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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 22, 01:22 PM
    Because part of releasing a new, backwards approaching, IGP in the 13" MBP required saving face for both its MacBook "PRO" name and Intel's IGP capabilities itself.

    If the resolution is upgraded to 1440x900, the IGP is going to perform worse in comparison to the prior 13" MBP...

    Hum... that's the point, you wouldn't even notice that in regular desktop usage, only in gaming and then only if you usually game on the internal display.

    The framebuffer resolutions required for desktop usage have been pushed by GPUs much less than the SB graphics. Again, my Matrox G200 could power a 1600x1200 monitor with ease with about 1% of the processing power of a 9400M, much less that of the 320M or the Intel 3000HD.

    These GPUs can power 30" monitors at 2560x1600 and their internal display on the laptops without breaking a sweat, at the same time. You wouldn't notice a degradation in performance. I'm writing this right now with my MBA connected to a 2048x1156 monitor and it's also powering its own 1440x900 display where iTunes is displayed. I'm not seeing this "degradation" you speak of.

    This, again, only applies to 3D gaming. We don't know why the MBP didn't get the resolution upgrade and I can garantee you it has nothing to do with the GPU.

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  • DrFrankTM
    Sep 10, 07:11 AM
    The margins on a mid-mac should be better than the iMac since it's using standard (and therefore cheap) desktop components. So any mid-mac sales in preference to the iMac would probably make Apple more money anyway.

    The competition is fierce in that market segment though. The iMac or Mini form factors don't have quite as much competition, so price comparisons always leave a lot out of the picture. With a mid-range tower, the comparisons would be much more direct. Apple seems to be shaking its "expensive toy" image, but I wonder if they could "pull a Mac Pro" in the mid-range as well.

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  • Apple Shmapple
    Sep 12, 04:59 PM
    At these new lower price points that reads pretty UN-educated to me.

    Whoopidedoo, a whole $50 off. They HAD to do that because of the lack of actually updating anything worthy on the device. One could argue that it isn't enough of a price cut the way competitors music players are priced.

    Anyone with half a brain will avoid these 5th G Part 2 devices like the plague, unless they want to waste money that could be spent 4 months later on a widescreen model.

    Should we set up the thread now for the people that rush out and buy this version of the iPod then get burned just after Christmas when the real new iPod comes out? They'll need someplace to vent, and it's usually all over these threads. It would be nice to condense it.

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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 16, 01:55 PM
    Whats the speed of thunderbolt? and will it be faster then sata 3.0

    Capped at 10gb/s on the copper version. SATA 3 is 6gbps.

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  • FleurDuMal
    Sep 14, 08:56 AM
    OH NO, don't say that. Now we'll be inundated with 600 posts of "I want a mid tower Mac, headless, for $1200.00"

    Whoops. Although I'd love to see a mid-tower Mac, I don't think it'll happen. Ever.

    Perhaps we'll see a genuine Photoshop competitor? A proper editing suite of some sort (either that, or real editing functions integrated into Aperture)?

    OK, now I'm just clutching at straws :o .

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  • roadbloc
    Apr 28, 05:59 PM
    LOL @ all the people claiming Microsoft is dead. I mean, seriously? They were $76 million worse off from Apple and according to most people on this forum, Microsoft aren't pulling their socks up and trying and innovating anymore. I don't think that is at all bad at all. Lazing around and still making a profit at the end of the day.

    Oh yeah, also; grats to Apple.

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  • scott523
    Oct 12, 10:50 PM
    From looking at the picture, should it be a fact that the red iPod nano is coming out? It doesn't look like a rumor that I see red iPod nanos on display.

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  • Detrius
    Mar 16, 10:31 AM
    I can just imagine that future Apple operating systems might very well include native protection that wold continue to thwart people wanting to sell anti-malware for Apple OS.

    OS X Server ships with clamav for filtering viruses through the email server. Lion merges client and server. Therefore, there will be an antivirus program shipping with 10.7.

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  • spinko
    Aug 28, 12:06 PM
    bring them on...

