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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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  • p0intblank
    Jul 14, 12:08 PM
    Wow, 2.93 GHz... I can't wait until what August brings us! :D

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  • ChrisA
    Apr 4, 12:18 PM
    Seems unfair to kill someone for robbery. Yes they're breaking the law, but only deserve a prison sentence. Do you really really think someone should be shot and killed for attempting to steal a few laptops and smash a few windows? If you do then man you have issues.

    If it were only robbery you are correct. In fact the guard would be in jail now. But these guys shot at a guard. When you do that the crime changes from robbery to attempted murder. It is also a really stupid move because I'd bet a bunch any armed guard spends some time at the shooting range. Many of them are off duty cops or ex-military police or have gotten training some place.

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  • iJawn108
    Sep 10, 10:35 PM
    I predict the following:

    iTunes Movie Store with... 1080 HD movie downloads.
    Updated Cinema Displays.
    New Airport Extreme with 802.11n (for streaming the said Movies wirelessly)
    iPod updates, either slightly modified nano(new cases+more compacity) and/or updated video iPods with higher compacity for said HD movies.


    I really do think theywill be available in 1080, and that will be a very big deal.

    blueray? hd dvd? who cares i can just get them on itunes.

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  • bloodycape
    Aug 24, 03:03 AM
    I still wish they made them for Apple. Looks like they might! Awesome!!!
    New rumor!
    Well if they were already make some accessories for the ipod they might actually be tempted to make one or two products sound cards for apple. What I would love to see is Creative licensing their X-FI audo tech to apple to put in the ipod. I have been hearing nothing but good things about X-Fi.

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  • levitynyc
    Sep 9, 10:52 AM
    I have had a few BSODs in XP, but they are rare. Mainly I used to leave my tower on 24/7 and the worst I would get is switching my monitor on first thing in the morning or when I got home from work and see it had rebooted itself and was telling me it was an invalid system disc.

    Since Mac, never once has this happened, (even though I tend to power down on this more often, I still often leave running 24/7 if it is doing something that requires up time).

    Strangely enough, I am one fo the few that never had that many problems with ME.

    Never had the BSOD on XP, but on ME ....WOW that was one shutty OS!

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  • Evangelion
    Sep 9, 10:34 AM
    As previously confirmed, the iMac is the most powerful AIO desktop...the title you just mentioned belongs to the MacPro...sorry for the misunderstanding...:rolleyes:

    You again with your ludicrous claims? What makes you think that Mac Pro is the fastest desktop there is? What is the secret ingredient that makes it faster than other machines, considering that it uses same components than others do? And since Mac Pro supports less RAM (16GB vs. 64GB) than Dell does (for example), how could you say that it's "the most powerful"? Compared to Dell, it will be dog-slow for tasks that require a lot of RAM.

    How is Winblows going on your side, Aiden? Many BSODs today?

    Now, I hate Windows and I use it at work because I have no choice. An there are plenty of bad things in it. But I don't get any BSODs. I really don't. Back when I used a desktop, I sometimes left the machine running for weeks and I had no problems.

    When was the last time you used Windows? Back in Windows ME-days?

    Seriously: I think you should take a chill-pill an dial-back that fanboyishness of yours.

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  • iGary
    Sep 14, 10:55 AM
    That's cool, I was told I was delusional when I said that Meroms would ship in mid-2006 and the eMac would be replaced by an iMac with GMA950 too. :D

    Me too, when I said iMac would never get a Conroe chip. :D

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  • FriarNurgle
    Apr 28, 03:22 PM
    Sounds like we need the return of the I Am Rich app.

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  • DMann
    Sep 9, 01:55 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    MacCentral posted (http://www.macworld.com/2006/09/firstlooks/imacbench/index.php) a first look at the new Core 2 Duo iMac along with some early benchmarks.

    The new iMacs which were released on Wednesday (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/09/20060906091309.shtml) incorporate the latest Core 2 Duo processor from Intel. The Core 2 Duo represents the continuation of the Core Duo line which first made its appearance in Apple computers in January. Intel has maintained that the new chips would provide roughly 20% improvement in performance.

