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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

las vegas map of the strip 2011

las vegas map of the strip 2011. 911 Las Vegas Strip
  • 911 Las Vegas Strip

  • Stella
    Mar 30, 12:56 PM
    Scotch tape.

    In the UK its sellotape ( got the spelling correct ) to refer to sticky tape.

    "Don't sellotape the paper to the wall, the paint will come off!"

    Scotch tape is a brand name of sticky tape, as is sellotape.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. las vegas maps of strip 2011.
  • las vegas maps of strip 2011.

  • toddybody
    Apr 25, 01:24 PM
    Lol, I was referring to the Ill wait for the new one to come out people actually. Haha


    las vegas map of the strip 2011. las vegas maps of strip 2011.
  • las vegas maps of strip 2011.

  • JobsRules
    Oct 27, 10:38 AM
    Ok, this I honestly didn't see, and if true, then warrants a serious reprimand of any organisation at Mac Expo!! I hope that the reason they were ejected was something like this, and not just handing out leaflets in the wrong area, like I was led to believe from the thread so far!

    I wouldn't like anyone taking photos of my child without permission, and if true then Greenpeace have behaved irresponsibly!

    But that could also mean that someone took a photo of a baby with an Apple with consent and that was chinese whispered by an anti-Greenpeace voice to, 'Yeah, y'know, I even saw them putting this apple in a kid's pram and...'

    Here are the 'roudy violent millitants' we're talking about.


    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Las Vegas Strip before Earth
  • Las Vegas Strip before Earth

  • LagunaSol
    Mar 23, 09:30 AM
    A 24" TOUCH SCREEN would be a great addition???

    I'm going to have a hard time wiping the fingerprints off that on my t-shirt. ;)

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Las Vegas Strip with lights
  • Las Vegas Strip with lights

  • TangoCharlie
    Jul 14, 09:25 AM
    [snip]The new processors, code named Conroe, are the desktop versions of the Core Duo processors which currently reside in Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac computers.[snip]

    Der. No! The Conroe CPU is the desktop version of the the Merom CPU which is not currently used in any Mac.

    The Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme are widely expected to make their Mac debut in Apple's PowerMac computers which are rumored to be released on August 7th 2006 at the World Wide Developers Conference.

    Der. No! The Woodcrest CPU is widely expected to make its debut in Apple's PowerMac replacement computer (widely expected to be called Mac Pro) on
    August 7th 2006 at the World Wide Developers' Conference.

    Intel is expected to start shipping the new processors on July 23rd with an official announcement on July 27th. The Core 2 Duo will have clock speeds of 1.86GHz, 2.13GHz, 2.4GHz and 2.67GHz while the Core 2 Extreme will clock in at 2.93GHz. ALl share a 1066MHz front side bus with between 2-4MB of L2 cache. Pricing for the chips range from $183 to $999 per chip.

    At last, something concrete!

    As mentioned above, a number of benchmarks of the new chips have been released today, with DailyTech providing a roundup (http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=3319) of many reviews.

    The bench marks show that the Conroe based CPU's are going to smoke the AMD competition. :)

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Las Vegas Street Photography
  • Las Vegas Street Photography

  • srxtr
    Mar 30, 12:25 PM
    They're really not going to let this go are they...

    Companies REALLY want to use "App Store" instead of coming up with their own.

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  • braddouglass
    Mar 30, 11:50 AM
    Can't we all just get along haha. Android came out with the "android market". Can't they just come up with their own name and not complain constantly about what their rivals do. Maybe Bill should spend some more money on developing a decent OS in stead of whining about Apple's wording of something.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. las vegas maps of strip 2011.
  • las vegas maps of strip 2011.

  • milo
    Sep 19, 03:28 PM
    Considering that the iTS is like the 5th biggest music vendor, they sure suck at selling movies. 125k is nothing compared to real movie vendors.

    Maybe when they get more than 75 movies. Amazon unbox started with like 2000 movies!

    Are you serious? This is their first WEEK of doing it, what do you expect? And how many movies did Amazon sell in their first week? I'd bet it was less than Apple. Good selection won't overcome crappy implemenation.

    I guess people value convenience over quality. That's great for Apple. That confirms it will be a success.
    For me I rather buy DVDs or wait for hi definition downloads, but I guess many people out there are satisfy with lower quality.

