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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • Northgrove
    May 3, 10:25 AM
    Does anything use Thunderbolt yet? Will anything ever?
    I've heard about stuff from Pegasus (storage), Promise (storage), Matrox (video), LaCie (storage).

    Especially Thunderbolt-connected RAID storage quickly popped up.

    And I have no trouble imagining why that would be interesting, haha.

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  • deputy_doofy
    Sep 14, 09:34 AM
    Admittedly, I am definitely waiting for the C2D, but I am joking in this particular thread. It's always possible they could release it, but it's not likely. I didn't expect any computer upgrades at the iPod/iTunes show either.

    The most I use photo stuff is connect my gf's camera to my powerbook and steal.... *ahem*, I mean, archive.... her pictures. :D

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  • OdduWon
    Sep 7, 08:59 PM
    :D it seems like the reason this apple is broadcasting to the event is so that they can show how their new ichat streaming dot mac movie/video chat ipod pack works;) .

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  • cube
    Apr 22, 02:55 PM
    AMD Fusion w/RadeonHD 6xxx and Price drop to $799 for the 11" and $899 for 13.3" - now that would send the sales skyrocketing.

    Hmm... Mobile quad core @ 45W. When are the mobile dual core coming out?

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  • balamw
    Aug 23, 05:33 PM
    I guess Creative just broke even. :)
    And it probably ended up costing Apple less than litigating the 5 lawsuits.

    What's most interesting about the settlement is that it doesn't seem like Creative got much in the way of cross licensing out of it.


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  • sushi
    Sep 13, 03:10 AM
    did anyone notice how he called MahJong "May-Hong"?
    Yep. Got a little chuckle out of that. Fun game.

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  • jafd
    Apr 25, 02:55 PM
    Those who don't want the superdrive have the option of an air. People in the music industry will always have a use for CD's. I just think no superdrive makes it an air varient not a pro.

    Ehrrrm, a superdrive is what invariably fails first and gives your laptop almost an extra kilogram of weight you need to carry around. Because taking it off means losing warranty.

    A superdrive is not a trait of a "Pro" laptop. The speed and reliability are. Imagine a RAID array of SSDs packed together in a package the size of a superdrive. Imagine a pico projector in that slot � this is what Toshiba is going to do real soon now.

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  • kurtsayin
    Oct 12, 11:08 PM
    Education to teach how to prevent the spread of AIDS costs money too.


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  • Jopling
    Sep 26, 10:30 AM
    I'm surprised at all the Cingular hate here. At least in the D.C. area, the word is that they have the best coverage available - better than Verizon, who was the previous benchmark before the merger.

    Yeah Cingular has awesome coverage in DC. I have a cingular tower on my campus. Its unfortunate though that the metro decided to support Verizon underground considering its the only place you can get decent signal on verizon in the city.

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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 9, 07:13 AM
    Until Leopard is out we wont see the true value of these babies. Also by then some of the apps will take advantage of the muti-cores and multi-cpus, and the changes to the OS will allow applications not written for more than 1 core to take some advantage also. So like I said Leopard will be the one showing the true potential of these babies. Can't wait!!!!!!!:cool:

    The fact that the new iMacs can't address more than 3Gb of memory and are therefore operating on a 32bit logic-board makes me doubtful as to whether or not these systems are really 64-bit capable... It seems like some kind of hybrid 32/64bit system.

    Will the C2D iMacs be able to run 64bit code, despite not having the 64bit address space (and being able to access over 4Gb or RAM)?

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  • Psychic Shopper
    Sep 4, 07:20 PM
    "This would somewhat explain why the Paris Expo was given the cold shoulder."
    Cold shoulder to say the least. The same day as the expo, in London, Apple will hold a press conference. If you are a reporter, where do you go?
    Apple distanced itself from the Macworld New York Expo, I wonder if they are doing the same thing with the Paris expo?

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  • DeVizardofOZ
    Jul 14, 09:56 AM
    This is good to see. High performance chips from Intel and a great design from Apple, this will be fun to see what is announced at WWDC.

    I wonder if JOBS is acknowledging the hardware quality issues. APPLEs have deteriorated to hardware lemons. No better or even worse than any other quality laptop. I am not talking about those who got lucky... To me luck is not something I connect with exchanging my money with any product. We are consumers and should tell JOBS loud and clear, that we expect quality, especially from APPLE!:mad:

    If and when APPLE will offer a new product, new design, new casing (material) we must be careful. Magnesium disintegrates in connection with heat, haha. Just kidding.

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  • cwt1nospam
    Jan 3, 08:09 AM
    Ummm.... Didn't most of the early iOS jail breaking methods target holes in OS. Sure more grey hat than black hat but risk is there to be aware of regardless of platform.
    That "risk" requires the active participation of the user. That's a huge difference from simply tricking them into clicking/tapping on something.

    In theory, your bank account is vulnerable to a hacker getting you to deliberately withdraw cash and give it to them, even though you know what they're trying to do. Is that a realistic possibility? It's not any less real than the same hacker getting you to deliberately jail break your iPhone so they can send you a virus.

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  • cube
    Mar 30, 01:33 PM
    But MS never consistently used the term App to describe any part of their business. Sure it pops up occasionally here and there, almost at random, but that's about it. Historically they've always used 'Programs'. So to use your example, why couldn't they say: "We have this thing called Marketplace. What is it? Well, it's a place where you can buy programs.....". Why are they not happy with that? It will line up so much better with their software genealogy.

