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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new sidekick 2011 release date

new sidekick 2011 release date. new sidekick 2011 4g.
  • new sidekick 2011 4g.

  • arn
    Aug 31, 01:19 PM
    Story updated.

    It appears there will be an event on Sept 12th in San Francisco which will be broadcast to London.


    new sidekick 2011 release date. T-Mobile Sidekick 4G
  • T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

  • freeny
    Aug 28, 12:46 PM
    So, uh.... PowerBook G5's tomorrow?
    I think my new rule will be to automatically place anyone using that line on my ignore list.

    It lost its funny a long time ago.:rolleyes:

    new sidekick 2011 release date. release date.
  • release date.

  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 25, 01:35 PM
    Could just be me, but I think the design is perfect. Apple is still way ahead of the competition with the unibody design. How much better can it get?

    new sidekick 2011 release date. sidekick 2011 4g. new sidekick
  • sidekick 2011 4g. new sidekick

  • diogowerner
    Sep 16, 02:15 AM
    the first time i voted "negative", because i'm tired of those phone rumors.

    did the same... for the same reason...

    i'll believe in iPhone only when i see one...

    new sidekick 2011 release date. Why hello there, new Sidekick.
  • Why hello there, new Sidekick.

  • MrFirework
    Oct 27, 03:37 PM
    Am I the only one who thinks this is a non-story? You want to raise my eyebrows?... show me a time that Greenpeace, PITA or any of those other wack-o groups behaves like a bunch of grown-ups and doesn't get thrown out. Here's a headline:

    Greenpeace Attends Apple Expo, Spreads Message of Environmental Responsablility Through Logical Debate and Sound Logic

    Now, THAT's a headline...

    new sidekick 2011 release date. tmobile new sidekick 2011.
  • tmobile new sidekick 2011.

  • 4God
    Aug 28, 12:16 PM
    Merom... (http://guides.macrumors.com/Merom)

    Yeah for the portables, but Conroe for the desktop.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. +new+sidekick+2011+coming+
  • +new+sidekick+2011+coming+

  • freeny
    Aug 23, 09:23 PM
    100million to make a nagging itch go away? not bad and well worth it IMO.

    If only the middle East were so diplomatic....

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  • Samsung Sidekick 4G For T-

  • Luca Boccaccini
    Aug 28, 12:51 PM
    wake up then, because it won't happen for awhile.
    The current enclosure is very nice, so why change it?

    Hi gugy,

    I agree with you: MBP are really nice, but.... the Macbook's keyboard design is simply gorgeous. Clean, with those rounded corners.
    Not to mention the magnetic latch.:rolleyes:

    It would be a leap forward a better design. And a greater coherence through the entire -book line.


    new sidekick 2011 release date. Tmobile+new+sidekick+2011
  • Tmobile+new+sidekick+2011

  • Rocketman
    Aug 31, 07:09 PM
    or maybe just maybe...

    Apple is bringing out a new desktop! I mean think about it they haven't really bought out a new desktop for agess all they have done is switch all products to intel.

    **Edit, IMO i think its silly because whos gonna pay $14.99 for a movie on a tiny screen, and if they make it to watch on your computer then its just going to take hours and hours to download if you have a slow broadband connection

    If you pay whatever price for a "lisence" to a movie it makes sense you have a lisence to a variety of resolutions for the 5 CPU's you are allowed to run them on, FOREVER (Time Machine).

    Stop whining. Or not.

    As for the so-called video iPod, it seems to me such a device has far more uses than a mere media replayer. It could be a remote control. It could be a PDA. It could be a 3G/4G internet portal, standalone or for an external computer, such as a, gag, MacBook.

    Further, such a device is easily reprogrammable as a dictation machine, a bar code reader, a video camera, a still camera, etc, etc, etc. Some functions might need a dongle to the extent they are not implemented in Rev. 1A.


    See ST-TNG datapads.

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  • new sidekick 2011 pink. as the

  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 04:06 PM
    This isn't the content of music on iTunes isn't DRM protected, furthermore I still own the content (even the DRM) as I can do exactly what I want with it. I can back it up, move it between devices, and have absolutely no dependence on sustainable bandwidth, company's servers, and policy changes revolving around the use of the server.

    As for your netflix comment, there have been plenty of times that Netflix has removed content from their servers that was previously available, if I actually own the content I don't even have to worry about the company removing availability of item <x>.

