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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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  • CaptMurdock
    Apr 21, 08:46 AM
    Sure is. A hypothetical I like to propose:

    Considering that the discrepancies between "rich" and "poor" as far as voting goes are far over blown (http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/10/24/even-more-on-income-and-voting/) (Rich DO vote liberal and poor DO vote conservative) with the top third of white income earners STILL voting liberal, despite their high incomes and the ever-pervasive myth that rich people vote republican.

    If this top third of income earners, instead of trying to legislate their charities through democratic votes and the force of law, simply put 50%, 60%, 70%, hell, 90% of their incomes towards charity rather than owning a home, owning multiple vehicles, owning boats, "traveling", shopping at Lunds or Kowalskis, etc, the poverty problem would be fixed, or at the very least, helped significantly without forcing ANYBODY to do ANYTHING.

    But then again, these people would rather force everyone to pony up the dough rather than take a hit to their lifestyles.

    Charity is a beautiful thing, but forced charity?

    Oh, good... I was wondering when the "Screw you, I got mine" crowd would come out of hiding.

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  • ro2nie
    Aug 24, 07:29 AM
    If you can't against them, join them

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 14, 04:41 PM
    There's now way Apple would call a press event just to announce an incremental upgrade of Aperture (Although this will be part of it). There has to be at least "one more thing". The question is, what does Apple have up its sleeve?

    1. C2D MBPs? Unsure about whether Apple will introduce them before or during the event, but with Dell C2Ds now shipping, you can bet that it will be happening in the next week or two. They'll come with a new drive bay, so the HD can be easily upgraded, since this is one of the limiting factors for a professional-grade laptop. RAM upgradable to 3GB or 4GB to maximize performance. Shipping immediately.

    2. New displays? Probably. They need to be upgraded to match the brightness of the new iMac displays. Built-in iSight? Only if it can be disabled in a verifiable fashion.

    3. iPhone? At Photokina? Not a chance!

    4. PhotoShop killer? I don't expect a new professional photo editing app, but Apple could add plug-ins to Aperture to move it in that direction. I suppose there is room for a lite version of Aperture to fill in the middle ground between the professional grade program and iPhoto, something along the lines of PhotoShop Elements.

    5. C2D MacBooks? Don't thinks so, but I expect to see them before the end of October, once Apple uses up its supply of CD chips and the supply of C2Ds eases.
    Damn! I forgot about those juicy new displays. Woot! :D

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  • AdeFowler
    Mar 3, 07:00 AM
    In related news:

    BBC News - Android hit by rogue app viruses



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  • nagromme
    Oct 12, 03:00 PM
    I'm all for AIDS prevention, but there's not a single aspect of this story that doesn't strike me as crass and exploitative.
    Agreed. Apple should stop being so exploitative and give nothing! :o

    Apple's not the first in the RED program. Maybe the program HAS done some good and thus is continuing?

    Here's a challenge. How about everyone here who has an iPod gives $10 or equivalent to this charity?
    Hmmm.... a matching program would be cool--it could all be done electronically, like when Apple has had disaster charity giving built right into iTMS.

    So when you buy a Red iPod, you pick the price :) If you pay more than normal, Apple will match your donation, and will pay a minimum of 10% regardless.

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  • TemeculaMac
    Mar 23, 04:48 PM

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  • Trius
    Apr 22, 09:03 AM
    How about this:

    When you are born, you are given, in effect a serial number. which is yours as a human being for life.

    When you buy any digital media, this is linked to our number for life.

    This means for as long as you live, and whatever device you buy, you can access this media always.

    So I buy and iPad and I pay for the "RIGHTS" to watch/own a movie.

    I have paid my money and now that movie is mine to watch any time in the future on whatever device I buy in the future.

    They do this now. Its called your Apple ID :p

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  • fetchmebeers
    Sep 12, 02:46 PM
    Question: Will gapless iPod playback be 5/5.1G feature only? My 4G is sitting here feeling left out.

    well i'm only hoping that some sort of firmwares might do the right job

    hopefully somebody might come up with one i guess

    but the thing is i don't really care about gapless ****...

    i don't like pink floyd, i don't like classical music, and generally, i don't need to listen to a 'flowy' album all the time, do i??

    i'm just well content with my 5gen *sob

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  • Chundles
    Sep 5, 01:51 PM
    Quoted from an older thread that has been left behind:

    iLounge have an invitation: Definitely new iPods of some form
    "Centre for the Arts Theatre": Most likely some sort of movie content
    iLounge have an invitation: Consumer event, new iMacs most likely.

