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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • milo
    Sep 12, 02:51 PM
    We waited 334 days for this? That is how long we went without an iPod update, by far the longest gap in updates, and all we get is larger storage capacity and a few new games?

    In the past 2 quarters, for the first time since Apple introduced the iPod, iPod sales have declined. Last quarter, Apple sold just over 8 million iPods, down from a peak of over 14 million 2 quarters ago. The reason is because people bought new iPods, and there was no reason to replace them because it took Apple so long to update the models. Now, after all of the wait (nearly a year) and speculation about 16x9 video iPods, touch-screen controls, wireless capabilities, etc., I think this update will go mostly unnoticed to consumers and iPod sales will continue to fall. Apple needs to drastically change and improve iPod offerings if it wants to maintain its market advantage and keep the iPod fashionable.

    The fact you seem to miss is that the Nano is by far the biggest selling iPod. And they did a pretty nice update to it, what more would you want in that model? They definitely will update the "big" ipod at some point, but there are some MAJOR technological hurdles to overcome, especially battery life for video and the no-touch interface. We'd all love to see it, but apple really needs to take their time and get it right if it's truly going to be groundbreaking.

    iPod w/video sales probably won't do much (except for the price drop, which is pretty nice), but nanos and shuffles should sell like mad. I'd be shocked if iPod sales don't spike back up again.

    I just checked on the Apple site, and there isn't a new iPod updater to include the new software updates for the original 5G iPods.

    I thought updates were now going to be handled by iTunes. Maybe the updates haven't been made available to it online yet. After all, iTunes and QT haven't showed up in software update either.

    Edit: The REAL question is have they updated iTunes to be a better video player? I hate watching TV or movies in the current version.

    There definitely are new video features, although you'll have to see for yourself if your specific complaints are addressed.

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  • cwt1nospam
    Dec 31, 10:23 AM
    It makes sense. iProducts are increasingly becoming ubiquitous, therefore they will become more profitable for malware developers to attack. It's not a McAfee sales pitch so much as it's stating the obvious. Same with Android.
    No, it doesn't. The only way your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is vulnerable to these things is if YOU jailbreak it. Even then, the number of jail broken IOS devices is and will remain too small a target to go after. This is why Apple has a walled garden, and why the Android model is destined to follow the PC down the virus/botnet hell hole. It's also why AV vendors would prefer that you bought Android or Windows mobile.

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  • ChazUK
    Mar 29, 11:53 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.3; en-gb; Blade Build/FRG83) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1)

    It'll be interesting to see what the Nokia deal will do for MSFT. As things stand now I can't see this happening but you never know.

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  • Steelers7510
    Apr 4, 11:43 AM
    Since when do mall cops have guns? :confused:

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  • wizard
    Sep 9, 10:48 AM
    I think far to many persons here are dismissing Merom and are not thinking about this rationally. They are getting a 20% boost at the SAME clock speed as the old chips. That is similar to 400 MHz additional performance. Granted one can not scale the MHz without other issues coming into play but still it gives you an idea about how well the chips are doing. On top of that the 64 bit option isn't likely to even be in the picture at the moment nor the other chip improvements.

    What I'm getting at is that Merom is demonstrating to be a significant step forward. The real surprise is that Intel actually delivered a nice chip set.

    As to the laptop chip in the iMac come on everyone here knows about the thermal issues in that machine. It is no surprise at all. What it does demonstrate clearly is that multiprocessing can deliver very usable performance at very low powers. A number of people where dismissing multiprocessing as the wave of the future a couple of years ago (I remember because I was promoting it) this should cool off those concerns for the majority of the users out there. I'm with you on power usage more manufactures need to look at this issue seriously.

    The thing with Merom is that I'm seeing big upside potential performance wise. I'm surprised that more people are not up on this. Intel can accomplish this by tweaking the current process or going to the next generation feature size. Merom is nice but it still needs more effort at power reduction to scale speed.


    I think we all knew that Merom would only bring modest performance gains. I'm surprised they're as high as they are. I'm still not sure why they're using the laptop line of processors in their mid range desktop but it's certainly a testament to the power of Intel's new chips. If it keeps the iMac's cool and efficient then it's all good.

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  • Dagless
    May 3, 11:00 AM
    Gotta say, the option to get a touchpad instead of a mouse is a huge step forward. I was eyeing up one of those just for fun but the price turned me away (esp. after spending �400 on a Wacom). And since I already have a really good Razer mouse... it's win win! No second mouse to clutter up my drawer.

