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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 4, 07:18 PM
    No next gen DVD in the 23" yet, I guess.

    Next gen DVD is still in the air and still too expensive, would raise the price by at least 700 (likely more). Not sure most people are ready to shell that much yet.

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  • IJ Reilly
    Aug 24, 10:49 AM
    Sorry folks, but you act as if the Patent office was some kind of arbiter for what makes sense.

    Who acts this way? It doesn't matter to this situation whether the current patent system is logical or sensible. We can all agree that it's run amok, but that changes nothing.

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  • MikeDTyke
    Sep 1, 06:26 AM
    Over on the 'other' rumor board. AI details how a user who ordered a single core mini, got a pleasant upgrade to a dual core, 100GB HD and most importantly a superdrive.

    Why give us a 100GB HD and a superdrive on the most basic machine, because they want us to have plenty of space for the movie downloads and there will be an option to burn these files to DVD.

    Couple this with a widescreen ipod, released now and a nano possibly later but with a screen comparable to current 5Gen. That way they get maximum coverage for the new movie store ie. all models play video and anyone prepared to buy the 6G out of the way before they introduce the new nano.

    Its a common tactic of the industry to release the highend model first where it potentially is in competition with lower models. Last years nano and 5G where so far apart, there wasn't a worry about releasing the junior model first.


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  • Erwin-Br
    Apr 19, 07:16 AM
    Samsung is starting to be less and less innovative, they really are setting down at the drawing board , scratching their heads trying to come up with a design and then....." bing!!! their iphone mail alert just popped off and there is their next cell design!!

    Samsung doesn't innovate on pretty case designs, and never has. They innovate on the stuff you can't see. You know, the stuff that gives function to those otherwise empty shells?

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 16, 01:44 PM
    I refuse to waste any more time arguing with someone that doesn't understand what he's talking about and thinks a niche format will rule the world in short order and that adaptors are 10 cents on the dollar for complex new high speed connectors. Good luck arguing with this guy. I'm done wasting my time.
    Yeah, I said Thunderbolt would take over the world when I said that USB and Thunderbolt were complimentary. :rolleyes: Thunderbolt for high bandwidth, USB for low bandwidth.

    Yeah, super complex high speed adapters that we've seen done time and time again in an affordable manner. :rolleyes:

    Glad you're done arguing. Clearly you only had two points to try and refute and it would be embarrassing for you to just leave the rest of my previous post with no replies.

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 4, 11:47 AM
    Hey man, nice shot.

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  • OllyW
    Apr 19, 01:31 PM
    Wow. That does look like an early Galaxy S (dark chrome bezel to boot!). Interesting find.

    Apple copied the front facing camera 3 years later. :D

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  • Casshan
    Sep 19, 03:35 PM
    I thought they had 5.1 sound already in the movie downloads?

    They are Dolby Surround, not Dolby Digital. Dolby Surround is just matrixed stereo audio.

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  • locust76
    Mar 14, 01:06 PM
    I recently installed Flash player on the PC side and without my permission McAffe was installed....ARGGGHH.

    Bull�hit. It asked your permission, you just clicked through without reading.

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  • Peace
    Sep 1, 09:02 AM
    I'm starting to question the validity of any keynote.There's only one story about it and it's not even on the radio shows webpage.Why are there not more media types getting "invitations" ?

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  • hotshotharry
    Nov 13, 01:56 PM
    My only complaint about apple is their overprotective nature regarding the iPhone ! It's perhaps the single biggest reason why people are reluctant to switch! Many of my friends feel that paying a premium and not being allowed to do what they want is a deal breaker! I understand that apple needs to protect it's user experience but as an advanced user I find myself becoming more frustated at the lack of flexibility!

    I believe that this aspect will be apples biggest problem! I mean ... Just let me do what I want ! I am even willing to click a pop up that says you might f up your phone and have to restore it if you do this !

    I applaud the developers for taking a stand! It's a great platform! But has fundamental flaws that need to be fixed before it can be truly great !

    I think actually I'm going to fill in some feedback forms for apple saying just that! I encourage all of you to do the same !!!!

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  • Frosticus
    May 1, 02:30 AM
    Finally, I can get my shiny new iMac! woop! :D

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  • SirROM
    Aug 31, 09:53 PM
    If Apple is planning to introduce a video iPod and movie service on the 12th, might it makes sense to release updates of some products, such as the MBP, the previous week, giving the full spotlight to the new products. There really doesn't need to be a special press event for an updated laptop, even if it does have a new case (as I don't expect it to be too different). It would certainly give Apple lots of positive press about the updates and fuel even more talk about what was coming the following week.

    Just my usual 2� worth....

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  • jeff1977
    Mar 29, 11:24 AM
    As if, but noone knows what will happen. I mean, what were their projections back in 2004 for 2009-10? Obviously no Apple factor lol!

