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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • whatever
    Aug 23, 10:34 PM
    Not really. Creative was going broke. This was the best possible outcome for them.

    To Apple it could have made all the sense of a business deal.

    Imagine the lawyers:

    "Ride it out and you may win or you may lose and it'll cost you $200-250 million.

    Pay up now, get Creative on board, don't appear to be the bad guy and close any issues with patents - now and in the future - for $100 million."
    Actually there are two other reasons why Apple settled.

    What if Creative was bought by Microsoft, then without a settlement they could have continued the suit.

    Now that Creative has money they can sue others (Microsoft) who also planning on infridging on their patents.

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  • DavidLeblond
    Aug 28, 02:00 PM
    If you walked into the Apple Store today and bought a 2GHz MacBook, it'd be the most current.

    Until tomorrow.

    Well, allegedly. ... More like in my dreams.

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  • libertyforall
    Nov 13, 03:15 PM
    Maybe developers should just make jailbroken iPhone apps exclusively...

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  • TheSideshow
    Apr 28, 05:31 PM
    Apple and MS haven't competed against each other since 1993. And back then it was still just on the OS.

    Apple has always competed against the entire Wintel PC market...not just Microsoft's Windows OS.

    It's all about 2 different business models, essentially centering at the OS:

    1)Apple makes, sells, supports the Mac OS and Mac hardware

    2)Microsoft, on the other hand, simply creates the OS and licenses it to hardware vendors.

    Of course Microsoft is unhappy with this breaking news but they, again, are 2 completely different business models. One could write a small book on the topic.
    Why is it all the intelligent posts come from people without solely Apple products littering their signature?

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 12:33 AM
    You know what I hate more? effing speeders:rolleyes:

    Scratch that....effing speeders who don't even have a years worth of driving under their belt and think it's safe to go 20 over

    Man I wish the driving age was upped to at least 18

    It's people like you who piss me off when I am riding my motorcycle as you guys are so effing unpredictable it is dangerous for everyone around you. Never mind my bike can easily outgun pretty much any car out there trying to go fast...

    and you say you want to blow up cars obeying the law...unbelievable

    I am with you. When I read post like this it proves to me that 16 is to young at times. I know the stupid crap I pulled when I was 16 in a car and I got some lucky breaks and still had a 400 buck repair bill for my car and 400 bucks was be getting damn luck that I did not do more damage.

    I also remember thinking I was a great driver as well. Looking back damn was I wrong. I was a very crappy driver.
    His post has multiple things that shows that he is a bad driver and beyond the legal issues of doing 20 over he clearly does not know how to speed. The lady should never of had to make a quick maneuver to get out of his way.

    As for motorcycle I learned long ago to give them a wide birth because I know they have enough jack ass to tail gate them. I will rather give them plenty of room allowing myself extra reaction time as I know they can stop faster than I can and they do not have a metal body protecting them like I do.

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  • peeInMyPantz
    Sep 13, 11:51 PM
    the iPhone will be cool.
    But until then this is the best slider phone.
    Nokia 8801

    nokia never fail in making ugly phones

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  • wonderkid
    Aug 31, 11:42 AM
    ...and 5 years later, with no major innovations since iPod Video, it makes sense that to not only counter Microsoft's Zune, but to maintain their market presence and sales (which is starting to slow), that a major innovation is required. I am NOT sold on portable video as a unique selling point, as no one spends a prolonged period of time looking at small screen devices (unless for gaming or limited web surfing), and I am more inclined to believe Apple will launch something radical that is as innovative as the original iPod. Perhaps with a far more sophisticated OS, a touch screen, some form of wireless capability (WiFi/Bluetooth 2.0) for interdevice media transfer/wireless headphones/broadcast/syncing, proper PDA functionality and the ability to use as a VoIP and/or 2/2.5G/3G phone, either internally or via Bluetooth. The number one selling point will be the touch screen and more advanced OS, allowing it to take on various roles. And if it doesn't, I'm going to make one, so there. (I kid you not!)

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  • rxse7en
    Jul 14, 10:29 AM
    I'm not so sure that 4GHz is a given. Doesn't that pesky speed of light put a practical cap on clock frequency? At 4GHz a signal doesn't have time to cross the chip in one clock, so is there any point to such high frequencies?