    I get the feeling the purported MacBook Pro updates are going to happen externally to this event, most probably when Apple can get enough into the distribution pipeline to begin immediate shipping.

    So, I'm going to make a bold prediction here and say that it will be similar to last year's "One More Thing..." event but with a focus on "Bigger."

    Act One: Last year was the iMac with built-in iSight and Front Row/Photo Booth software. This year it all gets bigger with new Core 2 Duo iMacs now in 17", 20" and 23" models. All models get HDMI-in ports and Front Row gains a "TV" option. No PVR functionality, no worrying about differing TV formats and delivery systems, if you have a box with HDMI-out you can watch TV on your iMac too.

    Act Two: Last year it was the sales of iPod, iTunes Music Store and iPod accessories. This year, with the focus on "bigger" Apple announce the availability of feature-length movies on iTunes. iTunes 7 makes use of new Bit-Torrent style downloads from servers all over the world to ensure rapid download speeds, H.264 encoding allows for the smallest possible file size. $9.99 for DVD quality, $14.99 for HD.

    Act Three: Last year was the new 5th generation iPod. This year we go "bigger" with the new 6th generation iPod sporting a 4.5" full-colour LCD screen at a resolution of 720x480. Incredible screen, more detail than ever before and you are able to download your iTunes-purchased movies onto it and watch them in bright, sharp, full colour. Available in 40GB and 80GB models and sporting a revolutionary new touch-control interface with hints of Apple's Front Row software the new iPod is shipping today.

    Rip me apart if you will, I don't think Apple should make an iPhone. The global mobile phone system is too complex. The US are only just getting 3G whilst we're all looking down the road at 4G but that is Apple's biggest market. Maybe a US-only iPhone will appear but as it stands, other more-established phone makers have the market sorted globally.

    MacBook Pro to be updated when Core 2 Duo production hits peak. Late September.


    Somebody cast doubt on the HDMI thing, I don't know - just seemed like the easiest option to get video into an iMac. You don't have to worry about all the different methods of getting TV (free to air, digital, cable) because if you have a HDMI-enabled receiver it would just plug into the back of the iMac. You'd need to use the receiver's remote to do all the channel changing but Apple could offer some sort of recording program. EyeHome could do something with it too? I'm no expert, just trying to look at a simple solution for a complicated, fragmented problem.

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  • JobsRules
    Oct 27, 10:54 AM
    In Europe they are running out of space and they do not want to see all the nasty stuff end up in their eco system. Europe has said if you can not recycle it, you have to take it back.

    Then goes here:


    Anyway, the real problem is the debt-money system that demands ever cheaper throwaway products, evermore cheaplabour, evermore GDP growth regrdless of impact on quality of life, evermore downsizing, evermore sloppy enironmental protections as the globe suffers under continual insolvency.


    We don't have to live in mudhuts, but we DO need to stop throwing away PCs, iPods, mobile phones, etc. as if they're apple cores, no pun intended.

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  • ciTiger
    May 3, 11:09 AM
    That's nice from Apple, I personally find the Magic Mouse useless for what I do, it's just a nice toy. And a Trackpad would be more useful just for the Multitouch Gestures in combination with a Real Mouse

    My thoughts exactly!
    I remember watching the keynote where some top guy from Apple demoed onthe iLife things and he didn't seem to handle the magic mouse that well... Sometimes he had to repeat the gesture 2 or 3 times to get it right...

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  • marksman
    Mar 30, 12:49 PM
    I don't get Microsoft's angle here.

    Apple build up and popularized the term App Store and put equity into it.

    Microsoft's only goal has to be able to trade on that equity themselves with their own ecosystem, instead of building their own.

    Anyways the whole thing is hilarious and very immature.

    Who would of thought that you required scientists to write a dictionary.

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 12:41 PM
    Yup, I know Apple's marketing loves to be ridiculous. :p 95% of customers* wouldn't notice the difference. I'm one of the 5% who will notice it but its not like I'm buying one, my iMac G5 will keep me happy for another 2+ years.

    *75% of statistics are made up on the spot ;)

    Very nice. :D

    I have to admit, they will be apart of me thats want to drop a Merom into my iMac CD. I may just do it.

    AppleCare or Merom? So many choices!

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 06:06 PM
    Just copy it to the computer at home. How are the members of your family going to use a computer if you take the only one with you?

    By using the BOX with the HARD DRIVE next to the TV!!


