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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vietnam War: M-16 US M7 Bayonet

Hello! Today I have one of my favorite items in my collection to show you! My M7 Bayonet!

Thats the Bayonet in its holster which you can clip onto your belt, or on the case for the E-Tool shovel ( Which I have!)

This Knife is extremely sharp and I have cut my hand open by accident with it.... yeah that's kind of embarrassing but good thing I had my Vietnam Medic Kit to patch me up! Ill show you that kit in another post! So yes this bayonet was attached to M-16 Rifles in Vietnam and used for well.. stabbing obviously! But it can be used for other things, like any other knife when you're outdoors! I paid about $40 for this one on eBay and it sure looks good!
So thats it for the knife! Next post will be on some more of my Womens soccer cards! Thank you for reading!
( Also on a side note! I am sorry if any of the pictures on this blog offend anybody! I don't mean to offend anyone, In fact I'm really just showing my love for Womens Soccer, and showing off my Vietnam war collection! And I have upmost respect for anyone who was in that war, and I have no intentions on using any of this equipment on people in real life! I am not a nut!)


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