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Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 13, 09:14 PM
    Dear god, enough with the phone rumors already!:mad:

    Would you prefer us to go back to the PowerBook G5 rumors instead? :p ;) :D

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  • Cinch
    Sep 5, 12:56 PM
    attempts to unify the TV and the computer have been done for the last 15 years or so without success. I give Apple a less then 10% success. Even if they succeed, the definition of success here is greatly compromise to a point of failure.


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  • Silentwave
    Jul 14, 05:22 PM
    Wow, that seems pretty darn reasonable.

    I was considering putting a 2.16 Core Duo in my currently Core Solo Mac mini. But now I'd much rather put the 1.83 Core 2 Duo in there for less than $200!

    You can't, unless you wait for the Merom version later next month which will be more expensive. Conroe (Core 2 duo that is out now) uses a different socket from Yonah. Merom is the pin-compatible one.

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  • 08Hawks
    Mar 23, 04:53 PM
    Tell them NO ! No ! NO ! The States/Cities do not enforce the Law to the extreme like they should after the 1st offense !!!!! What difference does it make if all you are going to do is smack their little hand the first few times !!!! The folks that are going to break the law are going to break the law no matter what !!! Also I might add that I have seen here in the greater Kansas City Mo area that the newspapers post the areas anyway ...

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 12:29 PM
    You made a simple claim:
    "Thunderbolt will be 'Mac only'"

    It won't be, you were proven wrong, now get over it. Maybe you missed the title of this topic?
    "Intel to Support Both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt in 2012 'Ivy Bridge' Platform"
    First, no I made no such claim. I responded to one. And the claim wasn't that it will be restricted to being Mac only, but that it will end up being Mac only, in the same sense that FW is. Some PC ship with FW, but not many. It is considered a Mac only interface. The gist is that TB may as well, if history repeats. You didn't prove anything. You see many PC's shipping with TB right now? How many PC vendors have announces support for TB? The unfortunate fact is that consumers know the USB brand, so the vendors will support it. TB might be in Intel's spec, but that doesn't mean every system will support it nor that many drive vendors will either.

    See econgeek's post. It explains is pretty well.

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 28, 05:31 PM
    Then Microsoft will surge to the top again when they release Windows 8 and a new version of Office.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Apr 25, 02:36 PM
    SSD + HD - Optical Drive = Sold

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  • sully677
    May 1, 12:11 AM
    Any news about a 24in option?

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  • dsnort
    Sep 19, 01:56 PM
    How long would it take to download a two hour 1080p movie?

    It took my Black MB about 70 mins to download "Deuce Bigalow". This was over a decent but not great motel WiFi setup, and I was downloading some other stuff for about half the time.

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  • TheKrillr
    Aug 28, 12:55 PM
    It makes more sense for Apple to wait for tomorrow, anyway. This way, they can avoid being drowned out by the other manufacturer's announcements and simultaneously steel their fanfare. They'll probably do something like "New, with Merom, and more..." and add on another fancy feature or two to each thing to outdo the other laptop guys.

    Though, I still think they're coming on the 18th of sept.

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  • andiwm2003
    Jul 14, 01:41 PM
    After looking at a chart of all the Core 2 Duo's, it seems like the most reasonable implementation would be to but the 2MB L2 cache Allendale cores into the iMacs (1.86ghz for the 17" and 2.16ghz for the 20") and the 4MB L2cache Conroe cores into the 3 Mac Pros (2.33ghz @ $1999, 2.66ghz @ $2499, and 2.93ghz @ $2999), with possibly and ultra-high end Dual 3.0ghz Woodcrest offering @ $3499 (I don't think economy of scale effects that likleyhood as Apple will already be purchasing them for their entire X-Serve line).

    That's probably how I would roll it out if it were up to me.

    while i agree with you general lineup i don't think the imac goes below 2ghz for marketing reasons.
    i also think the prices for the 2.33 and 2.66 are simply too high. the performance gain will not be that much over the one year old dual core g5's. so the price should go down.

    but in general i would be happy with any 4MB conroe model.

    in a few weeks we will know.

