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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • cube
    Apr 24, 07:00 AM
    AMD E-350's CPU is noticeably worse than the C2Ds in MBAs. It is better than Atom but can't fight against Intel's premium CPUs, especially if we take Sandy Bridge into consideration. The IGP is wonderful though.

    Llano will hopefully change this since Zacate is meant for netbook and other cheap laptops. Llano will hopefully bring low-voltage chips meant for ultraportables like MBA. So far there are no news though.


    But one must not overhype Llano because it still uses a Stars+ core. Bulldozer Fusion is not coming until next year.

    So, we'll see.

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  • pmjoe
    Mar 23, 08:26 AM
    All I want is a quad core Mac mini. ;)

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  • dime21
    Mar 23, 06:10 PM
    136 negatives to this story ... nice. :rolleyes:

    Any perceived hit towards censorship obviously trumps the value of human life. :rolleyes:

    I wonder how many who posted here in favor of removing these apps, are also supporters of wikileaks? i'm sure it's a significant number. how ironic.

    How about you duervo, you a wikileaks fan? hmm?

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 19, 06:46 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.3; en-gb; Nexus S Build/GRI40) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1)

    I wonder what will happen here. Form the "who's suing who" infrographics I've seen, Samsung remained pretty much untouched until now.

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  • BrianMojo
    Sep 4, 08:17 PM
    TV shows are US only, but I doubt Movies will be US only. That would be like music being US only? TV shows are a different animal.

    They sure are a different animal; Hollywood thrives on sales outside of the US. Even though all you often hear about is domestic US take on a movie, often the worldwide sales match and far surpass that number. So even though television studios may worry (and rightfully so) about their content translating to different cultures, Hollywood has been making movies universal for years for just that reason.

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 23, 12:31 AM
    The only thing I desire in this direction is a way to delete and add the music/audiobooks I have on the fly without a computer. Anything else is icing on the cake.

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  • LaazyEye
    Mar 22, 10:28 PM
    How are you MBP owners liking your Thunderbolt port? Do you feel like someone with a DVD disk in 1975?

    This is probably the most level-headed thing I've ever heard on this entire forum. He appreciates and acknowledges the tech and yet at the same time jokes upon it.

    At least I won't have to wait 22 years to actually use it =p

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  • scu
    Oct 27, 10:17 AM
    I'm a Green Peace supporter, but with Bush in the Whitehouse, don't they have bigger fish to fry?

    I agree. Apple is in the spotlight a great deal so they are using this as a method to market themselves.

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  • jwp1964
    Sep 14, 08:51 AM
    :eek: I just literally finished ordering a new battery and 1gb memory upgrade so my ibook would last a little longer. If they release a tablet (which is what I'm holding on for) I'll cry!

    I updated my battery and added a 1gig stick a month ago...hoping for that iTablet!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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  • AlBDamned
    Aug 23, 04:47 PM
    Really, though $100 million isn't all that significant to a company with reserves like Apple has, vs. having a possible patent infringement hanging over them that could, given a ruling against them, cost much more.

    I guess so. It's good that there's been a settlement though. For both companies I think this is a positive outcome.

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  • tyzilla
    Sep 14, 10:38 PM
    Not sure why people would get excited about an iCamera. There are many excellent DSLRs out now from companies that have a lot more expertise in building cameras than Apple. I'd rather have a Canon Rebel XT or maybe that new Pentax.

    by the looks of the description he/she gave of the "iCamera" or "iDSLR," it was a joke. that's just my take though.

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  • retroactiv
    Mar 29, 11:51 AM
    Windows is as easy to use as SL. I'd say in terms of functionality Windows beats SL hands down. But most Apple fans idea of functionality in Windows is complexity and they prefer the dumbed down Mac operating system.

