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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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  • NT1440
    Apr 10, 07:36 PM
    LA Times (http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ikea-union-20110410,0,4172495,full.story)

    Well, the right has gotten what it wants. Low wages, no benefits, non-union jobs.

    What next? Reintroduction of slavery?

    This is the end product of capitalism and/or neoliberal policies. Look into "the race to the bottom" in terms of international relations.

    All by design. All well understood, but rarely spoken about to the public.

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  • Shivetya
    Apr 22, 11:49 AM
    Late 2010 - Weak processor, decent GPU
    Mid 2011 - Stronger processor, slightly worse GPU than before
    2012 - Stronger in every category

    Well its well known with Apple hardware to never buy the first generation of any new platform. The current MBA were a significant enough change from the previous to be known as a gen 1 all over again. Especially when we knew SB was around the corner. Still they are great as is.

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  • chopsuey158
    Sep 12, 06:27 PM
    What does this mean for the long-rumored widescreen ipod? Are they saving the new samsung 120gig drives for that? Will they wait until the hype dies down then hit it hard with the new 6g ipod like last year? Personally I like the updates, better battery, brighter screen, gapless playback(!), more storage. I just don't want to buy this and then have an uber ipod out in a month's time...

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  • xStep
    Oct 27, 03:04 PM
    One World. We aren't getting off this rock any time soon.
    Perhaps, but the sooner man is extinguished from this planet the sooner the planet can recover to it's equilibrium.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 19, 08:17 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Do no buckle to these power hungry tyrants Samsung. The stinger you fight, the more I will buy your products in the future.

    LOL! Why do you have a problem with companies trying to protect their intellectual property?

    At least Apple didn't wait years to file suit and if you remember, they did file many patents on the iPhone when it was introduced. They have every right to protect their IP.

    But I know... this goes against your anti-Apple ranting.

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  • strwrsfrk
    Apr 22, 12:58 PM
    This may have been asked and answered before, but is the common belief that USB and Firewire will be completely gone soon? For example, my Macbook Air has room for only two ports - a mini-display drive, and a USB drive. Is the idea that the Thunderbolt drive will replace the USB, and that purchasers of the new Air will use an adapter of some sort for "old" USB peripherals moving forward?

    If Apple has this expectation, they had better at least sell an appropriate adapter/hub. I've long thought a thin, form-matching hub that connects to all of the ports on one side of an Apple portable would be a great idea. If Apple can make a 2- or even 3-port USB hub off of the Thunderbolt port (especially if a Mini Display-Port is also available) for ~$50, that would be golden for this type of MBA plan.

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 23, 05:22 PM
    Don't pull it!!!!!

    I'm NOT in favor of drinking and driving, but I am in favor of freedom. I don't like the idea of ANY government control over things like this. Too many darn laws to begin with.

    I downloaded this app. It's pretty cool! The DUI thing is like the least useful. There is all sorts of good traffic info on this app. Love it!

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  • gekko513
    Aug 23, 06:51 PM
    It's not...the press release says that Apple can recoup some of the money if Creative is able to license the patent to other companies.
    I found that very part of the settlement very puzzling. If anything, you'd think Apple should be able to recoup som of the money if Creative isn't able to license the patent to other companies that infringe on the same patent, as it would show that Creative doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.

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  • aafuss1
    Sep 14, 12:21 PM
    A Digital Image Suite esque bundle of a pro iPhoto and Aperture.

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  • moot
    Aug 31, 11:30 AM
    This has to be iPod related. There is that rumor of a large shipment from Asia.

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  • zepharus
    Apr 14, 07:17 PM
    Makes zero cents.

    Does it make any Dollars? :p

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  • Hunts121
    Jul 14, 09:56 AM
    Right except iMac.... it'll go to Merom which is a drop-in replacement for Yonah (Core Duo)

    Although I agree that eventually Mac mini and MacBook will be Merom, I think it may be many months later..... I think the mini with the Core Solo might get upgraded to Core Duo tho' ... so that Apple can boast to be the _only_ major manufacturer to use dual-core across the whole product range!

    Note that if I'm right (trust me!), then there's a gap.... no Apple box with a Conroe? I don't think so.... Apple will introduce a new system with support for a single Conroe. Hopefully it won't be the MacPro with a different mobo, but a completely new box (fingers crossed).

    Oh.... the recently released educational iMac won't get Merom at first either... it'll get left behind so as to make the proper iMacs better value and worth splashing out for! :)

    I really think the iMac should use Conroe now. I think the reason they used the Yonah chip is that they had no desktop "Core" architecture chips available. While using Merom is the easy thing to do, I hope they don't do it. The iMac is supposedly a desktop, it should use a desktop chip.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 19, 02:10 PM
    ummmm, yes they do.

    There are plenty of other links (http://www.gadgetsgeek.ly/2011/02/15/apple-to-purchase-7-8-billion-in-parts-from-samsung/) as well supporting Apple's importance to Samsung as their largest customer.

