will search and quick scroll be in my ipod's next update?
    I've updated the software... games work, quick scroll works... but no search :(... unless I'm just blind and am missing something. Seems like it should be there, since everything else seems to be, right? Any thoughts?

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  • Machead III
    Aug 31, 12:38 PM
    If they don't announce/release new MacBooks, my plans are severely screwed.

    Aside from that, I have �200 to blow on some gadget or other. I wonder if Apple can give me a reason to give it to them rather than to Nintendo for a Wii.

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  • rotobadger
    Mar 30, 12:18 PM
    The term Burger Store has no mindshare from what I know with the general public. No one uses it as a brand name....yet.

    You bring up a good point though. "App" and "Store" existed long before it (allegedly) belonged to Apple. Apple spent a lot of money making "AppStore" a recognizable name.

    BurgerStore is nothing now. But if a company spends millions of dollars making it valuable, shouldn't they own it?

    Sep 10, 05:36 AM
    It is likely that Apple will drop conroes into the iMac when kentsfield is released. It makes sense to put merom into the iMac now as an intermediate update as they do not have to redesign the whole logic board. Maybe around MWSF we will see a new iMac based around conroe with pin compatible kentsfield in the high end models (24"). I still think it is unlikely that Apple will bring out a mid level tower any time soon, but i've been wrong before. Still would be nice to be able to pick up a quad core 24" iMac in 6 mounths time.

    Oct 12, 01:35 PM
    That looks nice. If it doesn't have Bono's name/signature/U2-something on it, I might have to buy it!

    Aug 28, 02:33 PM
    I too am waiting for a revision before buying. But it is somewhat ridiculous. Like saying I could date this girl now, or I could wait until next month when a faster one turns 18.

    On another note, anyone notice that Mini's are gone from the refurb store...

    Sep 13, 09:06 PM
    Not what i was looking for
    I wanted a smart phone wheres the keyboard ?
    i can buy an itunes phone right now from cingular but i dont want one
    what makes them think i will buy one now because its from apple and not motorola

    their amazing design and interface...the reason why people buy all their other stuff. not to mention the sexy idea of ichat mobile

    Sep 13, 09:18 PM
    Apple can design better than that. It will probably not look like that. Why? Because they do not want it to look exactly as the Nano as it would confuse people. That design does not make sense to me.

    I think and hope they will make a new Newton, more a Apple PDA than a iPod with phone capabilities.

    It is time for Apple to release a phone, but not just an iPod Phone. Look at the patent Apple made some days ago, it looks more like a PDA/Smartphone than phone which is great.

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