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  • KilGil27
    Sep 26, 11:53 PM
    This may never come out...

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 24, 11:54 PM
    Sorry, but I'm not. I try and avoid idiots on the highway. But why do I get the feeling that you are going to tell me that driving 90+ is perfectly safe cause you are such a wonderful driver.:rolleyes:

    Because I am going to. I'm a completely safe driver (even when doing 90 or above) until I run into some dunderhead who has to enforce the speed limit themselves. Had that woman just moved like everyone else did, I would have never had to cut her off in order to punish her. And yes I did have to punish her, because she needed to be taught her dang place on the road.

    EDIT: @adk - yes I am 16, however in this situation my mother was in the car and actually encouraged me to cut the idiot off. So it's not just an age based thing.


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  • sciwizam
    Apr 19, 01:16 PM
    Not sure if everyone's already seen it but this is a great read from Nilay Patel: http://thisismynext.com/2011/04/19/apple-sues-samsung-analysis/

    From Nilay's post:

    Hardware and software trade dress claims

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  • SmalTek
    Nov 14, 03:13 PM
    Apple's walled garden policy doesn't bring security to end user or has failed at that...

    I think that's because they are overwhelmed with testing all those fart apps and pointless updates. As a cell phone user, I want to be sure that all apps on my phone have been thoroughly tested and are clean. I cannot test them, and even if I could, I don't have time for that. Relying on other people's reviews is naive - bit torrents are filled with viruses and spy-ware, and have tons of positive reviews. I've been waiting for more than a year for Apple to rise the plank and reject trash apps, and discourage pointless updates financially (making the developers pay for each submission) - Apple has a different idea. Whatever their idea is, I don't think that the results are good for iPhone users.

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 12:47 PM
    Exactly. Which is why the Ghz myth will stay for a long time. You can't market Memory or FSB or SATA or PCI-X/PCI-E, you won't get anywhere.

    Ghz, GB, "X times faster", and you can play games that look very pretty. Those will be what computer marketing will be all about for many years to come.Yeah, the GHz made sense to me until AMD started pulling this XXXX+ naming. Then I realized it. It worked pretty much until Intel gave up on clock speed is the THING when it comes to computing power.

    I didn't buy a new computer between 1999 - 2003 so I had a lot of catching up to do.

    Sep 13, 09:01 PM
    I assume the screen would be a touch screen. I would hate to start dialing numbers using the click wheel.

    Sep 9, 08:06 AM
    The fact that the new iMacs can't address more than 3Gb of memory and are therefore operating on a 32bit logic-board makes me doubtful as to whether or not these systems are really 64-bit capable... It seems like some kind of hybrid 32/64bit system.

    Will the C2D iMacs be able to run 64bit code, despite not having the 64bit address space (and being able to access over 4Gb or RAM)?
    Well, wasn't the iMac G5 restricted to 2GB, yet it was a 64-bit processor? A 32-bit computer can take up to 4GB, but due to the hardware Apple was/is using, they can't even take this.

    What i find odd is that it appears to allow 1 or 2GB in either slot, but no more than 3GB in total. That is obviously the maximum the board can take, but it would have made a little more sense to allow 2GB in each. This will not really effect it's ability to run 64-bit software, just restricts how much memory can be used. Remember that you have been able to get AMD systems with 64-bit processors for some time now. They won't take more than 4GB, but will allow you to run 64-bit OSes and Apps.

    I'm hoping by the time I'm after an iMac, it will take at least 4GB, have Blu-Ray as an option, (although I may opt for standard Superdrive if it is an option and buy a Mac compatible external later), include bigger hard drives and stick to a similar price point to now.

    I'm tempted by the 20" now, but am not buying yet and would want about 320-400GB in there for the same price, perhaps even 2GB RAM. I've got time to wait however.

    Apr 25, 09:17 PM
    For 99% of the market, the integrated graphics are fine. The majority of consumers don't read tech sites and are happy with the performance. The typical pc buyer doesn't know what a benchmark is. In almost every Apple vs Winodws pc argument on this and every other Mac site, the Mac fans without fail say specs don't matter. If you're a gamer, you'll notice the performance hit. To the million plus people who will buy the next model it won't make any difference.

    And a large portion of that 99% of the market will find integrated graphics fine, until they venture to the Apple App Store, and find that their spanking new MBA have a video card not supported by 99% of the games on sale... In fact, integrated graphics are not only not supported, but are specifically singled out in most game's system requirements.

    Aug 31, 12:34 PM
    I can't take any more of this. I've eaten all of my fingernails and I'm starting to gaze longingly at my toes.

    Sep 19, 03:28 PM
    WOW! :eek: This is excellent news for Apple! First they did it with TV shows and now movies... I'm proud to be an Apple fan. :D

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