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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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  • paintblock
    Apr 22, 01:32 PM
    I know a couple people holding out on the Air for a backlit keyboard. If that doesn't get updated, they just won't buy it. Come on Apple, you can't give us the ability to type in the dark, and then just take it away.

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  • manosaurus
    Oct 12, 12:49 PM
    They might as well add a Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro too.

    Nah... Core 2 Duo eMac tomorrow... not the MBP...

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  • wnurse
    Aug 23, 10:15 PM
    Do you mean the cost of litigation or the potential award had Apple lost the case? It does seem like Apple wasn't very confident that they could win the case...after all Creative did file the patent before Apple, Creative was awarded the patent, and Apple was denied their patent. The iPod has brought Apple billions of dollars in revenue...a judgment against them could easily have cost them much more than $100 million.

    The cost of litigation would not even remotely approached 100 million. The cost of losing (ie, having a judgement against apple), now that would have probably exceeded 100 million. When a company is not sure about it's position, the best thing is to settle. You don't see IBM settling their Linux suit, do you?. And SCOunix hasn't even paid close to 100 mil in lawyers fees yet and they are fighting a losing battle.. no, if you are sure, you don't settle.. if you not sure or have even a sliver of doubt, it's better to settle. I'm sure apple filed the countersuit and initially decided to fight in hopes of having creative go away (basically, apple was bluffing).. you have to believe they knew they were infringing.. It does not matter what we think of the patent system.. that same patent system serves apple needs too. You live by the patent system, you sometimes get caught by it. Seems fair to me.

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  • Apple Corps
    Sep 5, 06:46 PM

    "C2D laptop information has come to a near stop"

    Based on all of our POOR experience it is obvious that little real information on the Merom based MBP exists. I do not want to admit to all of the time I have wasted on this decision / upgrade. A new notebook is needed within a week - I can not bring myself to by a Yonah since I've waited this long - but............

    Now - the next Tuesday (hahahahahahahahahaha) - 9/12 - then what:mad:

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  • Evangelion
    Sep 5, 08:40 AM
    Maybe Apple wants to be ahead of the rumors. :)


    Finnish store is still up. As is UK. Only US store seems to be down.

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  • jemmX
    Sep 10, 09:15 AM
    Predictions ...

    MBP 20" inch (1920 x 1200)
    4gb ram
    Dual HD = 250gb 7200rpm Raid 0
    Superdrive HD w/lightscribe
    iSight HD
    Audio Digital & analog in/out
    Vram 512MB GDDR 4 (PCI Xpress, HDMI + DVI + TV)
    3 - USB 2 / 2 - FW 400 / 2 - FW 800 / 1 - Sata
    Dual Ethernet


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  • brad.c
    Sep 13, 11:02 AM
    I had ripped my Finding Nemo DVD so my daughter could watch on my 5G 60Gb iPod during a flight last month. I ripped them into individual chapters, and transferred them as sequential movies under a Finding Nemo video playlist. Worked great, except for the playback gap between chapters.

    Now, with my MBP and my iPod fully updated, the gapless feature is selectable when the chapters are selected as a group, but not individually (Part of a gapless album is greyed out). And the gaps remain.

    Not a biggie, but interesting nonetheless. Or am I that boring? (Rhetorically asked. Replies are redundantly unnecessary.)

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  • 08Hawks
    Mar 23, 04:53 PM
    Tell them NO ! No ! NO ! The States/Cities do not enforce the Law to the extreme like they should after the 1st offense !!!!! What difference does it make if all you are going to do is smack their little hand the first few times !!!! The folks that are going to break the law are going to break the law no matter what !!! Also I might add that I have seen here in the greater Kansas City Mo area that the newspapers post the areas anyway ...

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  • dkaff
    Apr 4, 12:41 PM
    Me neither. I wonder if the suspects were armed...or at least how smashing glass doors escalated into gunfire.

    It mentions in the article that there was an exchange of gunfire, so apparently the bad guys had guns. Chalk one up for the good guys....

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  • Bibulous
    Sep 14, 01:20 AM
    gahhhhh.....these iphone rumors are driving me crazy....with anticipation. When is this gonna finally happen? Hopefully before the end of the year.

    I think it will be here for Christmas, if not then not till next summer :(

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 4, 04:03 PM
    can't wait til the 12th!!

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 16, 11:31 AM
    OS X Server ships with clamav for filtering viruses through the email server. Lion merges client and server. Therefore, there will be an antivirus program shipping with 10.7.
    That does not in any way imply that it is necessary for the OS. Since the server can have Windows clients many businesses will like this "feature" so I can't blame Apple for including it.

    Personally, I figure that if I pass an infected file on to a PC user it's their responsibility to detect and remove the virus, not mine. I didn't force them to buy a Windows box.

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  • KingYaba
    Apr 15, 03:10 PM
    Now that it's part of the platform Apple has no excuse for not including it. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see a MBP with this platform that still only has 2.0 connectors.

    And no BluRay. ;)

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  • altquark
    Apr 25, 01:19 PM
    This just threw a spanner into my plans !

    I've got a late 2007 non-unibody MBP - the "ultimate" which I've been updating as much as possible (Hybrid SSD 512Gb drive, 4Gb memory, etc etc) - I love my MBP but my applecare warranty just ran out last month. Which, I thought, was plenty timely so I could get the new MBP that just refreshed - quad core, 16Gb RAM seems like a LOT more power !