    No they don't. These 8 billion dollars is just a drop in a bucket for Samsung. Their annual revenue is well above $100 billion. As I said, Apple represents just 4% of Samsung sales.

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 28, 10:29 PM
    I ordered the following iMac online yesterday and the ship date is shown as 9/12 (16 days from order date). Who knows what this means.

    MAC 20/2.0/SD CTO
    ATI Radeon X1600-256MB SDRAM
    2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM-2x1GB
    500GB Serial ATA drive
    SuperDrive 8X
    Kybd, Mighty Mse & Mac OS X
    Country Kit

    Estimated Shipped By Estimated Delivered By
    Sep 12, 2006 Sep 19, 2006

    Could be increased demand for back-to-school season, though the report last week referenced only MacBooks.

    I love reading stuff like this, because even though I'm currently only in the market for a MBP, it gives me hope that everyone who wants a mac this season is going to be quite happy.

    Good news!:D

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  • VPrime
    Apr 30, 05:02 PM
    The bottleneck is internet speed. Until the world has South Korean-esque internet speeds, physical media isn't going anywhere.
    Well he was talking about things happening in the Future. 2016 is a long time from now especially in the tech world. Quite possible for internet speeds to catch up.

    What kind of media do you expect that "cloud" to store data with? Your statement delves into the realm of privacy concern.
    Cloud storage already exists. Look at dropbox, amazon, wuala, Carbonite. Lots of stuff which can handle user files and media already. Again, the person I quoted was talking about things in 2016, so quite possible for things to change by then.
    Also look at services like Netflix and itunes. They seem to be handling "cloud" based streaming just fine. Even right now in 2011 you can watch an HD movie by just streaming it to your device rather than using a physical disk. Who knows what can happen in 5 years in the tech industry.

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Sep 5, 05:15 AM
    Are you insinuating that Apple should put out a gaming system to compete for PS3 dollars, or just the holiday dollars in general and right now the PS3 is the "Hot Ticket" this coming Holiday season?

    Just wondering.....:confused:

    No, don't be so silly or literal. PS3 dollars are the money people have dedicated to buy the PS3 -- the defacto "big ticket" item this year. Apple needs a product that will compete for that money...and press converage. Everyone and their mother got an iPod last year. Apple needs to pull a fresh product out of Jobs pocket; not a storage bump or new skins for the nano. THAT is what I'm saying.

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 18, 06:32 PM
    In any case, it's clear to me there are some really delusional people on these forums. Instead engaging in an utterly pointless argument with a bunch of stubborn fanboys that couldn't be convinced USB3 was a good thing unless Steve personally e-mailed them, I'll just leave you to your false sense of security and just smirk the day you find your identity stolen, especially those that feel the need to insult other people (2 cents comments, etc.) based on their own ignorance.
    Talk about ignorance! :eek:
    USB3 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Serial_Bus) is slow and puts too much overhead on the system. Wake up and join the twenty-first century, where the future belongs to Lightpeak (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_(interface)).

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  • kdarling
    Apr 19, 01:44 PM
    Wait, people actually still listen to actual radios?

    Please read post #162 above (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=12421810&postcount=162), for a definition of "radio controls" that is different from what you thought.

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  • bluedevil14
    Oct 12, 07:51 PM
    i cant possibly phantom why ANYBODY would possible rate this negative. Its a new iPod (in my favorite color) thats the same price and has the same specs as the original, and money goes towards AIDS. :) If you dont like the color dont get it. If you think more money should go toward AIDS then ten dollars, the do something about it and donate money out of your own pocket.
    That is all.

    Sep 26, 09:36 AM
    Do any of you whiners realize that Verizon is trying to start their own music service to compete with an "iTunes + iPhone". Go to the Verizon Wireless website and click on Call My Music. Cingular and T-Mobile USA have no such service.

    Apr 30, 01:42 PM
    Okay, so now all I have to do is hope for SATA 3 SSD connections and the prices to drop to i5 @ $1699 and i7 @ $1999. Some REAL good GPUs and more standard ram. :cool:

    I hate to say it but I'll keep holding off if the interface connections don't start jumping up in spec. It's retarded to see Thunderbolt and no SATA 3 or USB 3. It will a (re)selling point later on when you're looking to sell it off for the next new one.

    Apr 4, 12:19 PM
    Maybe a shot to the head was a bit much, but that's an occupational hazard for thiefs, no sympathy here.

    The guard deserves a medal for protecting one of Steve's altars.

    Aug 24, 03:03 AM
    I still wish they made them for Apple. Looks like they might! Awesome!!!
    New rumor!
    Well if they were already make some accessories for the ipod they might actually be tempted to make one or two products sound cards for apple. What I would love to see is Creative licensing their X-FI audo tech to apple to put in the ipod. I have been hearing nothing but good things about X-Fi.

    Sep 14, 09:26 AM
    The merom/mbp thing is turning to be the macrumors' production of Godot.

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