    As I said in the last post, Core 2 Duo has already been easily clocked to 4ghz :D http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2795&p=18

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  • Wolfpup
    Jan 14, 11:25 AM
    You should have a unique identifier (password) attached to authentication mechanism (UAC in Windows). So, Windows users should run as standard users. But, using a standard account in Windows causes issues with some software, such as some online games, that require admin accounts (or "run as administrator"; superuser) to function.

    Maybe theoretically you should do that, but I don't know anyone that actually does on Windows or OS X. In both cases you aren't actually running with your full powers all the time, and get prompted to escalate if something needs admin access.

    Many online games on Windows 7 still require running as Administrator (superuser privileges) to function. This requires setting the "Properties" to allow "run as Administrator" or turning off UAC. This is risky as the games connect to remote servers and download content. Trojans are installed without authentication if accessed with superuser privileges. This example, using online games, shows the problem with how software is being written for Windows.

    Commercial software shouldn't be installing malware...I mean tons of it now has all kinds of DRM that is arguably malware, but...

    While I'd rather run something without giving it full access to the system, ultimately you're trusting the publisher either way.

    The issue with online games found in Windows is not problematic on Mac OS X given that software for Mac is written following the guidelines of the principle of least privilege (https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Principle_of_least_privilege) more so than Windows software.

    Be that as it may, that's not a problem with the OS. If games are prompting for admin access though, my guess is it's because they're installing DRM, which on either OS is going to demand mucking about in the system.

    I'm opposed to most forms of DRM for a variety of reasons (and also opposed to thieves), but this has nothing to do with Windows.

    Mac OS X is much better insulated from Malware.


    Vulnerabilities in those components in Mac OS X are attributed as OS X vulnerabilities because OS X includes them by default so this artificially inflates the number of vulnerabilities in OS X when looking at vulnerability comparisons.

    I really doubt they double count things like that, given they're counted separately. I suppose there might be some validity to it if they did.

    These components have worse security in Windows. How these vulnerabilities manifest in Windows is through Internet Explorer.

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  • Hastings101
    Apr 19, 11:47 AM
    What's the point of these lawsuits, nothing ever comes from them lol. Publicity?

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  • Guirgi
    Sep 14, 11:40 AM
    But since everyone's discussing MBP's, I guess it fits.

    I know the Merom chip is compatible with the current boards in the CD MBP, but I've never heard anyone actually say that a CD MBP can be upgraded by simply dropping in a Merom chip. Will this be possible?

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  • vincebio
    Sep 26, 07:28 AM
    i REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY hope its orange...

    as the choice of mobile phones they have at the moment is the poorest i have ever seen in the UK.

    ive been waiting on a p990i since march.....still dont have it on orange, was told yesterday it could be end of october now.

    i am gauranteed a free upgrade on any handset, so come one apple!!

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  • ethana
    May 3, 12:25 PM
    I just called three local Apple Stores in the Seattle area and not a single one has the new iMacs in stock. Is this happening to everyone else? I really wanted to pick mine up today!

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  • MacMan86
    Apr 12, 06:21 AM
    Unless, as mentioned earlier in this thread, that 3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware. In that case, all customers will be required to install a mandatory "security" bug fix which installs support for a new private key, and everything proceeds as normal.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from, and also preprogrammed support for all of those keys into every properly licensed accessory. Maybe they just planned to use the first key up until it was compromised, and then move on to another.

    Now, they might just push a new iTunes upgrade that blacklists the compromised key and moves on to another one -- and at the same time, instruct all licensed equipment to also add that key to their own blacklist (while continuing to maintain seamless support for all the remainder of the preprogrammed keys) the next time the licensed equipment connects to an authorized audio source.

    (Unless, maybe the reverse engineer in this case already anticipated such an eventuality, and actually extracted all of the keys -- assuming, of course, that there really are multiple keys. If that were the case, then the reverse engineer hypothetically might have defeated the entire benefit that Apple might have derived from hypothetically having multiple keys to choose from in the first place...)