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  • Kaafir
    Oct 27, 12:56 PM
    I lost all respect for that character when he fed Scott Tenorman's parents to him in chili.

    He is a sick little freak, no doubt about it. Making anyone, even your supposed nemesis, consume their parents in a bowl of chili is just messed up.

    I've not seen the latest Steve Irwin episode - I have a feeling I'm not going to be amused by a parody about his death. Still, I'm reserving personal judgment until I see it.

    Of course, they've never really cared if people get offended, even their own voice actors (Issac Hayes).

    Loved that one to, b/c TCLTC.


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  • cube
    May 3, 11:49 AM
    ...that if each Thunderbolt port can support six daisy chained pieces of kit, if each one of those was a TB-equipped 30" monitor, we could have a 27" iMac with a 13-screen setup and 387" of screen real-estate?!! I need to buy a bigger house!!!!

    Thunderbolt is DisplayPort 1.1a - DisplayPort 1.2 has daisy chain and much more bandwidth than a TB channel.

    Even with DP 1.2, the bandwidth of one port is only enough for two 30" displays.

    You can only run one 30" display from each Thunderbolt port.

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  • logandzwon
    May 3, 10:33 AM
    So, with TB moving across the whole line, how long before we can buy a (Data | Display) splitter for TB so that people using the new systems can use external displays and the data connection at the same time without the PITA of daily chaining? Hope before I buy a new system :/

    Personally I'm a huge fan of daisy chaining. Less devices, less cables, less clutter. You just attach each device to the next.

    What is it you have an aversion to?

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  • miketcool
    Sep 14, 10:17 AM
    Chrome-Molybdenum. Yup, blindingly brilliant in the sun and scratch resistant.

    Seriously, magnesium is perfect. We can have it in black and then do a fire test on it to see how it compares....:D

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  • Rocketman
    Aug 31, 03:24 PM
    I don't care what it is, just give us something new to talk about. Mac Pro really nice machine but we saw it coming months in advance. Maybe not he exact spec but yeah we all knew it was coming. Same with Merom, Conroe etc... Give us something new, really new.

    Get used to the new way. The only real suprise news from now on willl be specific software features, cosmetics and any new details not widely anticipated. The primary processor and platform/form factors are likely to remain unsurprising.

    Furthermore, chip advances just took a big leap. Do not expect that again for 2 or more years.


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  • NT1440
    Apr 19, 11:33 PM
    John Pilgers? Does he reside in the US? Does he have a website?


    He's even got an awesome interview with Julian Assange. His documentary "The War You Don't See" is a must watch though.

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  • cwt1nospam
    Apr 11, 05:16 AM
    Yeah, let's all waste time worrying about a "possible" threat that hasn't proved to be any significant danger in the wild. It's even better that we can worry about it in an obsolete version of the OS!

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 29, 09:57 PM
    You forget one thing neiltc13.... not many people seem to share your views:

    � Zune Desktop Software.... way more people prefer the iTunes ecosphere (which isn't perfect either mind you).

    � Zune Hardware... This is clearly a product flop... just like M$ and it's PlaysForSure DRM. Apple's iPod after 10 years still blitzes the portable music device market.

    � Windows Phone 7... Yes, Windows 7 is a significant improvement over any previous boost phone OS from M$... a shame that they had to really copy the whole "multi-touch" concept from someone else. But M$ has a long way to catch up with Apple and Google with their offerings and as yet, it would suggest that Apple and Google are still better than M$.

    � Windows 7... It's a LOT better than anything M$ has released in the past. All credit to them on this one. But it's uptake hasn't really been all that good though and Microsoft continues to do the "value-add" model by charging more for greater feature sets across it various Windows editions... Too many choices for people that don't understand. Just make one version and price it at $99 and they'll get a much better uptake.

    � Office 2010... Yes, it's WAY better than any offering from other companies (for Excel at least). Not sure that Office 2010 is necessarily better than Office 2007 though.