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  • EricNau
    Sep 19, 11:12 PM
    I downloaded 1 movie (FlightPlan) to test the system out, but I won't be buying anymore until it is at least DVD quality (640 x 272 isn't close enough).

    It's bad enough buying a movie without a case, hardcopy, or any bonus features, but to top it off, it isn't even DVD quality... and for that I pay $10?

    Why is Apple always cutting corners? They get so close to great things, but not close enough.

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  • e-coli
    May 3, 11:38 AM
    Surely I'm not the only one who's noticed that the i7 is slower than the i5, and that the Radeon HD 6970M is slower than the 6750M.

    Whaaaaa? :confused:

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  • swingerofbirch
    Oct 12, 05:30 PM
    As much as I love rumors approximating nearer and nearer some state of acuity, actually seeing the product a day ahead is a tad disspaointing. It reminds me of the late night when Time Canada unveiled the G4 iMac. Well it'll still be fun to watch me Opie tomorrow, especially since she's promoting iPods over the Dell Ditty she did a couple years back.

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  • Maccus Aurelius
    Oct 27, 04:38 PM
    I support GreenPeace All the way!

    So we can all assume you also support their haphazard attempts to save the environment, and the fact that they are indeed an incongruent entity with logic, reason, and good taste. They target apple, knowing full well other manufacturers have a generous share of toxic substances in their products (spare us the propeganda greenpeace, we know what LCD's and CRT screens contain).

    Greenpeace is the sort that would assume a factory is producing an alarming amount of toxic waste if they happen to spot a dead bird on the roof of the building.

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  • sisyphus
    Sep 10, 06:45 PM
    Face it the Conroe Mac is coming.

    iMac 24" - $1999

    Mac Pro (downgraded to 2.0 Ghz) + 23" - 3198

    That is a $1k price gap.

    A high quality midtower would fit perfectly. They have another chip to differentiate the product matrix. It is coming!

    Mac Mini - Core Duo (yonah) - base entry machine. 2 RAM slots
    iMac - Core 2 Duo (Merom) - All in one basic to prosumer models, quiet operation and powerful. 2 RAM Slots
    "Mac" - Core 2 Duo (Conroe) - mini tower 1 optical, 2 drives, 2 PCIe, 4 RAM Slots - prosumer to low end workstation.
    Mac Pro - Xeon (Woodcrest) - Full tower 2 processors, 8 RAM slots, 4 PCIe, 2 optical, 4 drive bays. - Mid to high end workstation.

    Face it Apple left the biggest gap between the iMac and the Pro machine ever! There was no crippled tower to span the distance between the two. Apple wants to expand market share. They have a power processor that will not step on the toes of the machine above or below. Why wouldn't they use it. Before all the desktops ran the G5. It was difficult to provide product differentiation without gobbling sales up internally. Here the highest end Conroe cannot match the lowest end dual Woodcrest at highly threaded apps. This is a win-win situation. It will either come out on Tuesday or another special event in early october.

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  • cleric
    Apr 11, 06:52 AM
    This is pretty awesome unfortunately my FreeBSD Server sits right next to an Airport Express :rolleyes:

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  • prady16
    Sep 26, 08:05 AM
    Any idea what kind of "top-secret" features Leopard could support for iPhone?
    Let your imaginiations run wild!

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  • shadowx
    Sep 14, 03:13 PM
    My prediction:

    Aperture 2.0 ($299)
    MacBook Pro:
    2 15" and 1 17" model with 2.16 and 2.33 GHz Merom
    1 GB RAM standdard, up to 3 or 4 GB
    100 and 120 GB HDD's, up to 160 GB
    8x DVD+/-RW DL drives for all
    X1600 Pro in low-end 15" and X1800 Pro/XT in hi-end 15" and 17"
    FW800 on all models
    Magnetic latch (no integrated keyboard)
    Expresscard/54 slot on all models
    $1899 - $2299 - $2499

    The MBP would be great... but I really doubt all of those changes. Even with CPU, HDD, and RAM bumps only... I think the price points stay unchanged - Apple has a history of doing that. It would be nice if I'm wrong, though;)

    Sep 6, 02:00 AM
    Engadget and others are announcing wireless HDMI being release in November. Hopefully Apple is leading the way on this.

