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Friday, March 27, 2009

Calling all Miami Fans! Ultras and Southern Legion, lend me your ears!

Calling all South Florida Soccer fans!

We need to unite and get behind our Team Miami FC! The Blues need our help! I'm calling out all The Ultras and the newly formed Southern Legion to come together and cooperate and show MLS what they missed out on!

Our goal is to start off this season on the right foot, lets get a meeting with Miami FC going to ensure we can get flags and instruments into the games. Does anyone play instruments? Do you have access or know students or volunteers who are willing to start a marching band for Miami FC? (Kind of like the Seattle Sounders have...)

We need to look like this:

Ultimately we need to grow into one solid mass of fans that will rally this soccer lazy community. Lets look like this one day:

Lets start this Sunday, March 29th at the Holiday Inn Sunrise 3003 North University Drive - Sunrise, FL.

Lets do it! Vamos Miami FC!

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