    MacCentral tested the new 17" 2GHz iMac and 20" 2.16GHz iMac and compared them to the previous 20" 2GHz Core Duo and the 2.66GHz Mac Pro.

    The most direct comparison between the two processors comes between the 17" 2GHz Core 2 Duo iMac and the 20" 2GHz Core Duo iMac. The overall score was 10% better in the new model while the individual tests showed gains up to 20%.

    Wonder how the 24" iMac at 2.33GHz will fare.

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  • kainjow
    Sep 26, 03:54 PM
    Anyway, I'm not excited about an iPhone. It would need to give me at least one neat feature for this to be worth drooling over.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 19, 10:58 PM
    See the roll eyes after his post, I think he was being sarcastic.

    No, I truly hate that place.. and all it stands for.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 27, 12:00 PM
    People don't understand what freedoms truly are. It doesn't mean you get to say and do whatever you want wherever you want - that's anarchy, and anarchy is bad... unless you're the biggest, strongest and most brutal. Freedom of speech really means you can't be jailed or otherwise punished by the government for saying what you want in a pulic arena.

    Thank you! I was going to say the same thing... In general, people are clueless and often whine about censorship and how free speech is a thing of the past. What most don't realize is that we have more freedom of speech now then ever before. The key is free speech laws (as you stated) apply within a public domain - always have. What many (even most) fail to grasp is what is truly public grounds. As bitfactory noted "... and who thought shopping malls were public places? WTH? Honestly.", that is so true. I think many people fail to grasp that just because the general public is allowed inside an area does not make it a "public place".

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  • landscapeman
    Mar 23, 04:39 PM
    That is ridiculous. Even if Apple pulls the app, They are not going to disappear. There is always Cydia.

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  • NT1440
    Apr 10, 09:17 PM
    First, we need to institute total no-opt-out public financing of all elections. Then we should explore something like an inflexible expiration for all corporate charters, say 9 years (about half a patent term). Dissolution would begin by satisfying the investors and then proceed to establishing non-incorporated component businesses to maintain (if necessary) the products/services the corporation had established, creating a co�perative arrangement if appropriate.

    Right now, long-lived large business has replaced the problem that the dynamic democratic republic was supposed to address. We have no official peerage, but what we do have is almost indistinguishable.
    That would be a great start. America needs to seriously address the way we let corporations run the show, starting with how we view them in the first place. Corporations don't have a self fulfilling right to exists.

    In fact, the funny thing about those rallying against unions today, fail to recognize that corporations are essentially a form of union.

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 23, 09:15 PM
    334,448 iPods or
    671,141 Nanos or
    1,449,275 Shuffles.

    Exactly! Not to mention computer sales that will also contribute to this. And now Apple has another company to add to it's list that'll be helping those iPods sales by making iPod accessories.

    Because of Apple's actions, Creative can now legitimately force other MP3 player makers to pay too. I think this is what Apple wants.

    Interesting...that's a good point.

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  • freddiecable
    Sep 16, 02:44 AM
    They will probably base their design from Ericsson or another platform. LG does not develop the mobile plattform for their mobile phones - they buy them from Ericsson - then they design around it. It's faaaar to expensive to build mobile technology from ground up...

    But - Apple has to innovate when it comes to integration and interaction with the phone AND of cource the design.

    I'm buying one the second it's out.

    A shame about scrapping the idea of a ground up design - I hope that doesn't lead to a lack of innovation. That's what really leads Apple along! Although if they just make a killer phone (I'm sure they will at some point...) it's bound to sell buckets loads!


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  • TrollToddington
    Apr 22, 01:42 PM
    I do hope that processor speed bump will not be the only change in the new MBAs. However, looking at Samsung 9 's pricepoint and what it offers makes me feel discouraged that Apple will put larger SSDs in the new MBAs.

    Perhaps the new selling points will be:
    - much faster processors - closing the gap to the 13" MBP
    - increased battery life - 5:30-6 hours on 11", > 7 hours on 13"

    I think it's unlikely that we see larger SSDs as standard on MBA until IB

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 17, 02:04 PM
    Maximizing profits and self enrichment while diminishing the contribution of rank and file workers will be the downfall of this country. You know, the expendable workers who can be replaced in the 3rd world is going to turn us into the 3rd world.

