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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WPS: Abby Wambach Autographs!

Hello everyone! Today i have a WPS themed post for y'all! (By the way, check out that awesome new picture at the top of the blog!) Today I have two of my favorite items in my collection, My Abby Wambach autographs!

 She was cool enough to sign my card And also this WPS PUMA Ball!

I went to the Sky BLue FC VS. Washington Freedom game on August 11th this year in New Jersey and I had a great time! I got a lot more autographs on that ball, but Ill save them for another post as this one is all about Abby!

And before the game I managed to get a great video of her warming up and doing lots of awesome tricks with the ball! Check it out!!

Abby is one of my favorite players! She is really something else, and In my opinion, The Best womens soccer player in the world! Yes, even better than Marta! Shes a great leader and I hope that she can lead the USWNT to victory at the 2011 Women's World Cup in Germany! Thank you for reading! And check back for more WPS Soccer, and Vietnam War stuff! Thank you!

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