    Streaming content is inferior to downloaded content, it depends on a reliable connection, it depends on your bandwidth not being capped or being regulated to a lower setting because you went over (it'd be pretty easy to stream videos and go over your limit especially in HD).

    With the recent iPhone privacy fiasco, APPLE would be the LAST company on earth that I would want to depend on.

    As a backup option I think its great, as a primary service that eliminates the concept of downloading and owning your content, its complete bull. I'm not paying money for content that essentially stays in someone else's computer that they could do what they want with it at ANY time. Forget it.

    speed, quality and reliability through internet connections is absolutely INFERIOR than when it is run from a hard drive (avg transfer for a hard drive in 2007 was 1030 MBits (128MB/sec) or flash memory (even the lowest class runs at 2MB/sec, which is more than most people can get in their internet connection).

    If it goes further to where computers start using cloud services just to run and store their computer it becomes a) a privacy issue, b) a security issue. People like their privacy and like to own stuff they pay for.
    who is to say you can't do the same with the cloud service? why can't you download ur music from the cloud to your computer?

    Why is it now OK to be a backup service? they are still going to have your data....why does it matter if it's your primary version or a backup?

    There is a reason why this has come about. if it was so stupid it wouldn't be happening. People can be really weird about "owning" things. I have friends who collect thousands of dvds. wow, to view 1-2 times. what a waste.

    I guess the music and documents i have in idisk i don't own either right?

    I was referring to netflix bc the content one may like is there. maybe not all of it, but with the apple option on the cloud you'd have that option to load what you want to listen to.....aka you would choose the playlist.

    If netflix had that option for movies. Why would you spend thousands of dollars buying dvds when you can have it at a subscription price in the cloud?

    new sidekick 2011 release date. new sidekick 2011 tmobile. new
  • new sidekick 2011 tmobile. new

  • ditzy
    Mar 22, 07:25 PM
    Sounds like you'd be interested in a nice Windows7 machine. Enjoy. :rolleyes:

    Seriously I am an apple fangirl, but this response embarrassed me. If in the future apple start offering 24 and 30 inch models, will you take back this statement.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. new sidekick 2011 tmobile. new
  • new sidekick 2011 tmobile. new

  • arkmannj
    Apr 25, 06:52 PM
    awesome... maybe they'll update the Mac Mini's too I'm thinking of doing "http://macminicolo.net" and a nicer mini would fit the ticket.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. Screen shot 2011-01-20 at
  • Screen shot 2011-01-20 at

  • milo
    Aug 28, 04:18 PM
    Speaking of returns, is there a possibility of buying the machine and if they don't auto-upgrade me to the new one, return it and buy a new one?

    Only if you buy the machine but don't open the box (unless you're willing to pay a 10% restocking fee). And that's only if you get the standard config, no custom BTO. Plus if you order it, you'll pay shipping back to them.

    this goes to show how behind apple is in updating.
    clearly they arent ready to adapt to an intel platform. the cant even make simple processor adjustments on time!
    all the major companies have made this transition.

    Actually NONE of the pc companies have made the transition. They haven't shipped a single machine with the new chips, just made announcements of shipments days or weeks away (and that was just earlier today...even if apple was behind, they'd only be hours behind, not even a full day). Right now apple is only behind in press releases, which has nothing to do with being ready to adapt to an intel platform. Now ranting about PC companies that haven't shipped the new machines yet...THAT is ridiculous.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. tmobile sidekick 2011 release.
  • tmobile sidekick 2011 release.

  • Evan_11
    Sep 4, 08:55 PM
    How about an iPod dock but with an airport express built-in. That way you could either stream video off of your iPod or your Mac. This is important since any device they introduce will have to be both Mac and PC compliant and there is no version of front row currently available for Windows.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. New+sidekick+2011+tmobile
  • New+sidekick+2011+tmobile

  • EagerDragon
    Sep 14, 07:52 PM
    If you'd followed the dSLR world at all over the past two years, you wouldn't ask this question. :) Canon and Nikon are doing well; most everyone else is dropping like flies. Sony is trying to pick up the pieces that were Konica-Minolta's dSLR business, but at best they're going to be a distant third behind the Big Two. Pentax and Olympus are holding on as far as I know, but they are not doing well.