    The USA is already on its way to being a 3rd world nation.. we are on our way there.

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  • QuarterSwede
    Sep 16, 02:21 PM
    It's certainly why I haven't. I wouldn't say the U.S. is so much behind the rest of the world (although that is true) but keep in mind U.S. carriers are all about keeping people locked into contracts. It's much easier to get a phone and change providers in Europe because they don't do hardware locking to network and prepaid is more proliferant. You can get lots of these great phones (by the way, they do make 10 megapixel camera phones now) if you buy them online, paying retail prices.

    The problem is most U.S. consumers are cheap as far as I can tell, most will not pay at all for a phone and even few will pay more than $100. The carriers cannot afford to subsidize these phones because even with them partially covering the cost a consumer will be looking at an over $250 cost with a contract..

    The U.S. cell phone is behind other countries because the U.S. cell phone network is behind other countries. We're just now getting 3G out in most of the country but Japan has had it and two way video calls for years.

    If I could afford it and was willing to take the gamble of learning a new UI, I would get the Nokia N73. But it's hard to justify spending that much on a cell phone for me and I'm more familiar with Nokia series 40 phones.
    I hear you on that. Just check out DoCoMo's (http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/product/function_icon/index.html) phones (Japanese).

    Sep 14, 06:53 AM
    New and improved idiocy!
    � built in SCSI zip DAT minidisc and floppy drive
    � liquid cooled


    Someone has way too much time on their hands... ;)

    May 4, 08:02 AM
    Did anyone notice that it has an IPS display?

    iMac 24's have had IPS displays since their inception in 2006. Every 21.5 and 27 inch iMac has had IPS displays, as evidenced by SwitchResX readouts, and the fact that they have around 178 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

    If allows me to run Starcraft 2 at the insanely high native resolution with all the details set to high at 60 fps, I'd spring for it. (the 2GB upgrade)

    You get basically no performance benefit whatsoever going from 1 GB to 2 GB even at 2560x1440, see Anandtechs test of just this:


    More info on GPU memory in OS X:

    Sep 14, 03:55 PM
    Why is everyone saying that Aperture 2.0 announcement is too little???

    Photokina is all about *photo*. Aperture is about digital *photo* workflow. Its workflow features were pretty groundbreaking a year ago. Yes, it was buggy before first update. Yes, it was slow, and still is too some extent. But the features they showed -- autostacking, the loupe, the library -- are *fantastic*. They had a year to improve -- why not hold a big event to show it off!

    No one would say that Adobe hosting an event to show new version of Photoshop would be to little, right? Same goes for Apple.

    I'm desperately waiting for the update. If AP update (2.0, 1.5 -- whatever) improves speed on new Mac Pros, my order for a MP + AP goes right in. And $3.5K go to pay for it.
    I, for one, can't remember the last time Apple had a press event to introduce just one item (although the iPod case introduced along with the iPod HiFi was a bit of a joke, but then again, Apple promoted that event as the introduction of a few minor fun things). Steve knows that the faithful hunger for "One More Thing"; it's our well-known addiction, and a large part of what keeps Apple in business.

    Mar 29, 11:28 AM
    :confused:For that to happen, people would have to want to buy a Windows phone... I'm pretty sure hardly anyone I know even realizes that the platform has undergone a major revamp recently.

    My personal opinion is that WP7 is a decent OS, but I just don't see this being a possibility with the meager selection in WP7 software.

    Sep 13, 10:03 PM
    Maybe the reason for not having a traditional keypad is that this is actually the iPhone Shuffle.

    Apple's market research team has concluded that people get tired of talking to the same people all time. And since the iPod Shuffle is such a hit playing songs randomly,
    the new iPhone Shuffle will randomly dial numbers, so every call you make is never boring.

    Got more than 240 numbers in your adressbook? No problem. Let iTunes autofill your iPhone shuffle and get a new telephonic experience every time. Mom follows Work. Home follows Pizza Parlor. iPhone shuffle loves to improvise. Take the Shuffle switch, for instance. Even if you�ve synced a particular call-list, you can shuffle numbers with a flick.

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