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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • ChrisA
    Sep 15, 06:43 PM
    I thought 10 Mega Pixels were possible with some tech that is suppose to arrive at the end of this year for phones.

    The weak link is the lens. Basic physics says that the resolving power of a lens is proportional to it's diameter divided by the wavelenght of light. Light is not going to change any time soon so if you want to get a clear sharp image you need a certain physical diametr lens. If for some reason you can't have a big lens then what's the point of using a 10MP sensor? Actually if the device is size constrained using fewer pixels on the same size sensor (larger pixels) will improve low light performance. Bottom line: There is an optimum number of pixels, more is not better.

    On the other hand if you are selling to un-educated buyers "we got more MPs" is good for marketing purposes even if it is counter productive on technical grounds

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  • izzle22
    Sep 26, 11:06 AM
    Wonderful... why would Apple choose the carrier with the worst coverage and customer service (well, besides Sprint)??? T-Mobile or Verizon would be better choices...

    You know, if Cingular didn't spend the $$$ to get all of the cool phones first, I think they would be out of business by now... If someone has had a different experience with Cingular, please let me know ;)

    I still think Apple should go the Mobile Virtual Network Operator route ala Virgin Mobile, Helio, Amp'd, mobile ESPN, etc.

    Well, out here Cingular has waaaaaay better coverage than T-Mobile or Verizon, so it's really a matter of where you are located. It really doesn't matter who thinks what about any phone co. Apple will do what Apple wants and there is no reason to sit here and complain about mobile providers all day long when we don't even know if there is an "iPhone". I travel all across the U.S. all year long and I have Cingular with no coverage problems anywhere and customer service has been fine whenever I needed them.

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  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 24, 11:45 PM
    Today I was doing 90mph+

    That is not safe. It is a shame you didn't get a ticket.

    I seriously wish that .50 cal guns would be options on cars so that I could just blow up people like her.

    So do I. I would use them on people who think it is safe to travel 90+ mph on the freeway.:rolleyes:

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  • freeny
    Sep 5, 12:48 PM
    Gonna need a few more shares to make any money, but good effort. ;)
    If the stock goes up $10 he'll have himself a free ipod. not all that bad.

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  • CrackedButter
    Sep 19, 03:44 PM
    You do know that all this talk of Wal-Mart only applies to the US? They mean nothing out in the rest of the world, which is where Apple is taking this service.

    Wal-Mart of big, but they are not that big.

    Apple can still make a lot of money with Disney for the moment, they have the hearts of minds of children everywhere and parents are inclined sometimes to do things for their children, including downloading movies.

    Then there is art house movies and independent movie companies which probably never see the light of day in a Wal-Mart store. There is to much going on that could be stopped by Wal-Mart.

    Sucks to be them but they are not exactly the nicest company around.

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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 29, 06:29 AM
    If you read the fine print of the Apple iPod offer,
    it says "Apple reserves the right to change without notice the Terms and Conditions, modify the offer, or end the offer at any time without notice." So they can add or delete any models they like.

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  • mi5moav
    Sep 26, 07:48 AM
    I don't where they get there info from but O2 was not the exclusive Europe ROKR carrier. I've been using T-mobile on my ROKR for almost a year now in Germany and that was like 2 months before my friend was able to get his on O2. I really think that T-mobile would be a better choice to start with since it seems more punks, movie stars, and hollywood ho-joes use that service then any other since when they do the jet set thing they can take their phone with them and its a lot less then with Cigular. Might have to switch to T-MO next year especially with all that bleeding EDGE network they just snapped up a few weeks back. I have a feeling if Itunes Mobile is gonna be on this phone, we need EDGE or HSDPA, half the capitals of Europe have Hi-Data and we get stuck with a war to fight, and can only bring back old models to the auto world like the Camaro,Mustang, and now the stinking Cherokee is back as the Patriot.

    One thing is for sure "Designed by Apple in California" is a very important tag line and George Bush has been pushing media to sell America, Apple got on just in time. Sony designed in Osaka, Nokia designed in Finland, Samsung designed in Japan, Motorola designed in Illinois... just don't have the same ring. Even though I can't stand it CAL I FOR NI A is the place to be, right now, well at least until this surge of 80 foot water rises over our heads.

    So, Jed what we gonna do?

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 19, 09:59 PM
    Please come to Korea. Samsung have been doing this illegally for years, often suing the small person to popperdom. No big corporation is good, but when you attach massive corps under the umbrella of a conglomerate, you combine all of that evil into one massive black hole.

