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Monday, September 6, 2010

Vietnam War: My Jungle Jacket

Hello everyone! Well on this blog Im gonna show you close up looks of items in my collection of Military items from the Vietnam War, as well as some other things, but today I have to show you this:
Vietnam War Jungle Jacket

This Jacket was used in the Vietnam War by a U.S Army Ranger in South Vietnam. It is a size Medium Regular and when I got the jacket there were no patches on it, but I had 2 patches put on the left chest of the shirt.

A U.S Army tag from the Vietnam era and also a Paratrooper Wing patch. The name tag and some other division patches were removed from the shirt and theres some marks that they left

Im Pretty sure that the patch that was on the shoulder said " Army Rangers" and the Number division he was in. I plan on getting this Cavalry patch sewn on the left shoulder

On the jacket collar I put on 2 Specialist E4 ranking pins:

 So thats all for this piece of my Vietnam war collection! If youre interested in this sort of stuff, please keep reading as I will have much more items featured on here! And also If you are a fan of Womens Professional Soccer please check back here as I plan on showing my autograph collection on here too! Thank you for reading! And check out my youtube channel too! http://www.youtube.com/user/RonDarling12

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