    Lets just agree to disagree and see what happens next Tuesday ok ? :)

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 19, 06:46 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.3; en-gb; Nexus S Build/GRI40) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1)

    I wonder what will happen here. Form the "who's suing who" infrographics I've seen, Samsung remained pretty much untouched until now.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 22, 08:51 AM
    You never OWNED any of this stuff. You owned the physical media, and you had an unlimited license to you. The technology is just clarifying this.

    If you had actually owned it, you could have copied it as much as you wanted-- legally-- and resold the copies to others. You have been capable of doing this, but it was illegal; it also was difficult to enforce the law. Now the technology is actually starting to match your legal rights. It's actually wonderful. You are not losing anything you had legally, but the true owners (the content creators and the people who support them financially) can stop getting ripped off by criminals.

    +1 LOL!

    Have to laugh... so many people here are upset about nothing. All it says in this rumor is that you would have the option of storing your libraries on-line and access them from multiple points. And if you upload something you already "own" they will take that too. Not just what you've purchased from iTunes.

    It's a value added service that I'm sure Apple is looking to do something different with and I'm sure there's more to the story... like that this will be used for Video, books and other media too. The advantages:

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  • gnasher729
    May 1, 02:12 AM
    I was wondering why so many people are so opposed to Apple offering Blu-Ray as a BTO option. I have read where Steve Jobs spoke negatively about Blu-Ray, I wonder if these same people would be all gung-ho for BR if Jobs had spoken positively about it? I realize that he is a very smart man, but he isn't God! I always thought that BR would have been a great thing to have on a Mac for things like backing up your iTunes library. Imagine that, being able to back up your entire iTunes library on two or three BR discs. That would have been really nice. I read somewhere the other day that they either have or are getting ready to have BR discs that have a 100GB capacity. What in the world would have been wrong with that?

    Some people seem actively opposed, which is of course strange. My opinion: For backups, I wouldn't trust an optical drive. My iTunes library is backed up automatically as part of my Time Machine backup to an external drive, which is a lot lot faster than BluRay and I would trust it ten times more; it is fast because it is an incremental backup, and hard drives are faster anyway.

    For playing BluRay disks, the content industry puts completely ridiculous demands on the OS and the hardware. Windows goes with these restrictions, Apple doesn't, Linux probably just can't. You need signed drivers, the OS only accepting signed drivers, and huge penalties if anything happened that allowed access to the unencrypted video stream.

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  • seek3r
    May 4, 08:33 AM
    Personally I'm a huge fan of daisy chaining. Less devices, less cables, less clutter. You just attach each device to the next.

    What is it you have an aversion to?

    What if I need to pull a drive somewhere in the chain but I'm still accessing a device farther along the chain? Daisy chaining is a *massive* pain for anyone who deals with external devices that aren't permanently, or at least semi-permanently, hooked up to a single machine!

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 09:59 AM
    I really think the iMac should use Conroe now. I think the reason they used the Yonah chip is that they had no desktop "Core" architecture chips available. While using Merom is the easy thing to do, I hope they don't do it. The iMac is supposedly a desktop, it should use a desktop chip.Did anyone pay attention to the power and thermal requirements of Conroe?

    Apr 23, 02:18 PM
    backlit keyboard on it and i am in. Perfect form factor and feature set for what i do all day every day. And less weight in my bag

    currently have the 13 mbp and would love to get a mba to lighten my load.


    Apr 28, 11:02 PM
    The interesting part is that Microsoft makes almost the same profit as Apple on far less revenue, but you never hear any outrage about Microsoft overpricing its products. :confused:

    Apr 4, 12:47 PM
    I know. And heroics by gun toting civilians is mostly a product of fantasy as well. The idea of whipping your gun out to save the day is absurd.

    It's only fantasy because not enough law-abiding civilians are toting guns.

    Virginia Tech, Trolley Square, Columbine, Ft. Hood, the list goes on and on - someone trained, armed, and on location in any of those tragedies could have been a godsend.

    The fact an off-duty policeman was onsite at Trolley Square certainly saved many lives, but an armed, trained civilian could have done the same.

    Apr 25, 06:24 AM
    The simple fact is that I should not have to obey a 70mph speed limit if I don't want to. Why would I even bother driving a car that can hit 186mph (with the speed governor removed, with the governor top speed is 155mph) at 70 mph? A Ford Fiesta can hit those speeds, what's the point of fast cars if you're going to follow the speed limit in them?



    Sep 13, 12:18 AM
    Does anyone else think something more might be coming? With the price drop of both models and the lack of drastic changes ie the rumored full screen, bluetooth, and virtual click wheel?
    Could there be a "one more thing..." next week?

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