    From what I've heard, the quality is pretty close to DVD. Have you compared the two? What is your complaint about quality?

    On my DSL connection, it took about 7 hours. I let it go overnight.
    Not quite the 30 minutes that Steve promised.

    He quoted that number on a 5M connection...is that what you have?

    Maybe they could make iTunes let you start playing your TV show download before it's finished, like they let you do with movies?

    I'd bet they already do, since the download engine in iTunes is redone. Can anyone confirm?

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. las vegas map of the strip
  • las vegas map of the strip

  • Mal
    Sep 14, 02:05 AM
    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Seriously, that thing looks awful. I know it's just an "artists rendition", but that artist deserves to be taken outside and shot. If Apple brings out one of those, I will have lost all my faith in Jonathan Ives and the design team. No, I won't abandon Apple, but I will abandon my dream of owning an Apple phone someday.


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  • las vegas map strip 2011.

  • aristobrat
    Sep 19, 02:29 PM
    ... and yet there is a conspicuous lack of a self-congratulatory press release from Amazon about their sales numbers. I suspect that despite Unbox starting with 2000 movies, they've sold less than 125,000 movies.
    If that's true, I wonder if it's because folks didn't want to have to learn new software to make Amazon's solution work, vs. "just clicking" in iTunes?

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Map Of Vegas Strip 2011
  • Map Of Vegas Strip 2011

  • Synapple
    Sep 1, 07:15 AM
    Ok..You got me..
    What I meant was Tuesday was Sept. 12th in Cupertino..NOT monday as the poster said.;)

    Yeah I got that ;)
    I was just euphoric due to the news of an upcoming Apple event and a couple of Pina Coladas... :o

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  • las vegas strip 2011 map. las

  • Dan55304
    Oct 27, 10:18 AM
    You got to love disruptive, violent behavior from "peace" groups. Sure makes you respect them doesn't it. You can always use paper and pencil if you don't want to use a computer. Oh, wait, harvesting a renewable resource like trees is out. Give me a break.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Las Vegas Strip. Map data
  • Las Vegas Strip. Map data

  • syklee26
    Sep 14, 10:15 AM
    since Apple lost their claim as the producer of the biggest LCD monitor in the market (30 inch behemoth), maybe Apple will use this event to announce 42 inch Apple Cinema Display.

    and what happened to that Apple patent for thousands of small camera embedded on the LCD?

    MBP update is very likely, but you won't see Macbook update. processor is limited in quantities and obviously computers with bigger need for faster processor, which is MBP, will be where chips go.

    and maybe in this event Apple might present with Adobe for Adobe's upcoming universal softwares.

    i don't think Apple will just announce Aperture if they are going to invite guests for a presentation. more than that is coming. maybe Apple projectors. i don't know.

    but I know for sure that G5 powerbook is not coming so losers better not cry for that.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. las vegas maps of strip 2011.
  • las vegas maps of strip 2011.

  • toddybody
    Apr 22, 11:45 AM
    Love the style and miniaturization being tested out in the Air line. I'd never seriously consider one though unless they made a 15" version. I've been buying mid-size Mac laptops forever, going back to the 14" Wallstreet.

    With my need for real estate (graphics and video editing) and limited use of optical drives and lots of I/O ports on a daily basis, that thin form factor and big screen would be just perfect for me.

    Think it over Apple - thinner is better, but so is bigger!

    Yep, my dream machine would be a redesigned MBP with a .75 inch thick body, no optical drive, dual storage drives (SSD BLADE + HDD), Ivy bridge, HD 6950m (equivalent) 2GB VRAM, and a 1200p 16:10 screen @ 15inches. Of course with all the standard Apple hoo ha (TB, HD Facetime...etc). And the battery life of R2D2.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Las Vegas Strip. Map Of Vegas Strip 2011. Las Vegas Strip Map and; Las Vegas Strip Map and
  • Las Vegas Strip. Map Of Vegas Strip 2011. Las Vegas Strip Map and; Las Vegas Strip Map and

  • strwrsfrk
    Apr 22, 12:53 PM
    If ditching the 320M and switching to an i-processor boosts battery life even 10%, I think it will be worth it.