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  • moot
    Aug 31, 11:30 AM
    This has to be iPod related. There is that rumor of a large shipment from Asia.

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  • Flake
    Apr 20, 02:09 PM
    The application is working terribly for me..I zoom into the map and it doesn't get any sharper, and lags horribly

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 09:09 AM
    Ok, I will complain. ;) I stopped using Pandora on my iPhone when AT&T began offering incentives to decrease 3G bandwidth usage (i.e. lower monthly bills).

    Delivery of Pandora's stream also comes with the tradeoff of reduced fidelity and network interruptions, which I found barely acceptable for mobile application sans the bandwidth concerns above.

    I also tired of the playlists that repeated with the free Pandora service and did not find it of enough value to myself personally to pay, especially if I was not guaranteed more variety of music.

    That said, if you find Pandora useful, then good for you!

    IMO, the new price structure for AT&T was not worth it to downgrade from the unlimited plan. wow, you save $5 to drop to only 2gb of data? or save $15/month and can only send a few emails a month?

    we stream pandora around the house all the time and even wireless to airport expresses around the house...which u have to be connected to wifi to do that. only time use it is when going to/from work in the car so don't really use that much data on our phones with it.

    if sound quality is an issue, i bet you are someone who also doesn't use appletv to watch movies bc it isn't of the highest quality?

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  • martygras9
    Mar 23, 04:22 PM
    I live in Nevada and honestly the cops spend more time Giving tickets out then doing real police work. Since the state has been financial hardship, The cops are out drumming up business. Honestly, do you think someone who is Drunk is going to be checking the app for the checkpoints? Its just an excuse to get rid of these apps from the store and increase revenue. Apple dont bend to the pressure, These apps do not break any rules for the App store and if you start letting the Government decide what should and shouldnt be, is the day I finally Jailbreak my Iphone.

    My God, jailbreak your phone anyway....it's fantastic!

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 14, 01:58 PM
    New Aperture, New MacBook's, and hopefully New MacBook Pro's with the magnetic latch, and that fabulous magnetic keyboard.

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  • jamesryanbell
    Apr 22, 11:19 AM
    The crappy Intel IGP overshadows everything else (as far as what matters to me), but I'm sure people with more processor needs will benefit from this. It's a second computer to me, and I have zero need for anything faster, processor-wise.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Sep 5, 01:20 PM
    Do you know a Tivo is a computer? It has a microprocessor and runs Linux. However, they don't try to make it a computer. That is why their idea has caught on.

    I agree. For the mainstream market.

    I don't mind having the more complex Microsoft solution (I have EyeTV) but Microsoft Media Center PC doesn't let me use it's media interface to play my songs on iTunes or play my Quicktime movies. Also it couldn't work with my iPod. It seems to be only Microsoft only files. That was the deal killer for me. I didn't mind the overly complex remote or the Windows virus operating system.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Sep 5, 11:01 AM
    So with those numbers, a 720p stream with 5.1 audio should easily stream over even a 10 mbit network device. So I can easily see this working over 802.11g.

    Your numbers are good but you assume 10mbps is easy with 802.11g because they advertise '54mbps' on the box.

    In practice, you see half of that max, right next to the access point, without protocol overhead.

    By time you get half way across a typical house from Mac to TV, you're lucky to see 3-4mpbs. I've tried this using 5-600kbps codecs and current wireless just doesn't cut it outside the lab.

    That kind of reduction ratio on 802.11n is going to be fine for h.264 streaming. Apple won't wait a whole 'nother year for the standards committees to get their act in gear. When the chipset manufacturers are certain the shipping silicon will handle the release spec, Apple will release a pre-n unit. The stuff that was on the shelves last year probably is going to wind up not being upgradeable to the standard, due to silicon changes, so they were wise to wait. The timing is right.

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  • firestarter
    Apr 11, 07:32 AM
    blackNBUK - thanks for the correction!

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 14, 09:33 AM
    yep i smell both the aperture update,

    and hopefully the merom MBP, don't think that the macbook will be updated with merom, they need to differentiate their pro and consumer lines. also, by using the core duo chips in the macbook, perhaps they can lower the price by $100 as the cpu cost is coming down from intel with the new merom out.

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  • Balli
    Aug 29, 05:34 AM
    I imagine Santa Rosa would be long gone by summer '08.

    Why? Is Santa Rosa not due out around spring / summer 2007? I am sure it will still be around a year after it is released.

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  • ChrisA
    Apr 4, 12:06 PM
    Why did they say "went bad"? As robberies go killing the robber is about as good as it gets.

