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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miami FC loses yet again. We suck again!


Sadly Miami FC lost again this past weekend. We are now in last place and its not looking pretty! What can we say at this point? Can we really, realistically make the playoffs? Can our new coach Daryl Shore pull a rabbit out of his hat and turn things around? It's difficult for a coach to make things happen with a team he didn't pick. But we hope the coach has that magic.
We all say that on paper, Miami FC has a good team. But, the mix of Ex-MLS players and youth hasn't panned out. We have seen a weak defense this year. It doesn't help that our best player in the back, Zach Kirby, has been hurt for large portions of the year. Even a great goalkeeper like Caleb Patterson can't stop every shot. (Talk about Caleb, check out his new blog on the Blues site "Don't fear the keeper" ).
Our other weak point is our forwards. We just can't score. We need a Romario or Alex Afonso up front.
We can only hope things turn around for the better in the weeks to come. It's not unheard of that a team could make a come back. But do we have what it takes?
Maybe it's time to start building for 2011, the year of the Strikers!
For more on the Blues loss to Austin check out www.miamifc.com
Coach Shore picture by Robert Scorca

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