    People who want to play modern games on these systems should already be aware of their limitations; sure, a graphics downgrade is a bummer, but the Intel IGP is good enough for most general productivity needs. And it's already been proven to handle 1080p out.

    The general sentiment that the 2012 will be an improvement on 100% of the internals is likely accurate. However, there are four changes that will make this a 100% buy for me:

    1) Backlit keyboard (my biggest hope).
    2) Larger SSD. 90+ GB base (128 would be most likely, I reckon), 380+ GB BTO.
    3) +10% Battery life. An extra 30 minutes to an hour would be spectacular.
    4) Core i ULM processor.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Las Vegas, NV 89109 Map It
  • Las Vegas, NV 89109 Map It

  • MacTheSpoon
    Apr 22, 11:31 AM
    I'll be pretty curious to see if this improves battery life significantly for the 11" model. Hoping it does.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. Location Map
  • Location Map

  • bjdku
    Aug 31, 01:49 PM
    I was thinking how they would be able to deliver movies of large sizes, and it seems to me if that they are going with full resolution feature length films, they will have to use BitTorrent, Quantum Streaming, or some other unknown method. If they do this right, this will be more innovating than iTunes/iPod legal music download. But will the customers buy.....

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  • las vegas casino map 2011

  • Renverse
    Apr 28, 05:54 PM
    This thread is so full of uneducated posts, it's really disgusting. You should've known this would happen, MacRumors. These kind of articles really bring out the worst kind of people. All you fanboys should be ashamed of yourselves, really.

    las vegas map of the strip 2011. map of las vegas strip 2010
  • map of las vegas strip 2010

  • mazola
    Sep 19, 03:34 PM
    ... a final annual download number of 125,550.

    Sep 5, 08:40 AM
    Maybe Apple wants to be ahead of the rumors. :)


    Finnish store is still up. As is UK. Only US store seems to be down.

    Apr 25, 01:40 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.


    Maybe people bought a computer because they needed it? And the case is far from ugly, give me a break. I want to say more but I am going to hold my tongue.

    Sep 10, 08:13 AM
    It seems clear from the fact that Apple put the first of (what are likely limited supplies of) the merom CPUs into the iMac, rather than the much-anticipated MBPs, that the iMac enclosure simply can't dissipate heat quickly enough to run the higher TDP CPUs like Conroe without unacceptable compromises (i.e. loud fans).

    So I predict these new, mid-to-high performance CPUs will either not be used by Apple (bad move, IMO) or they will appear in a new product. The long awaited xMac. The problem that Apple needs to chart a course around with this product is that it can't be so powerful that it eats up sales of the MacPro (that's easy, make it cheap), and it can't be a direct competitor with either the iMac or the mini (shouldn't be too hard, drop the price on the mini another $100, making it a cheap, 'Value-priced' system with very limited upgrade potential, and continue to produce the iMac as a beautifully designed AIO system for the office, lab, etc.). I do think the xMac will cannibalize iMac sales to some degree, but it should be manageable.

    The problem with the xMac as a product for Apple is two fold. Firstly, it has to be agressively priced, because, of all the Macs, it's the one that will be facing the most head-to-head competition from other vendors, and it will have the fewest Apple-only features to justify significant price differences. Secondly, it will have to be easily expandable to be competitive, and consequently, it will suffer from 3rd-party hardware and software quality issues.

    To deal with these issues, I think Apple needs to pull a rabbit out of it's hat WRT the industrial design of the xMac, making it an elegant, easy-to-work with, highly prized piece of technology that people won't mind paying a little extra for. And they need to be very explicit about using only 'Apple-certified' components or the warranty is void. This won't prevent people from using every standard PC widget under the sun, but it will give Apple an out when some of these systems fail.


    Sep 15, 11:52 PM
    Good god, calm down until this thing is actually released. What is the point of getting so hyped up over this RUMOR (which is all it is at this point)?

    Sep 1, 09:06 AM
    I'm starting to question the validity of any keynote.There's only one story about it and it's not even on the radio shows webpage.Why are there not more media types getting "invitations" ?

    Invites are suppose to go out today or Monday.

    It is definately iTunes related. It is suppose to be adding movies to iTunes.

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