    At least Apple try to get to the bottom of suicides and deaths at their factories; at least they have only one core business to protect ruthlessly. Samsung (indeed, the biggest copycat I've seen) are huge pirates (selling fake DVD's/CD's in their grocery stores; rebadging Mercedes, Nissan, etc., cars for their own line; buying out large portions of most newspapers here). Apple's rise to the top has been fettered with bad, but not outright illegal bad to the extent Samsung's has.

    Now we have bad planting a peck on evil.
    I fly internationally for business, with three visits per year to a different division of Samsung.

    Please do not get me wrong, I am not advocating for them.

    I have a full understanding of the business culture of both Samsung and Apple. The point I'm making is Apple could choose to take the high road, no one is forcing their hand, nor will Apple suffer.

    Apple's track record is too well established, just witness their overwhelming success.

    There is simply no reason, contrary to what some may believe, for Apple to add yet another law suit to the long list they've originated.

    Apple could have chosen to be a world class leader with a great positive aire of confidence, not fear and paranoia.

    It's no secret that Samsung and others run a rough and tumble business in their region.

    Finally, its my preference to choose the products that suit my needs no matter who builds them.

    We live in a global economy without the luxury of choosing the country of manufacturer. While it could be argued "just don't buy from them". We all know that isn't going to hurt a huge company one bit.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Mar 30, 12:48 PM
    Am I missing something from this? You're using a screenshot of Windows showing file types and the only thing showing the use of the term "Application" is on iTunes related files?

    How does that prove your point? I really don't know if I missed what you were actually trying to convey? It's kinda like when someone is horribly wrong and because of that you start to question yourself if you were even right in the first place.

    Thought it was clear so I'll try again.


    Notice the iTunes.exe in the middle? It being the actual program but is denoted as Application.;)

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  • yellowballoon
    Mar 29, 01:24 PM
    1. MobileMe provides upload to a cloud for photos / movies / etc.

    Yeah at $99 a year. And don't think Apple will give you 25GB free when and if any features become free in the future. You will be lucky if you get 5 GB.

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  • DrFrankTM
    Sep 16, 12:19 AM
    3mps???? :eek: are sure its not supposed to be 1.3?

    I don't recall the brand of the phone, but I've seen a cellphone with a 5MP camera here (in South Korea). The phone was rather big, but it'd be an o.k. format if it doubled as an iPod with decent storage space.

    EDIT: And I don't follow cell phones all that closely, so there might be higher-res ones that I haven't seen.

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  • amols
    Sep 12, 02:20 PM
    Disappointment...What can I say!! May be I was expecting too much :(

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  • karansaraf
    Apr 15, 12:54 PM
    So Apple have just released MBPs with Sandy Bridge and will now be releasing Ivy Bridge MBPs in 2012? I was really planning on getting an MBP this summer...

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  • WildCowboy
    Aug 23, 10:30 PM
    I don't think he is joking, it is about more than sales, but 100m songs on Itunes did make apple roughly 100M. So I think he is speaking solely about the moetary aspect of the Itunes sales. So no joke: money is money.

    Actually, 100 million songs on iTunes makes Apple less than $10 million. Most of the money goes back to the record labels, and most of the rest pays for the infrastructure to run the store.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 07:52 AM
    Not to mention blowing through your entire battery running the radios to stream what you could just as easily sync.

    If you really want to stream your own collection over the WAN, there are already NAS appliances and streaming applications on the market that can deliver the goods. And if Apple prices this like their completely underwhelming Mobile Me offering, those alternatives could end up being a lot cheaper.

    go look at the pandora app. i don't see anyone complaining about that. This would essentially be the same thing except every song would be of your choice bc it's YOUR music.

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  • ls1dreams
    Apr 25, 04:48 PM
    I've been holding out to buy a mac for a long time.

    I'm currently using one that my work purchased for me, but am not sure that I could justify buying one on my own just yet.

    The buying guide here shows an average of 215 days between releases. However, the latest release was something like 300+ days, so time seems to be increasing.

    That said, a new release would be due between late september and mid december.

    My guess is that this revision will be the one that finally pushes me over the edge. Why?
    - They will almost certainly fix the stupid sharp edge
    - The CPU will be fast enough for anything I need for a long time
    - It will be the new generation of chassis
    - Ivy bridge for lower heat/power consumption
    - Lion will be released. I don't want to pay for that upgrade and I absolutely need resizable windows from all edges.

    What worries me the most is:
    1. Will the 13.3" get discrete graphics? If yes, I'll buy
    2. Will the screen be IPS? Probably not a dealbreaker, but important.

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 28, 11:23 PM
    mmmm...nothing like a little troll late in the evening.