    But, I didn't "jump" immediately - I always wait a couple of months to see what issues develop with the product line (the 17" range seems to have some graphics issues evidently, which seem to be resolved now) - BUT, with this rumor, do I plump down $4k for a maxed-out MBP now or wait until this new case design ?!?!?!

    My current MBP is working great. The keyboard has a sticky "D" key, but apart from that, its been the best laptop I've ever owned, and the second longest I've owned before a refresh (the prior record holder was a Sony Vaio PCG-V505BX which I used/upgraded/refreshed a full 5 years before needing to upgrade !)

    So what do I do ? I wasn't planning on buying the MBP until next month, after I got back from vacation...

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  • johndoejohndoes
    Mar 30, 12:35 PM
    What about Appp Store? Huh?

    Both parties look like idiots for real.
    Stop arguing over a generic term.

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  • Silentwave
    Jul 14, 05:22 PM
    Wow, that seems pretty darn reasonable.

    I was considering putting a 2.16 Core Duo in my currently Core Solo Mac mini. But now I'd much rather put the 1.83 Core 2 Duo in there for less than $200!

    You can't, unless you wait for the Merom version later next month which will be more expensive. Conroe (Core 2 duo that is out now) uses a different socket from Yonah. Merom is the pin-compatible one.

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  • Minimoose 360
    Apr 25, 02:36 PM
    Bye bye built in Superdrive. I'll look back fondly at the five times I used you in the past three years.

    You know, I was against the whole "get rid of the optical drive" bandwagon back in '09 when I got my MBP....but in the couple years I've had mine, I've used the thing ONCE.

    And if anyone asks, it was for printer drivers (which I probably could have gotten online but I had the disc readily accessible.)

    I'm going to soon get rid of mine and throw in a SSD!

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  • tortoise
    Sep 20, 02:40 PM
    The only reason why CDMA is basically only in the US is because it was still being developed while the EU jumped on GSM and endorsed it for every country. If your reason why CDMA is terrible is due to limited use, then, that's at best poor reasoning.

    Finally, someone gets it right.

    CDMA is technically superior to GSM just about any way you care to measure it. GSM's widespread adoption in Europe was by fiat as a protectionist measure for European telecom companies, primarily because the European technology providers did not want to license CDMA from an American company. CDMA was basically slandered six ways to Sunday to justify using GSM. It was nothing more than a case of Not Invented Here writ large and turf protection. This early rapid push to standardize on GSM in as many places as possible as a strategic hedge gave them a strong market position in most of the rest of the world. In the US, the various protocols had to fight it out on the open market which took time to sort itself out.

    Ultimately, the GSM consortium lost and Qualcomm got the last laugh because the technology does not scale as well as CDMA. Every last telecom equipment provider in Europe has since licensed the CDMA technology, and some version of the technology is part of the next generation cellular infrastructure under a few different names.

    While GSM has better interoperability globally, I would make the observation that CDMA works just fine in the US, which is no small region of the planet and the third most populous country. For many people, the better quality is worth it.

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  • slidingjon
    Oct 27, 12:24 PM
    So all Greenpeace did was hand out leaflets in areas other than their stand? So they didn't smash up the Apple stand or invade Adobe chanting and shouting.

    They handed out leaflets and were ejected because no one's ever allowed to talk about the downsides of our throwaway consumer-trinket technojunk culture without being told to shut up.

    Heck, every trade show I ever go to has girls with their tits half hanging out wondering the halls handing out leaflets nowhere near their particular stand.

    Sad to see so many people now happy to have people's free speech stamped all over. No wonder Bush can dismantle the Bill of Rights and his lapdog Blair can swiftly remove centruries-old liberties with barely a whisper. I agree with Greenpeace's concerns. Vast toxic waste dumps with no proper processing are springing up across China.

    If some fat overfed Westerner's kids had to live and play near a site like that they'd be up in arms! But, no, let's pretend the problems are somehow 'made up' by 'subversives' and need stamping out with the jackboots.

    what kind of trade shows do you go to? :cool:

    Sep 6, 08:03 AM
    Apple just posted new iMacs on their Canada webstore. Bigger brighter faster at 17, 20, and 24 inches with Core 2 Duo processors



    Yay for 24 inch iMacs! Yay for Core 2 Duo! :D

    Mar 23, 06:27 PM
    Make drunk driving legal. End of problem.

    Quick! Everyone attack him for his joke! That'll show how dedicated to stopping drunk driving you are!

    Mar 22, 04:11 PM
    2012... 18 month update cycle? Far, far too long. No way... If that's the case, for the first time in 27 years, Apple doesn't get my money.

    Have you paid any attention to the upgrade cycle since the switch to Intel for the Pro Towers?

    Aug 28, 04:37 PM
    I think the whining (about notebooks being crap) is the fact that there is so much demand for it that Apple has no time to actually test the product.

    It's a good thing that they offer free replacements for those that find defects actual defects in the machines. Usually the first batch is not so perfect, and that goes for all computer manufacturers.

    Apr 11, 03:29 PM
    I'm very excited to see this come to XBMC. Cannot wait!

    I'm confused... What will this give us in XBMC that we don't already have? Since I'm assuming you're running XBMC on Apple TV2, Airplay already works just fine...

    From my iTunes library on my PC I can stream to my Apple TV2 in the bedroom, or to my Airport Express in the living room. From my iPhone, I can stream almost any app (Napster, Pandora, Netflix, etc) to either my AppleTV2 or the living room Airport express (audio only).

    So, I'm confused what additional capability this is going to give those of us who have already invested in an Apple ecosystem.

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