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Sunday, April 8, 2007

To those Chelsea fans out there...

Chelsea seems to be more conservative in their gameplay lately. They’re a very discipline side. They go into every game playing their normal football to beat the opponents. But if it’s still a draw or if they’re losing, they seems to be able to upgrade their gameplay, keep the possession or bring in one or two ‘world-class substitutes’ in order to win. While Man Utd goes into every match play to their best attacking football and tries to build up a big gap between them and the opponents as early as possible. I think that explains why we have got a better goal difference! I think if Chelsea wins the league because they’ve got a strong squad. You have got at least one world-class player in each position and another very good player as a back-up. To be honest I think Jose Mourinho should’ve done better with Chelsea. He’s an amazing manager but for me, he’s still not as great as Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger yet. But Man Utd has been brilliant this season. Although we don’t have as much depth as Chelsea in terms of players but every player show his professionalism and fighting spirits on the pitch. When people said we got lucky sometimes, I think that’s how to sum up a championship winning season: consistency, great team spirit and good team shape, a player who can change the match which is what C.Ronaldo has been doing this season and finally of cause you need luck as well. I think Chelsea has been quite lucky as well in some matches if not they won’t be at their position at the moment hunting for another 3 trophies. Remember the league matches against Everton and Wigan; Tottenham in the FA Cup and Newcastle in the Carling Cup. Why Chelsea fans just keep complaining about losing Cech, Terry and Joe Cole over the Christmas period? Even Mourinho keeps mentioning it as well. Please look forward and stop mourning about it! You have got all of them available now so please prove me they can win everything and anything for you! No doubt both teams deserved to be called champion elects but I think Man Utd deserves the league title more than anyone else because they’re beautiful to watch! Really looking forward to the next few weeks when it comes to season finale and of cause the FA Cup final as well with potential Chelsea-Man Utd showdown! Come on the Red Devils!

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