    It would be a very poor move for Apple, and I have no doubt they realize this. You might think Apple has a rabid fan base to draw on - go read any "Nikon vs. Canon" thread on any photo discussion board sometime to see REAL rabidity. :D
    I can see why they are not doing that well...... A film SLR is a heck of a lot cheaper and they were harder to make. They are charging way too much. Back in the old times we all had film SLR's for the quality, ability to change lens (not that different from todays lenses), etc. Unless you are a pro the prices are way out of most people budget. You spend 700 to 4000 for a body and every lens is 500. Crazy.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. 3 New Sidekick 4G Videos
  • 3 New Sidekick 4G Videos

  • AidenShaw
    Mar 24, 11:16 PM
    Do you guys see Thunderbolt replacing maybe the firewire ports one day?

    No - ThunderPort will be too expensive. And USB 3.0 will destroy the last bits of firewire that USB 2.0 didn't kill.

    My guess is that the most popular ThunderPort peripheral will be a small hub with four port-multiplier capable eSATA ports and six USB 3.0 ports.

    At the high end, there will be ThunderPort RAID devices and professional A/D gear - but ThunderPort disks will be too expensive for the common folks.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. new sidekick 4g release date.
  • new sidekick 4g release date.

  • Neuroguy
    Oct 12, 08:15 PM
    Screw this "Red ipod" and all the "do-gooder" photo ops.

    Bring us a Merom Mac Book Pro!!!


    new sidekick 2011 release date. new tmobile sidekick 2011.
  • new tmobile sidekick 2011.

  • NT1440
    Apr 19, 11:33 PM
    John Pilgers? Does he reside in the US? Does he have a website?


    He's even got an awesome interview with Julian Assange. His documentary "The War You Don't See" is a must watch though.

    new sidekick 2011 release date. Sidekick LX Release Date:
  • Sidekick LX Release Date:

  • guzhogi
    Aug 23, 06:26 PM
    I hope this means that Creative would port its Soundblaster X-Fi to Macs. I'm sure this would help bring game developers, too.

    Jul 14, 11:19 AM
    What's up with the personal insults? If you want to pay top dollar for incremental increases that's your choice. Most of us "professionals" would prefer the fastest systems available, because as we all know, time is money!

    1: Where is this personal insult you speak of? You could have said this in the original post, instead you decided to call my comment "silly" with no reasoning. That is a personal insult, not to mention childish.

    2: I don't pay top dollar for incremental increase. Why the assumption?

    3: Professionals may upgrade processors, but they don't overclock. Overclocking causes instability and decreases the life of the chip. And take time to do it correctly. If time is money, then a professional doesn't have time to tinker with the FSB and multipliers for hours, then stability test at every change.

    4: The poster was saying he wouldn't buy a MBP unless it was swappable or overclockable, which since the dawn of time there have only been a few laptops where this was possible. I simply stated that he was asking too much for laptops. MacPro's and other Intel iMacs of course will more than likely be swappable, which the poster stated and is true.

    Apr 25, 05:50 PM
    Yes, that is the Apple mentality. No more is it about making the best machine, but about making it "good enough". That speech in 2008 with the intro of the Unibody MacBook with the then nVidia 9400m where Apple realises "graphics are important and boy did we pack this thing with graphics power!" is gone.

    You're right. I should just eat my pill and accept the lesser GPU. :rolleyes:

    The only thing holding me back from a Mac before 2008 was the Intel GPU. The only thing that will hold me back from purchasing a new one after this is Air is... Intel graphics.

    But you just know that it will sell in record numbers regardless. Even if it was an empty shell, people will buy them. That's the beauty of Apple marketing.

    Jul 14, 10:03 AM
    Perhaps some kind of high performance consumer-oriented/gaming-oriented tower?

    (Just pure speculation...)


    Exactly!!! Here's hoping! :D

    Mar 23, 08:29 AM
    LaCie 1TB Little Big Disk (http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=11625), available Summer 2011. 10Gb/s transfer rate; copy an HD movie in 30 seconds.
    LOL! You might want to ask them what the data rates on the actual hard drive (or drives) in the case is. LaCie makes nice stuff, but it's quite gimmicky to only talk about interface transfer rates when the real performance is dependent on the hard drives.

    Oct 27, 10:48 AM
    Meh, don't worry about the batteries. Sure, some people have problems, but my 3G ipod is still doing surprisingly well!

    Mine too, although when I found out a replacement battery was available from Batteries + for around $25, I bought it and replaced it myself very easily. It's not as hard as some might think.

    I'm all about apple being green too, but is it not possible that Greenpeace are making an example of apple more because of their high profile than because they are the worst offenders. Greenpeace's campaign wouldn't seem quite so "cool" if they were attacking compaq or gateway etc...

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