    Apr 12, 06:21 AM
    Unless, as mentioned earlier in this thread, that 3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware. In that case, all customers will be required to install a mandatory "security" bug fix which installs support for a new private key, and everything proceeds as normal.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from, and also preprogrammed support for all of those keys into every properly licensed accessory. Maybe they just planned to use the first key up until it was compromised, and then move on to another.

    Now, they might just push a new iTunes upgrade that blacklists the compromised key and moves on to another one -- and at the same time, instruct all licensed equipment to also add that key to their own blacklist (while continuing to maintain seamless support for all the remainder of the preprogrammed keys) the next time the licensed equipment connects to an authorized audio source.

    (Unless, maybe the reverse engineer in this case already anticipated such an eventuality, and actually extracted all of the keys -- assuming, of course, that there really are multiple keys. If that were the case, then the reverse engineer hypothetically might have defeated the entire benefit that Apple might have derived from hypothetically having multiple keys to choose from in the first place...)

    What's a little crazy with that is you start to believe your own hypothetical, made-up engineering. Now, no one here knows anything for sure, but, I think we can say with some certainty that Apple won't be changing the key in iTunes.

    3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware
    Sweeping generalisation. Those simple iHome AirPlay speakers can be connected to a computer and then firmware upgraded? Very unlikely. Not every AirPlay licensed hardware is an expensive Hi-Fi amp with upgradable firmware.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from
    Near enough pointless. If someone is able to get hold of one private key, they're in a position to get hold of any others. This guy dumped the ROM after all.

    The biggest reason for Apple not to change the key is it would break everything. A "mandatory "security" bug fix" isn't feasible for hardware, it would be like trying to organise a product recall - you could never tell everyone, and everyone would be wondering why their product suddenly broke - the companies behind these products would be swamped with support calls. You simply can't just bring out an update that breaks everything, hoping that customers will somehow update hardware that might not even be up-dateable.

    tl;dr - However Apple engineered this, it's almost certainly not like that ^

    Jul 14, 09:40 AM
    Does anyone think we should be hitting 4ghz about now?

    I mean weve been stuck on 2.x for ages. Whats the deal? A 4ghz quad would be frickin awesome. :confused:
    If you raised the clock speed of NetBurst-based Pentium 4s (or Pentium Ds) to 4GHz, you would still not achieve the same performance as today's Conroe at 2.13GHz. Clock speed alone is not an accurate gauge of performance.

    Because of increasing problems with heat density, clock speeds haven't been rising at their historical rates. A kind of brick wall was hit when the semiconductor industry moved to 90nm. At those dimensions a series of unexpected problems plagued ramp and ushered a change away from blindly raising clock speeds towards more functionality and more optimized functionality at more manageable clock speeds.

    Clock speeds will hit 4GHz and keep rising, but not at the rate we have been accustomed to. But as the Core 2 benchmarks show, Intel has intelligently redesigned the processor to achieve significant speed improvements at existing clock speeds.

    May 3, 07:25 PM
    what I'm waiting for now:

    apple cinema display with thunderbolt port and ability to plug mouse/keyboard and use it as an extension for macbooks with thunderbolt.

    that would be something like a great docking station. just plug it in and go for it.

    Nov 15, 01:21 PM
    To quote Mugatu from Zoolander:


    Really? RA used Apple Dev tools and the App Store folks put up a fight for 3 months. RA didn't break any rules and Apple doesn't have a cohesive process. RA walked away over Apple's policy conflicts, and people are defending Apple. Seriously, this behavior is still continuing at Apple, and it needs to change.

    My head hurts, I'm going to go lay down...

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