    � Office 2001 for Mac - Yes, especially Outlook 2011 for Mac. There was never any reason why Microsoft could not have upgraded it's old Classic Mac version of Outlook 2001 all along rather than develop it's Entourage product which in my opinion was always Microsofts half-assed way of limiting Mac Support in an attempt to marginalise the Mac platform. Guess what? It hasn't really worked so now Microsoft have realised that the best approach is to try and embrace the fact that Apple's Mac OS isn't going away anytime soon so it might as well support it properly.

    � Xbox 360 - It's a pretty good product, but compared to the other two 7th generation Game Consoles (PS3/Wii), XBOX trails in third place in all markets except the US where it is second behind Wii.

    � Xbox Live - Still an immature product (along with Sony's and Wii's equivalent!). I don't think ANY of the current offerings are that good really but Microsoft has a LOT more experience in internet technologies so you'd expect that Microsoft should be able to come up with something that is better than it is.

    Microsoft's problem is that it struggles to actually invent something that appeals to consumers in a way that allows them to command a higher price until the market matures. Technology is a tough market to be in because most technology products fall in value dramatically when a product matures, and margins become very thin and in many cases unsustainable. The only real way to make a lot of dosh in technology is to continually be innovative and invent something new that captivates people. Simply copying someone else all the time won't cut it.

    Apple started it's revolution with the iPod well before most other MP3 players came out and so it commanded a higher price (therefore profits) than conventional music devices of the time (CD Discman, Minidisc etc) had. Then just as all the me-too players jumped on the bandwagon, Apple move onto it's next innovation... iTunes Store... then iPhone... then App Store... and now the iPad.

    When Microsoft goes back to it's heyday and starts being innovative like Apple and Google are now, they'll again start making a lot more money again.

    They just had a record quarter, but when they innovate like Apple and Google they start to make a lot more money again. Priceless.

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  • bendejo
    Sep 19, 02:52 PM
    What I'm really curious about is if there was a huge bump in TV show sales volume with the 4 times increase in resolution.

    I know I bought a show I wouldn't have otherwise and plan on buying a couple more.

    The only downside to the bumped up resolution is the increased download time. Last year, I was able to download Battlestar Galactica eps in about 20 minutes... the other night I downloaded a higher res episode and it took nearly an hour... granted, my DSL isn't the best in the land and the quality was noticably better, although the previous resolution was still fine (I have my iMac hooked via DVI to a 46" Samsung DLP HDTV... front row lets me select and play the shows from my couch) but the extra time caused my wife to say "well, lets just download it overnight and watch it tomorrow"... not a huge deal or anything, but a slight step backwards from the convenience angle. It's too bad you can't choose the resolution you want to download at.

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  • howard
    Sep 19, 02:30 PM
    jeez, thats about 10x what i would have expected.

    a lot of people I have talked to thought that it was "crazy" to expect people to wait 30+mins to download a movie.

    couldn't apple develop something into itunes that lets you watch while it is downloading? is this possible?

    Apr 25, 09:31 AM
    Instead of increasing the driving age, what about requiring more logged hours with a parent whit a learner's permit, manditory quality driver's ed, and making it harder for unsafe drivers to get their licence? Then require a one year driving check up a year after the licence was attained?

    I don't think that would've done much good here. His mom was encouraging him to do this ****.

    Small White Car
    Sep 4, 08:29 PM
    Just think.

    IF they come out with this media device and IF they offer HD movies online and IF it works with Windows too...

    Well then this silly Blu-Ray/HD-DVD war that everyone's gearing up to fight might be over before it starts. And the winner will be: iTunes!

    Unlikely? We'll see...

    Sep 10, 09:51 AM
    Erhm..so the new realeased merom iMac will last for how long:confused: :confused:

    worth it to buy now???

    thinkiNG of getting one...cant bear with my 3 yrs old of centrinO noteBook...:mad:

    I think it's worth buying now. There will always be something better out there. If you're suffering with a 3-year-old Centrino, make your computing life better now with a new iMac.

    Apr 20, 11:56 AM

    Steve Jobs has become that which he once reviled.
    Apple is the new fascism....

    Aug 23, 05:31 PM
    So dose this mean ms can sue apple if they decided to use wifi in ipods ????

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