    When I start using Mac OS X 2 years ago, it took me two solid months to get used to its ways. I can tell you, when I started out, I would not have described Apple's operating system as easy to use. Now I'm competent using two operating systems, and can appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of both. Neither are very difficult to use if you apply yourself to learning, but you have to put in the time to take full advantage of either one of them.

    Well put :)

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  • MacRumors
    Aug 23, 05:07 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Apple and Creative have resolved their legal disputes (http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2006/aug/23settlement.html) which started on May 15th of this year when Creative and Apple sued each other (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/05/20060519080315.shtml) claiming patent infringement. According to a joint-press release, Apple will pay Creative $100 million USD to settle all outstanding lawsuits.

    "Creative is very fortunate to have been granted this early patent," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "This settlement resolves all of our differences with Creative, including the five lawsuits currently pending between the companies, and removes the uncertainty and distraction of prolonged litigation."

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  • g4tom
    Sep 26, 09:54 AM
    Check out the October issue of PC Magazine. This phone is on the cover as "what's hot now". It is made by LG. It is described just as the iPhone is being described. So the iPhone can't look like this or they will get sued. Or this is it and LG is making it for Apple???

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  • ikir
    Apr 20, 11:22 AM
    Paranoia.... or all users are secret spies!! WOW

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  • Analog Kid
    Sep 16, 05:09 AM
    GPS, whay arent you accurate? Oh right, security issues....
    This is off topic, and maybe I'm misunderstanding to boot... Are you saying GPS isn't accurate? It's been running at full accuracy for years now-- you can get to a couple feet with WAAS, better than a centimeter using differential techniques. The principle limitation on accuracy is atmospheric effects, not security concerns.

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  • g4tom
    Sep 26, 08:49 AM
    The picture they are using as a mock up already is being sold, by LG. It is on the cover of October edition of "PC Magazine". Looks identical and has the slider hidden number pad.

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  • Apple Shmapple
    Sep 12, 09:07 PM
    Apple is in a slow fall...
    I love Mac's, and will always own one. However, the Intel Mac's are buggy as hell. (Still Not Compareable to Windows) The iPod's are not as good as the PSP, except for the large hard drive (and the ease of iTunes).

    PSP better than iPod??in what sense??:confused:

    For video playback the PSP is better hands down, no contest. For music, the iPod wins hands down no contest.

    Just depends on what you're in it for.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Sep 26, 04:43 PM
    You sound like a pain in the ass to have as a customer.

    That's pretty unfair - he said he called to get a bill fixed. What is he supposed to do, give as much of his money to the cell phone company as they see fit?

    If your job is dealing with cranky customers and don't much care for it you'll be much happier with a different job, trust me.

    Sep 5, 06:03 PM
    What if you downloaded the movie to your Macbook Pro and went on a business trip? Or you only own a laptop?

    HOW are the members of your family going to watch the movie?

    Just copy it to the computer at home. How are the members of your family going to use a computer if you take the only one with you?

    Sep 14, 08:46 PM
    As the MacBook Pro is wider, it will get very light magnets at either end of the displays too, to hold it neatly shut.

    one of the best predictions i have heard to date...

    May 3, 11:09 PM
    still no blu-ray drive? iMacs should have blu-ray burners by now!
    oh well, maybe with the next update...

    Oct 12, 04:50 PM
    Please... check the dictionary before getting bent out of shape.

    Evolve is different than evolution. You can evolve in more ways than they show you on the little Ape to Man chart. Evolve is a word in the English language, specifically a verb, which means "to develop gradually".

    So because they are poor, and haven't "developed", we should sit back and allow them to die, in order to thin out the human population? What makes the human race different from all the other animals is the ability for us to change our fate with tools. I would gather that if you were to take our technology away, say with an EMP, you would find that the people of Africa would have the skills to survive, while us Americans would suffer with our under developed hunting and gathering skills. Your view is way too narrow, and very American.

    Oct 27, 10:06 AM
    And Greenpeace wonder why people don't take them very seriously.....

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