    I suspect the truth of the matter is they now want to start using 'App' for everything (instead of Programs), because Apple has popularized the term. Its on everybody's tongue now. And MS wants in on it. They want their stuff to be associated with the buzz that Apple created. That's borderline parasitic to me.

    Then why doesn't Apple just trademark the word "App"?

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  • ChrisA
    Apr 4, 12:06 PM
    Why did they say "went bad"? As robberies go killing the robber is about as good as it gets.

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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 9, 07:58 PM
    No, not at all.

    An affinity mask sets the set of CPUs that can be scheduled. A job won't be run on another CPU, even if the assigned CPUs are at 100% and other idle CPUs are available.

    And that, by the way, is why setting affinity is usually a bad idea. Let the system dynamically schedule across all available resources -- or you might have some CPUs very busy, and others idle.

    Win2k3 also has "soft" affinity masks, which define a preferred set of CPUs. If all of the preferred CPUs are busy, and other CPUs are idle, then soft affinity allows the system to run the jobs on the idle CPUs - even though the idle CPUs aren't in the preferred affinity mask.

    But I am pretty sure the newest developer tools can cope with that, considering that multicore chips are a rather new thing in the mainstream market...

    Try the Processor Preferences app contained in the Apple CHUD tools, for instance...

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  • doctor-don
    Apr 11, 08:41 AM
    Try proofing before posting articles.

    "especially when there it is possible to be an officially licensed AirPlay partner."

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  • ImAlwaysRight
    Sep 11, 07:01 AM
    I'm getting a 17" 2 ghz C2D iMac... Sounds exciting with all that speed! I don't know what to do with it! I guess my iTunes visualizations will be smoother, and I'll have the Dashboard ripple effect.
    $1200K for a little eye candy? Woo-hoo! (Seriously, though, well worth the $ over an eMac G4 1GHz)

    The overall score was 10% better in the new model

    That's the bottom line, folks. Not a huge performance improvement, by any means. Anyone trading in a Yonah iMac for one of these Meroms has got to be nuts. If you are looking for any type of performance improvement, wait a year or two to upgrade.

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  • gnasher729
    Jul 20, 03:43 AM
    But you are right that the thermals of Conroe could be a problem. I'm not sure how much of a difference speed-step will make. Although it is the most power-efficient desktop chip out there, it consumes less power under load than Pentium D's at idle:

    The new version of Speedstep that is available from Yonah upwards seems to be quite good. The operating system can reduce the clockspeed, but at lower clockspeed it can also reduce the voltage, and power consumption is proportional to (clockspeed x voltage x voltage).

    So my idea would be: A control that lets you set "maximum fan noise". If you need to render an hour of video, you should set it to maximum, if you are doing audio recordings with your Mac and want it silent you set it to minimum. That control also shows whether your clockspeed has been throttled, so if you prefer the Mac fast instead of quiet, you can have that as well. So you get the best of both worlds.

    Apr 14, 12:27 PM
    Meh. AMD is ready with USB 3.0 .

    Sep 5, 12:13 PM
    I don't really get the point of wireless video unless you can somehow incorporate a pause feature into it. What am I going to do with the video if I have to answer the door or phone or go to the can or get a snack? Do I have to go to my computer and reset the video and hope that when it streams to the TV or whatever it's at the right spot? For me it would be much easier to just move the movie to my iPod, put the iPod in a dock with a remote and watch it that way. Unless maybe the new airport device has it's own remote! Now that might be interesting. :D

    If they're going to do it, it needs to have a remote, and probably needs to have Front Row. And to REALLY do it right, they need to put the ability to buy movies (and music, and any other content) directly into Front Row, so you can buy a show straight from the TV and not have to walk to the computer.

    Apr 25, 02:19 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    2012 is a long way off. Buy now, enjoy it now and sell and upgrade when the time comes. I'm terrible for getting caught in the waiting game. You just wait for eternity.

    I'm not sure the pros will lose the DVD drive. It'll encroch into MBA territory and pros are meant more for industry use where the drives are useful.

    MBA for casual use. MBP where nothing is compromised.

    13 needs a better screen though. I've just bought my first 13 MBP and the soft resolution is a bit disappointing.

    Would you disagree that, just perhaps, in these industries where the DVD drive is so crucial that they might just have external drives? Apple is trying to sell these MacBooks to everyone, not just pros. It's the internet and App store are capable of doing the exact same thing as DVDs (for most computer purposes). For everything else, buy the external superdrive. 15% of MBP customers might need a DVD drive, but we know Apple isn't going to ignore the 85% who don't.

    Mar 29, 12:27 PM
    Looks to me like a combined MS/Nokia actually LOSES marketshare. (26.4% down to 21.1%) - funny how the 'report' doesn't spin the numbers that way. I do find it humorous that these analysts think they can see 2015 with any semblance of accuracy.

    Aug 23, 09:08 PM
    Don't 90% or more of the MP3 players on the market also infringe this patent (including the forthcoming Zune). By making this payout Apple have given Creative the means to fight other companies (such as Microsoft, Sandisk, etc) which could tie them up for years and possibly even delay the launch of Zune. Meanwhile, Apple have their nice license agreement and can continue unabated...

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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