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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 14, 08:17 AM
    Cross the 8GB black iPod nano with a decent phone, add bluetooth earphones, and maybe even put in GPS, and we have a winner.
    Exactly! Just how hard can that be??? All the technology has been available for years. I just dont get what is holding back Apple.

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  • jz1492
    Nov 13, 06:26 PM
    Ah, but Apple won't let us sell it in our own store!

    I guess you could say "There's a droid for that", but following my analogy it would be just like a swap meet with a big seller taking up the central aisles.

    But that doesn't mean that now you can reach everyone. The Android swap meet excludes BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, WinMo and Apple customers. You end up with a smaller customer base, with such a diverse set of user needs that you end up pulling your hair out trying to meet every Android phone manufacturer's device specs. :confused:

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  • portishead
    Mar 23, 04:46 PM
    All DUI Checkpoints should be announced anyway beforehand. Apple will just throw these letters away.

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 4, 07:03 PM
    Unless it's just the 23" iMac I have been hearing about, then it's ok. But if it's a totally new iMac that'll fire me off pretty good.

    Same imac with more disk space, faster processor, 23'' screen, better wireless, maybe a second disk drive, and the same price as the old 20 Incher.

    Happens every 8 to 12 months, more offten now with Intel.:cool:

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  • Analog Kid
    Oct 12, 08:56 PM
    This is why I would make such horrible paparazzi... I don't recognize either one of them in that picture. I'd walk into the Apple store and be elbowing them both aside trying to get a look at the gadgets on the counter. That is until I got drawn and quartered by their two entourages pulling me in different directions arguing over who got to teach me a little respect first...

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  • milo
    Aug 28, 04:03 PM
    ah yes. just like they did with the eMac back in the day. that was popular... you know, not having a product to ship for weeks.

    Well, assuming they announced and shipped about the same time as the PC companies, there's really not that much to complain about. Don't forget, they did it with the MPB as well.

    And if people are really unwilling to wait a couple weeks, nothing is stopping them from buying the yonah models.

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  • speakster
    Aug 31, 03:06 PM
    So, Leopard has some features that haven't been revealed yet.

    Could one of them possibly be the rumor of having a Bit Torrent client built into the OS.....


    Which would make the possibility of downloading higher quality videos plausible....

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  • wywern209
    Apr 30, 05:21 PM
    You are also stuck in current times. Physical media will be dead by then, everything is going to be cloud based, there will be no such thing as a physical copy of movies any more :)

    tell that to the majority of the people in the world who struggle to stream a SD youtube video because internet speeds aren't up to snuff yet. we simply don't have the infrastructure for it yet.

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  • DJMastaWes
    Jul 19, 11:03 PM
    another update in Q1 2007? damn. So fast, but screw it, once the new MBP design is out, I'm ordering. I wish it was the 7th, but now most likly the 12 of September.

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  • sushi
    Sep 13, 03:12 AM
    Does anyone else think something more might be coming? With the price drop of both models and the lack of drastic changes ie the rumored full screen, bluetooth, and virtual click wheel?
    Could there be a "one more thing..." next week?
    Apple will eventually introduce a true video iPod.

    My guess will be after bigger 1.8 inch HDs are released.

    I don't expect this until after New Years.

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  • levitynyc
    Sep 9, 11:43 AM
    Sorry, but that's a ridiculous comparison. The only Mac you can reasonably compare the XPS 700 to is the Mac Pro, which has a lot more computing power for that kind of money.

    My point is that with the new processors and RAM upgrades, the iMac is headed towards more powerful use that could potentially switch over a PC gamer. If you wanted to do some serious gaming on the 24" iMac you could....if not for the poor video card options.

    Throw a dog a bone here and at least give us a 512MB option.

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  • bchreng
    May 1, 01:23 AM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Some people - like me - may not own a mac desktop yet and would like to purchase one soon and intend on using it for quite a while. So while there may be no devices at the moment, there could very well be such a device released next year or the year after. When it is released we'll be glad that our iMacs have the port. It's not exactly like a pc where we can open up the case and add in the port later on.

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  • wnurse
    Aug 23, 10:15 PM
    Do you mean the cost of litigation or the potential award had Apple lost the case? It does seem like Apple wasn't very confident that they could win the case...after all Creative did file the patent before Apple, Creative was awarded the patent, and Apple was denied their patent. The iPod has brought Apple billions of dollars in revenue...a judgment against them could easily have cost them much more than $100 million.

    The cost of litigation would not even remotely approached 100 million. The cost of losing (ie, having a judgement against apple), now that would have probably exceeded 100 million. When a company is not sure about it's position, the best thing is to settle. You don't see IBM settling their Linux suit, do you?. And SCOunix hasn't even paid close to 100 mil in lawyers fees yet and they are fighting a losing battle.. no, if you are sure, you don't settle.. if you not sure or have even a sliver of doubt, it's better to settle. I'm sure apple filed the countersuit and initially decided to fight in hopes of having creative go away (basically, apple was bluffing).. you have to believe they knew they were infringing.. It does not matter what we think of the patent system.. that same patent system serves apple needs too. You live by the patent system, you sometimes get caught by it. Seems fair to me.