    Go back to DellRocksTheWorld.com or AmigaForever.com or RollYourOwnPC.com or whatever...

    And have a nice day. :)

    Hey! I love my old Amiga 500! :p Of course, I'm sure I'll love my C2D MBP even more. :cool:

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 25, 01:16 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.



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  • Northgrove
    Apr 19, 07:52 AM
    Samsung running Android look very very similar to Apple's, to the point where it causes confusion in the marketplace for consumers. I've seen several people mistake one of these things for an iPhone because they look that similar. It's a combination of Google's Android and Samsung's hardware.

    This confusion is no accident, that was the intent all along. There is no reason why they could not create their own look and feel... change it up enough so it's not an obvious copy. Other handset makers have been able to do that.

    I agree. Sometimes I think this kind of lawsuits are a stretch and a bit silly, but not this time. When there's confusion even to me as a geek after a quick glance on these smarthpones, I have to agree that it's gone too far. It's obvious that Samsung is simply mimicking Apple at this point to ride on their popularity wave, and thus leeching off their profits. That just can't be right.

    I've seen other comments in this thread, comments saying that iPhone UI's haven't changed the last four years, so Apple aren't actually renewing themselves. This is however completely besides the point -- no company has an obligation to do so, especially when the UI is part of their brand and image, like in Apple's case. Then it's counterproductive to change UI drastically bi-yearly. Their patents are invalidated even if they don't renew themselves.

    I like how the iPhone revolutionized the idea with apps and app markets, and still maintaining ease-of-use, but I had really assumed that major competitors like Samsung would be able to keep competing while not starting their carbon copiers. Yes -- there are many undiscovered ways of building a smartphone, especially in terms of the software which I imagine is what Apple is getting at here.

    Oct 27, 01:29 PM
    I mentioned it in the other thread, but Apple is sponsoring a tech recycling event for schools and the public throughout Hawaii this week.

    Also, thanks for the Apple environment link. Didn't know about the 10% discount on iPods when turning in an old one. With no educational discounts on iPods anymore, that's a pretty decent deal.

    Mar 30, 11:40 AM
    The thing to remember is that there are two words for "application". Apple use "application" (with the suffix .app) on OS X. Microsoft uses "Programs" (suffix .exe). Application is linked with Apple, so when they call it the "App Store" it is based on their previous use. "Prog Store" would also not be generic.

    Whatever. There was a cross-platform application framework called zApp many years ago already.

    Apr 22, 11:21 AM
    It appears that Mr. Kuo has some reliable tipsters in the supply chain and that he might actually have a clue.

    One cannot the same thing about Gene Munster, Shaw Wu, or Katy Huberty. Their track record is atrocious and I'm inclined to disbelieve any of their blatherings.

    I'm planning on picking up one of these new MacBook Airs.

    Mar 24, 06:32 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Nice to see a substantial rumor to keep us going for the next few weeks. I've been waiting to upgrade from my 2008 C2D iMac for the last 6 months.

    I have a plasma running off my iMac for home theatre purposes, and I must say it really struggles now with 1080p content. iMovie is unusable and my big iphoto library freezes constantly. When trying to access My 1.5TB iTunes library the beachball greats me with every click.

    Still this iMac would be perfect for your average user.

    My biggest wish would be the SSD for a quick start up, I just hate to see 1k worth of kit being sluggish!

    I also love the way the apple displays look, if apple could somehow rid the iMac of the aluminium chin it would look so much better

    They should also come with 8gb ram as standard, especially the i7

    Amazing Iceman
    Mar 29, 01:43 PM
    As RIM announced that the PlayBook will be able to run Android Apps, the competition will be very interesting.
    Additional factors need to be considered.
    Things like malware, adware, and so on for all these OS. As more and more people get mobile devices with these OS, depending on how all these players in the market protect their OS and devices against this type of security issues, the consumer will go for what works and do not need all the anti-virus *************.
    Other rumors like carrier independence, if it flies, and Apple successfully bat a hit with this, the consumers will go where their money is worth every penny.
    Making your own hardware has been a key for Apple success. Maybe RIm enjoyed some of it, but most of all the other OS are so fragmented in terms of hardware, that for them it is not easy to maintain, release, as it is difficult for any IT department to support them.
    So the distinction between enterprise/business and regular customers will also show a different distribution of the market share.

    The iPhone will get stronger. The rest would fall into the 'el cheapo' phone category. Not price related, but quality and performance.
    And believe me, I've been strongly considering getting an Android phone on t-Mobile to maintain my unlimited plan with tethering, but so far, none of the phones I have seen do really catch my attention.

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