    What's a little crazy with that is you start to believe your own hypothetical, made-up engineering. Now, no one here knows anything for sure, but, I think we can say with some certainty that Apple won't be changing the key in iTunes.

    3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware
    Sweeping generalisation. Those simple iHome AirPlay speakers can be connected to a computer and then firmware upgraded? Very unlikely. Not every AirPlay licensed hardware is an expensive Hi-Fi amp with upgradable firmware.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from
    Near enough pointless. If someone is able to get hold of one private key, they're in a position to get hold of any others. This guy dumped the ROM after all.

    The biggest reason for Apple not to change the key is it would break everything. A "mandatory "security" bug fix" isn't feasible for hardware, it would be like trying to organise a product recall - you could never tell everyone, and everyone would be wondering why their product suddenly broke - the companies behind these products would be swamped with support calls. You simply can't just bring out an update that breaks everything, hoping that customers will somehow update hardware that might not even be up-dateable.

    tl;dr - However Apple engineered this, it's almost certainly not like that ^

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  • NicP
    Aug 28, 07:09 PM
    I think the whining (about notebooks being crap) is the fact that there is so much demand for it that Apple has no time to actually test the product.

    It's a good thing that they offer free replacements for those that find defects actual defects in the machines. Usually the first batch is not so perfect, and that goes for all computer manufacturers.

    I have 2 macbooks in for repair (they have been being repaired for just under 2 weeks, both have multiple problems) I have spoken to apple on the phone several times to try and get them replaced and they flat out refuse.

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  • kizaw
    Mar 22, 09:53 PM
    If and when this update happens how fast before yellowing screen and air bubbles in the screen complaints start to appear :D. Just sayin' I had to send my iMac back on the last updated one. Overall still love mine

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  • Hardtimes
    Apr 20, 01:08 PM
    Just don't go anywhere


    Sent from my iphone

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  • redhawk87
    Apr 20, 10:46 AM
    so the program can not find the file. Does that mean my iPhone isnt tracking me?

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  • cube
    Apr 24, 07:00 AM
    AMD E-350's CPU is noticeably worse than the C2Ds in MBAs. It is better than Atom but can't fight against Intel's premium CPUs, especially if we take Sandy Bridge into consideration. The IGP is wonderful though.

    Llano will hopefully change this since Zacate is meant for netbook and other cheap laptops. Llano will hopefully bring low-voltage chips meant for ultraportables like MBA. So far there are no news though.


    But one must not overhype Llano because it still uses a Stars+ core. Bulldozer Fusion is not coming until next year.

    So, we'll see.

    May 3, 05:14 PM
    I can't believe 7200 rpm HD is standard. WOW

    Mar 22, 02:12 PM
    Pity they didn't slim down the iMac by choppin' the chin (assuming this rumor is true). Can't wait to see what they release. The old "smaller iMac" rumor priced for the "mass market" kept me interested in the next iMac update--hope to see something trimmed for the "mass market".

    Figured iMacs would update in April.

    Like the chin the way it is but I am hoping for the "mass market price point" iMac. If not, the 21" goes to the family room and I get a 27". :)

    Aug 29, 04:17 AM
    I just bought my iMac before Apple went Intel, so i have no plans to upgrade just yet. I will probably hold out until summer 2008 and then get a MacBook Pro with the following specs:

    17" Screen (1920 x 1200)
    3.0 Ghz Dual Core Processor (Santa Rosa)
    2 GB RAM
    512 MB Graphics Card
    250 GB Hard Drive (Perpendicular)
    HD-DVD or Blue-Ray Drive

    Apr 22, 01:42 PM
    I do hope that processor speed bump will not be the only change in the new MBAs. However, looking at Samsung 9 's pricepoint and what it offers makes me feel discouraged that Apple will put larger SSDs in the new MBAs.

    Perhaps the new selling points will be:
    - much faster processors - closing the gap to the 13" MBP
    - increased battery life - 5:30-6 hours on 11", > 7 hours on 13"

    I think it's unlikely that we see larger SSDs as standard on MBA until IB

    Apr 11, 08:23 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    You require and airport router to use AirPlay?

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