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  • janstett
    Apr 18, 09:56 AM
    Sonos is far from dead, been alive and kicking in my house since and will do so far beyond whenever AppleTV5 gets discontinued I'm sure... The market will always have a space for alternatives to Apple, especially when something as hated (by a large number of people) as iTunes is integral to the system. There is nothing more closed and proprietary than Apples system, and save for a couple of lovely products Ive bought into (macbook and iphone) its something I refuse to invest any further in.

    There's an old saying I remember from the old mainframe people (system/390, etc.) -- a closed system that is wildly popular doesn't matter if it's closed anymore. In other words, Apple's ecosystem is so popular and rich that it doesn't matter whether it's open or not. The fact that it's a defacto standard (or is on its way to becoming one) is more important.

    Not to mention, it's not like Sonos is open. Sonos is caught in the world of its own proprietary, small, and expensive ecosystem. They have to continually spend money on it to adapt new features to their proprietary system (instead of just supporting truly open standards) and that costs money, i.e. an engineering expense and a staff.

    I reiterate, they're dead, they just don't know it yet. And in their office walls, they probably do know it.

    When I worked for the company making streaming devices, we didn't fear Sonos or any of their ilk, because they were happy not being mass market and bilking their customers for overpriced proprietary equipment -- not the market we were going for, and Sonos was not even close to being the biggest offender. There are some companies that make embedded devices intended for new home construction that are far worse.

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  • Some_Big_Spoon
    Sep 10, 09:18 PM
    Flame me if you must, but what is the sense in having multiple cores if the software running on it doesn't take advantage of it? Same thing with advertising the new chips as being 64 bit. That's great, but I don't have anything (not in beta) that can use it.

    Apple themselves have never been great at making use of multiple processors (in tandem), so I'm not getting how 4, 8, 32 cores makes much difference?

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  • Blue Fox
    Apr 22, 06:39 PM
    Its a little sad though, about the SB IGP :(

    Why? The Intel Integrated 3000 graphics outperform the current Nividia GeForce 320M's found in the current MacBook Airs and outgoing pre-gen MacBook Pro's. So why is an improvement sad?

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  • aegisdesign
    Aug 23, 08:45 PM
    So, in summary...

    Apple pays Creative a one time fee of $100M to licence their patents.

    Creative joins the 'Made for iPod' program making accessories for their competitor, Apple, who gets money for 'Made for iPod'.

    Creative still HAS to defend it's patent against other competitors - that's the nature of patents - or licence it to them. If they do, Apple takes some of that money too. In a round-a-bout way, Apple is getting money back from it's competitors. Nice.

    Creative have a much better case because Apple settled.

    Creative still owns a valid patent. If Apple had won, there would be no patent so anyone could copy the Creative/Apple style interface.

    Apple continues on as if nothing has happened. No long court case delaying sales. No injunctions to halt imports.

    Explain to me why people think Apple lost here?

    Creative knew it was about to get reamed by Microsoft's Zune which it's players aren't compatible with. They knew to get out of the market. Instead of legitimising Microsoft's offering, they've tied up with Apple. It might bug us that Apple have legitimised a bogus patent but it's otherwise very, very smart.

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  • balamw
    Sep 5, 03:25 PM
    Why would they do commercials? Commercials only make sense if they give you content for free. Has anyone done home viewing of movies for a fee and still included commercials (other than movie trailers)?
    As damienvfx suggestes there are plenty of commercials beyond trailers when you go out to the movies these days, which can easily be a $50+ affair, so why expect to be ad-free...

    There have also been some ads (albeit more like trailers) tacked on th the end of some shows I have bought on iTMS.


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  • sciwizam
    Apr 19, 01:16 PM
    Not sure if everyone's already seen it but this is a great read from Nilay Patel: http://thisismynext.com/2011/04/19/apple-sues-samsung-analysis/

    From Nilay's post:

    Hardware and software trade dress claims

    Sep 15, 09:42 PM
    I don't know if I can wait until MacWorld:(

    Sep 13, 09:27 PM
    this is definitely a style over functionality....how da heck do you dial a number with clickwheel?

    of course, if this is a slider phone like chocolate, then this is an awesome design.

    Apr 4, 11:59 AM
    OMG.. I'm with Felt. "Security Guards" shouldn't carry guns, and if they do there should be training and good sense that goes into using it. Shooting the suspects in the head is criminal.

    I've dealt with armed security guards before. The ones that I dealt with do in fact have a couple days of mandatory training per year.

    That being said, if the security guard's life was being threatened (for sake of argument, lets say it was, as we do know the robbers were armed), why would it be "criminal" to shoot them in the head?

    Apr 4, 11:43 AM
    A mall cop having to shoot someone in the head...he'll probably need some counseling.

    Sep 26, 04:43 PM
    You sound like a pain in the ass to have as a customer.

    That's pretty unfair - he said he called to get a bill fixed. What is he supposed to do, give as much of his money to the cell phone company as they see fit?

    If your job is dealing with cranky customers and don't much care for it you'll be much happier with a different job, trust me.

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