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  • PghLondon
    Apr 30, 06:59 PM
    Very intelligent response.

    Give it a shot pal.

    I love internet tough guys.

    Sep 17, 11:05 PM
    O no! Our cell phone technology is behind that of Europe's, where the small, congested spaces make it easier to unveil new cell technologies! The horror...

    Agreed. The U.S. is pretty much behind everyone else as far as cell phone technology goes. Do I care? No. My cell phone takes and gives calls. Who cares if it can take 30MP photos and watch steaming TV and movies and play Crysis at 120fps and pay my bills and rob convenient stores and solve world hunger? When I get a new cell phone and the salesman starts running off at the mouth at how cool it is and all the groovy things it does, I stop him and ask, "can I call people on it?" If the answer is yes, then I'm happy. :D

    Sep 26, 10:34 AM
    I'm surprised at all the Cingular hate here. At least in the D.C. area, the word is that they have the best coverage available - better than Verizon, who was the previous benchmark before the merger.

    When I was in DC, my Cingular service was horrible. Just like it was in New York City, St. Louis and New Orleans (pre Katrina, when cell towers were still standing) and every other large city I've been in.

    Yet, it works fine in the middle of nowhere. On my way down to New Orleans, I was on the phone in some tiny little town that couldn't have had more than 500 people. The only thing this place had was a gas station. I'm on my phone and call quality is excellent. An hour later in NO, dropped calls and low signal as usual. Or when I'm on the backroads in Missouri talking, again, perfect signal. Enter the STL city limits? Goodbye service.

    Cingular has their priorities wrong. They go for the rural markets, where people don't want to have anything to do with cell phones, and they ignore the big cities. And if you try to call customer service to complain about the piss poor service, or to try to fix a billing error (which are common with Cingular) then you'll be on hold for half an hour, and get nowhere with their customer service rep who's over in India. They are the worst company we have ever dealt with, and will be leaving them the day our contract is up in December. IMO, Apple is making a huge mistake by being exclusive with Cingular.

    Apr 14, 01:44 PM
    I was asking you what I thought would be an easy question for you to answer. I'll ask again, it will work with any USB device, do you think that is an incentive for drive vendors to invest in it? I'll wait.
    Yeah, it is. USB 3.0 is not that big of a step up from USB 2.0 so those that really need the extra bandwidth will not bother with it and go straight to Thunderbolt. Simple as that. Leave your rinky dink Toys R Us low bandwidth peripherals to USB and leave the big boy peripherals to Thunderbolt.

    And I've posted no strawman arguments. I didn't insult you either. It was an observation. Reading difficulty is a problem, sure, but it is a a challenge that many people face. I am hopeful that those with this limitation can better themselves perhaps by taking some courses. Dialog is always better with someone that understands and can follow the discussion.Sure you have, you've completely ignored my other post then changed the subject to reading comprehension to smokescreen the topic at hand. Oh and give me a break with your non-insult ********. You have been making jabs about short buses and taking comprehension classes over a Thunderbolt and USB discussion. If anything you are the one that needs to take some classes, maybe not on comprehension but I'm sure you get the idea.

    To properly recap, I believe it could be a repeat of FW and it could end up being considered 'Mac only'. I know it is subtle that a claim it will be DOA (well, subtle like a baseball bat, I guess), but it shouldn't be this difficult for you to understand. You are really, truly, picking the wrong fight. I think we actually agree on a lot of points. I'd like it to succeed, but can see things that might be obstacles. You don't see those as obstacles or perhaps don't see them at all. But, really, stop arguing against things I never said.Actually let's do a real recap:
    You agree with a claim that Thunderbolt will be Mac only
    I respond with an article that simply states it won't be
    You respond with the reason it won't take off as manufacturers will have to add it separately
    Econgeek tells you it's a completely different scenario because they don't need a license through Apple
    I tell you Intel will be supporting both
    You then start with your strawman argument and ignore a portion of what I stated
    You also follow that up with some insults
    I respond with video proof of why Thunderbolt will be popular with many devices
    You ignore then respond with more insults

    Sep 14, 06:54 AM
    I think its very telling that Jobs closed the Showtime event by saying:

    "Apple is in your den, living room, car, pocket. I think you see where we are going with this."

    Is he saying that Apple's plan is to be everywhere?
    Probably, and a cell phone certainly completes that plan.

    Jul 14, 02:11 PM
    Whoa!! I feel a lot better that MBP is not getting CPU upgrade anytime soon. I don't want my month-old MBP getting obsolete in another month.

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